14 Different Types of Charities You Should Know About (With Examples)

When you think of charities, you probably imagine a non-profit organization that operates with the sole intention of helping people in need. However, there are numerous charitable organizations and foundations operating throughout the world. Some have different objectives, strategies, and programs that set them apart from others.

In this article, we will explore some of the most common types of charities and explain the unique challenges they face in meeting their goals. The type of charity you decide to start will depend on your personal motivations and interests. Each type has its own challenges and requirements for membership, but all should be mutually beneficial for anyone looking to make a positive impact on society through charitable donations.

Here are 14 Different Types of Charities (With Examples)

Environmental Charities

An environment charity is a non-profit that focuses on protecting the environment and wildlife. Environment charities often take on causes related to climate change, conservation, animal welfare, and the preservation of plant species.

Environment charities may also focus on recycling programs, sustainable energy sources, and clean water initiatives. Environment charities often engage in campaigns and special events that raise awareness about their cause and promote donations from members and supporters.

Environment charities may also offer mentorship programs, internships, and job opportunities to interested members. Some environment charities also conduct scientific research, such as oceanographic surveys or wildlife tracking studies, to better understand the effects of pollution and human activity on the environment.

Environmental Charities Examples:-

  • Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS)
  • Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
  • Environmental Working Group (EWG)
  • Greenpeace Fund

Children’s Charities

A children’s charity provides services to help improve the lives of children. Children’s charities may focus on providing food, clothing, and shelter to kids living in poverty.

Others may focus on providing community and mentorship programs for at-risk youth. A children’s charity may also provide health and education services for kids who are unable to access them due to disability or financial hardship.

There are numerous types of children’s charities, including those that specialize in helping children suffering from a specific disease or medical condition. A children’s charity may operate on a local, national, or even international level. Some are targeted toward a specific type of children, such as those who are sick, homeless, or addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Children Charities Examples:-

Human Rights Charities

A human rights charity is a non-profit organization that advocates for human rights and social justice. Human rights charities may focus on a specific issue, such as ending human trafficking or providing aid to refugees.

Others may focus on promoting human rights issues across the board, such as gender equality, religious freedom, and racial equality. Human rights charities often work in collaboration with other non-profit organizations, governments, and political activists to achieve their goals.

Human rights charities may also be focused on providing humanitarian aid to other countries and communities that are suffering from ongoing wars or natural disasters. Human rights charities often host awareness campaigns and special events to promote their cause, such as hosting conferences, hosting charity debates or petitioning for specific legislation.

Human Rights Charities Examples:-

Disaster Relief Charities

A disaster relief charity provides assistance in times of natural or man-made disasters. These charities may focus on providing food, water, and medical supplies to victims of floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and other man-made disasters.

Others may focus on providing psychological support to victims of traumatic events and their families. Disaster relief charities often operate on a short-term basis following a disaster to help communities recover and rebuild their homes and businesses.

These organizations provide temporary shelter, food and clean water to victims in need and may provide medical assistance and counseling services to help people overcome the trauma of the event.

Disaster Relief Charities Examples:-

Research Charities

A research charity conducts scientific research. These organizations may focus on studying a certain disease, such as cancer or diabetes, or they may investigate other areas of interest, such as space travel or animal behavior.

Research charities often partner with universities and other scientific institutions to gain access to laboratories, researchers, and other resources necessary to complete their studies. Research charities may also apply for government grants and funding from private donors to cover the cost of their studies.

Research Charities Examples:-

Religion or Faith-Based Charities

A religion-based charity is a non-profit organization that promotes religious values, ethics, and teachings. Religion or Faith-based charities may focus on providing services to members of a specific religion, such as providing aid to Jewish refugees fleeing persecution in other countries.

Others may provide services and assistance to people from multiple religious backgrounds. These charities often host special events, such as prayer vigils, religious festivals, conferences, and fundraisers, to promote their cause and attract new members.

Religion or Faith-Based Charities Examples:-

Senior Citizen Charities

A senior citizen charity provides support and services to senior citizens. Senior citizen charities focus on providing food and shelter to seniors who are unable to provide for themselves.

