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9 Best Charities that Help with Housing | Full List with Review

Society can be harsh and unwilling to show support. As the gap between the rich and poor has not ceased, it is not unexpected when the homeless raised their voice about the feeling of being neglected. A blind eye towards the already distressed only causes turmoil in the situation.

While multiple reasons contribute to this issue, the pandemic only seemed to add more fuel. Despite these complications, charities never backed down from their role, especially during the pandemic. With a clear view and a number of the homeless community, they, in fact, stepped up to serve to the best of their knowledge.

Through educational episodes and awareness creatives, charities have done a marvelous job of making people understand the intricacy of this matter. Following up with multiple families, government and private organizations started showing their support through donations and volunteering work. 

Here are the 9 Best Charities That Help with Housing:

1. National Alliance to End Homelessness

Born with a sole purpose in 1983, NAEH collects data to come up with the best solutions to end homelessness. Their partnerships with federal and local partners have enabled them to create a strong foundation of policies and resources for their action plan.

Some top services they offer include permanent supportive housing and rapid re-housing using systematic data collection and coordinated assessment entries.

With rapid re-housing they aim to provide more short-term rental help for a temporary self-sufficient house. While the team members would then proceed to guide individuals for employment, their RRH soon converts its value into a dream home. GuideStar put their trust in them by awarding a Gold Transparency seal. 

2. Coalition for Homeless:

Established in 1981, CH is one of the oldest nonprofit charities which help the homeless. With a dual mission of advocacy and direct help, they train and educate individuals to avoid becoming homeless.

Their top frontline programs help more than 3,500 people daily to shape their solutions and provide them with emergency food and clothing, job training and permanent housing alternatives.

Based in New York, they supported 1 million new Yorkers with affordable housing strategies and continue to supply around 1200 wholesome meals every day to the homeless under their Grand Central Food program.  Another top program called the Crisis intervention Program is similar to a hotline, after the contact the staff reaches out to provide their spectrum of services.

This initiative has supported 50 households daily for the last 40 years. This nonprofit won the approval of GuideStar and Charity Navigator wherein they were awarded the Platinum Transparency Seal and a 96% rating respectively. 

3. National Homeless Law Centre

This national nonprofit is dedicated to using the power of law to marginalize homeless to the best extent. Taking advantage of the pro bono power of the private bar and making use of its legal expertise, they are fighting to establish the right to housing in the United States.

They believe that no individual should live without a home; their extra focus on domestic survivors has been greatly appreciated by Charity Navigator who rated them an 86%. Women and their children are protected from eviction as the housing programs build them a secure space.

The fights are not with the laws created but with those who do not wish to amend them as per the changing times. With several victories against the United States Court of Appeals, they take pride in the successful programs and fair policies.


Depaul is an affiliated charity of the international homelessness services organization, The Depaul International Group. They first opened their doors in 2009 with an initial of 17 programs to help with permanent housing, affordable housing, temporary housing, day centers and health clinics.

By celebrating the true potential of fits community, they play right by their words and take actions to provide vulnerable individuals with a home. They believe in every person and their ability to achieve something big.

They highly focus on the youth to get them in touch with empowering resources to make them independent and striving community members. GuideStar trusts them with a Platinum Transparency. 

5. Streetwise

What sets this charity apart is its mission of providing a “hand up, not a handout”. Rather than providing loans, they empower individuals to make their living by selling magazines.

This enables the vendors to profit by covering their rent, food, clothing, and other needful requirements apart from starting a savings account. Its founder, Judd Lofchie, practically created the solution o helping the homeless regain their individual dignity. More than 350 individuals purchased and sold more than 60,000 issues which allowed them to stabilize their financial situation.

This award-winning magazine is helping communities build better relationships and change the low perception of homeless and underprivileged individuals. They received a 94% rating from Charity Navigator for their outstanding framework. 

6. Abode Services

Having placed more than 16,000 people in permanent housing they have catered the needs of children, adults, families, veterans, single parents, seniors and chronically ill people. They are currently operating 60 programs with a common aim of rehousing people in need as quickly as they can.

The heartfelt partnerships and collaborative initiatives to end homelessness have captured nothing less of love and respect. Among many others, like the Cedar Community Apartments in Newark, existing hotels and studios will be converted into unit-based affordable housing.

Their simple approach makes the homeless feel at peace; unlike putting them through a series of interventional steps, they focus on first providing them with a house. Once they are placed, their lifestyle stabilizes to fill out forms or jump into any application process requiring mental strength.  

7. The Fuller Center for Housing

This faith-driven charity collaborates and promotes innovative programs with multiple organizations to provide adequate shelter for needy people. The homeowners work hand-in-hand with the volunteers and technicians to build and repair homes.

This affordable act carries no-interest loans to make the repayment process easier. However, there are no legal obligations stating the borrowers to repay them. However, it is appreciated so they can add those funds for building someone else a new home. They have spanned across 70 U.S. communities; these groups are responsible for scanning applications and selecting families to aid.

FCH requests individuals to share their programs to invite more donations and partnerships for their accommodating cause. GuideStar rewarded them with a Platinum seal of Transparency this year. 

8. One Mission

Building more than a thousand homes, One Mission secured a safe livelihood for 4,708 people. Along with providing shelter, they work diversely in the fields of medical service, education, health coaching, business solutions, and maintenance work.

By encouraging owners to build their own houses along with the volunteers, they wish for them to actively participate in strengthening the community as a whole. This act of lifting each other is wholesome and respectful. GuideStar awarded them with a Gold transparency seal in 2021. 

9. Building Homes for Heroes

As the name strongly suggests, BHH has provided more than 300 homes for the Nation’s injured veterans. With worldwide growth through partnerships between communities and organizations, they continue to provide a new home every 11 days.

They also assist with modifications and mortgage-free homes to avoid financial stress or debt burden. 2022 is a year of hope. After experiencing a significant loss of loved ones in the pandemic, this year brought them a partnership with the Chase Bank to provide donations for building homes across the country.

They have very well listed 23 reasons for us to show them support; this earned them a Platinum Transparency seal from GuideStar

Final Thoughts

Ending up without a home is evidently no one’s dream, but the age-old law of stopping the U.S. from constructing enough housing has led up to half a million on the streets. Despite this daft policy, charities have found their way into the constitution. With a clear objective of providing affordable housing to people, they are continuously working on negotiating with people of influence in the government.

Several great charities have broken down the complexity of this issue by launching programs of different magnitudes. From advocating securing a position for the underprivileged in society, they work at micro levels to manage and provide the homeless with necessities.

They are not only building a community with a fresh perspective, but they are integrating a vital lesson of empathy and equality. 

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