Nonprofit Point’s mission and vision are to help nonprofits raise more funds online to make the highest impact on the community. Often charities require massive funding to carry out the various mission they hold for the betterment of society.

Yes, grants do help. But not when a nonprofit wants to impact millions. That is where donors come into the picture.

With fundraising strategies and ideas, donor acquisition plans, and tips for retaining donors, Nonprofit point tries to share everything for Nonprofits, so they have everything at their disposal.

The Team at Nonprofit Point:

Our team is not huge. We have limited resources but have only one goal in mind. Share the best possible guides and resources for Nonprofits and Donors alike.

We are just a team of 1 nonprofit expert and 1 nonprofit editor who edits the article. Our Nonprofit expert knows Donor acquisition and fundraising strategy. This immensely helps nonprofits raise funds online and keep them afloat with donors rolling in and supporting the vision. From time to time, we also bring other nonprofit writers to contribute to our website to share their knowledge and experience.

You can share our articles on social media if you want to support us. We would appreciate it a lot and motivate us to publish more valuable articles from time to time.

How we review nonprofit tools and softwares

Our nonprofit experts have personally worked and used the donation software and know the intricacies. Usually, any nonprofit team is not tech savvy and would need software that can help them without the technical knowledge. We research a lot, interview nonprofits, and ask them which is the most recommended software. After that, we even use it by ourselves and battle-test it.

We want to ensure it brings the best experience for nonprofits and is hugely valuable for their investment.