They also focus on providing health and wellness services, such as mental health and wellness counseling, to seniors who are struggling with addiction or other mental health issues detrimental to their health. Senior citizen charities partners with other non-profit organizations, such as children’s charities, to host fundraisers, awareness campaigns, and special events designed to promote their cause and attract new donors.

Senior Citizen Charities Examples:-

Cultural Charities

A cultural charity promotes the culture and traditions of a specific group of people. Cultural charities often focus on preserving the languages, customs, and history of indigenous people who are underrepresented or misrepresented in popular media.

Cultural charities may also focus on providing education and mentorship programs to children and youth who are interested in learning more about their people and culture. Cultural charities often host special events, such as festivals and fundraisers, to promote their cause and attract new members.

Scholar-Led Charities

Scholar-led charities help young students get a quality education. These organizations provide scholarships and tutoring to students who may not be able to afford to go to a private school.

In addition to scholarships, many scholar-led charities offer mentoring and career guidance to help students reach their full potential. These charities are great for donors who want to help young people achieve their goals. While many charities are focused on helping adults, scholar-led charities are geared toward younger generations.

Scholar-led charities can help you achieve your goal of providing a better future for young people. With the rise of school shootings, it can be especially important to donate to a scholar-led charity. Scholarships from these organizations can help students pay for books and supplies, as well as tuition and housing.

Pro Bono Law Charities

Pro bono law charities pair lawyers with people who need assistance with their cases. Charities like these are great for people who want to help others with legal issues. These charities provide valuable assistance to people who need it the most.

By donating to a pro bono law charity, you can help people with everything from divorce proceedings to fighting deportation orders. These charities are great for donors who want to make a difference in their communities.

They help people with a wide range of legal issues, which means there’s an opportunity for you to help in a significant way. Pro bono law charities are excellent for donors who want to help people with legal issues.

Animal-Based Charities

Animal-based charities help animals both domestic and wild and rehabilitate them when possible. These charities are great for animal lovers and donors who want to help animals. Animal-based charities can help animals of all kinds, from pets to wild animals.

This includes wildlife rehabilitation, which can help endangered species. Animal-based charities are great for people who want to help animals in all stages of life. While many animal-based charities focus on domestic animals, others help wild animals.

By donating to an animal-based charity, you can help all kinds of animals in need. Animal-based charities are excellent for people who want to help animals in all stages of life.

Sports-Based Charities

Sports-based charities focus on helping athletes and sports teams. Donors can choose which types of sports they want to support. These charities are great for sports fans and people who want to help athletes get better.

They can also be great for athletes who want to improve their skills. Sports-based charities are excellent for donors who want to make a difference in a specific sport. There are many sports-based charities to choose from.

You can support teams or individual athletes. You can also donate to charities that help sports organizations. Sports-based charities are great for people who have a passion for a specific sport.

Cultural and Arts-Based Charities

Cultural and arts-based charities help artists and cultural institutions. These charities are great for people who want to support the arts, artists, and cultural institutions.

There are many types of cultural and arts-based charities. You can donate to museums, art institutions, and more.

Conservation Charities

Conservation charities help preserve the environment and wildlife. These charities are great for people who want to help the environment. You can donate to help protect wildlife and to protect habitats for specific species

Here are some more types of charitable organization types:-

  • Scholarships Charity
  • Health Charity
  • Geriatrics Charity
  • Adoption Charity
  • Camps Charity
  • Fairs Charity
  • Ballet Charity
  • Theater Charity
  • Pediatrics Charity
  • Cemeteries Charity
  • Olympics Charity
  • Education Charity
  • Soccer Charity
  • Universities Charity
  • Hinduism Charity
  • Literacy Charity
  • Water Charity
  • Christianity Charity
  • Nursing Charity
  • Preschools Charity
  • Philanthropy Charity
  • Veterans Charity
  • Hospices Charity
  • Astronomy Charity
  • Mathematics Charity
  • Seniors Charity
  • Basketball Charity
  • Music Charity
  • Autism Charity
  • Photography Charity
  • Television Charity
  • Refugees Charity
  • Environment Charity
  • Unknown Charity
  • Women Charity
  • Islam Charity
  • International Charity
  • Cats Charity
  • Employment Charity
  • Dogs Charity
  • Democracy Charity
  • Gerontology Charity
  • Dance Charity
  • Bullying Charity
  • Recycling Charity
  • Immigration Charity
  • Race Charity
  • Museums Charity
  • Equestrian Charity
  • Hospitals Charity
  • Support Charity
  • Asthma Charity
  • Nutrition Charity
  • Judaism Charity
  • Humanities Charity
  • Cancer Charity
  • Economics Charity
  • Radio Charity
  • Aids Charity
  • Opera Charity
  • Journalism Charity
  • Microfinance Charity
  • Food Charity
  • Buddhism Charity
  • Arthritis Charity
  • Sports Charity
  • Technology Charity
  • Engineering Charity
  • Golf Charity
  • Football Charity
  • Protestant Charity
  • Scouting Charity
  • Disabilities Charity
  • Geology Charity
  • Counseling Charity
  • Epilepsy Charity
  • Lgbtq Charity

Let’s look at some charitable activities examples:

Charitable activities can take many forms, ranging from small acts of kindness to large-scale philanthropic projects. Here are some examples:

  1. Fundraising Events: Organize events such as marathons, charity balls, auctions, or concerts to raise money for a cause.
  2. Donation Drives: Collect goods such as clothes, food, books, or toys for those in need.
  3. Volunteering: Offer time at local shelters, food banks, hospitals, or nursing homes.
  4. Charity Walks/Runs: Participate in or organize walkathons or run events where participants gather sponsors to donate based on miles completed.
  5. Community Clean-Ups: Arrange a day to clean up local parks, beaches, or neighborhoods.
  6. Blood Donation Drives: Partner with blood banks to facilitate blood donation events.
  7. Educational Workshops: Provide free educational workshops or tutoring for underprivileged youth.
  8. Mentorship Programs: Create opportunities for experienced individuals to mentor youth or other people in need of guidance.
  9. Free Medical Camps: Set up camps where medical professionals offer free health check-ups and basic medical services.
  10. Disaster Relief Efforts: Collect supplies, offer services, or raise funds to assist in disaster-affected areas.
  11. Building Projects: Contribute to building homes, schools, or community centers in underserved areas.
  12. Scholarship Funds: Establish scholarships to help students afford education.
  13. Sponsorship Programs: Sponsor meals, education, or healthcare for individuals in poverty.
  14. Environmental Conservation Projects: Engage in or support tree planting, wildlife conservation, and renewable energy initiatives.
  15. Food Banks: Assist in the organization and distribution of food to those who face food insecurity.
  16. Charitable Partnerships: Partner with businesses to donate a portion of profits to charities.
  17. Crafting for a Cause: Create and sell handmade goods, with proceeds going to charity.
  18. Charity Gala Dinners: Host gala dinners where attendees donate to attend, and funds go to a selected cause.
  19. Microfinance Initiatives: Provide small loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries.
  20. Awareness Campaigns: Run campaigns to raise awareness about important issues such as mental health, cancer, or human rights.

Each of these activities can be tailored to fit the needs of various communities and causes. Successful charitable activities often engage the community, are well organized, and have clear goals regarding the support they provide.


Choosing a type of charity to donate to can be an overwhelming and challenging task. One of the most important steps in this process is identifying your motivations and interests.

Once you know what drives you and what matters to you, you will be able to narrow down your options and select the type of charity that best fits your interests.

When you’re ready to choose a charity, you can use a tool like Charity Navigator to explore different organizations and select the one that best suits your needs and interests. Remember, charities come in many different forms and types. It’s important to choose a cause you are passionate about and can commit to so that you can make the most positive impact on society.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which is the most popular type of charity?

The most common type of charity is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to helping those in need. These organizations may be focused on providing food, shelter, or other forms of assistance to people who are homeless, imprisoned, or in need of medical care.

Even though they are all charitable in nature, not all nonprofits are the same. Some organizations focus primarily on raising money for their cause, while others take a more grassroots approach by working directly with the community. Each approach has its advantages and disadvantages, but it’s important to choose an organization that aligns with your personal values and priorities before donating.

What are some different types of charities in Islam?

Following are the different types of charities in Islam:-


What are some different types of charities in Christianity?

Following are the different types of charities in Christianity:-

  • Bible Societies
  • Catholic Charities
  • Christian Relief Organizations
  • Covenant House

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