Charities that help with Mortgage Payments.

10 Best Charities that help with Mortgage Payments | Full List

As of June 2022, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York announced the mortgage debt of the United States. $11.39 trillion in total, with an increase of $945 billion, has left everyone shocked. The surge in house prices and a severe dwindling of savings has left people homeless.

This inflation was recorded to be the highest in the past decade. Curtail payments play an important deciding factor between household utility optimization and the rather discourteous behavior of the lenders. While the magnitude of earnings has not changed over time, the increased inflation has spurred all the savings, and communities from the smaller postal code were paying the same loan amount as those from the larger postal code area. 

While a few could save their home, most of the community was on roads. Nonprofit Charities have greatly contributed their services to change the current landscape. With more than $327 billion donated for mortgage loan assistance, grants, or construction of affordable housing segments, they have successfully turned makeshift houses into homes. 

Here are 10 best charities that help with mortgage payments:

1. Kiva

To make America a financially inclusive country, Kiva started crowdfunding to unlock capital for the underserved community. With an operational base of 79 countries, Kiva has funded $1.81 billion since 2005.

They lend money and improve the quality of financial services; through their loans, people have been able to set up a business, pay off their student debts, invest in a new home by paying off their mortgage, and access medical care.

As soon as an individual applies for a loan, the volunteers review their file and search for a crowdfund. Once the donations are made, Kiva funds the borrower and helps them invest in their livelihood with easy-to-handle long-term repayments.

2. PEW Foundation

Pew has evolved since its establishment, and its entrepreneurial spirit has turned it into an acknowledged and widely respected nonprofit. PEW offers alternative financial solutions for people to build safe and affordable homes.

Their commitment to providing research-based adaptable solutions for multiple programs has built its impact on governmental policies. Their ability to provide accurate results regarding the relevant trends of society increases their chances of executing successful initiatives.

Considering the regular expenses, it is difficult to invest in a home; PEW puts forward its foot to help families receive small mortgages at convenient charges and policies. They receive a 100% score from Charity Navigator in accountability and financial structure. 

3. The Society of Saint Vincent De Paul

St. Vincent de Paul ensures that no crisis leads one to the path of homelessness. They collaborate with various agencies to co-fund families and individuals with their rent and mortgage. $6 million in funds were distributed for mortgage assistance, where 2,400 households escaped an eviction.

The workers provide 4,000 daily meals, treat 12,000 patients annually and aid them with medical care expenses.

To provide meaningful opportunities for their community, this Society continues to put faith in action fuelled by their cultural values. Charity Navigator rates them a 98%.

4. The Salvation Army

They operate in over 100 countries with a mission to fight homelessness and enable individuals and families to access secure homes in safe neighborhoods. Any Office of this charity will help out with mortgage loans and provide a detailed explanation for taking the next crucial steps.

In times of emergencies, the officers are allowed to grant immediate funds to pay off the standing loans and then further guide the individuals to get a job and secure their future. 

Based on Christian Beliefs, this nonprofit provides programs to help with education, natural disasters, poverty prevention and other pressing issues to build a stronger and independent society. GuideStar awarded them with a Platinum Transparency seal this year. 

5. Homeownership Preservation Foundation

Since 2004 HPF has guided consumers with accurate information in times of financial struggle. With their mortgage modification plans, they cruise the customers on the path of sustainable homes and future financial security.

Their HOPE hotline provides free-of-charge financial advocacy in more than 200 languages. In 2017 they partnered up with GreenPath Financial Wellness to expand its route of services of homeownership by sharing the resources and helping millions achieve their dream of a first home.

They provide unique solutions for each situation, from looking for a suitable house to applying for reverse mortgages. Unbiased and trusted advice in such pressuring times helps relieve stress and paint a clear picture of the possible courses of action. A 100% rating from Charity Navigator justifies their accountability very well.

6. Habitat for Humanity

HH partners up with families in need of a decent house. Using their financial resources, volunteers, and excellent partnerships, they build secure ad affordable homes along with clean water and sanitation on secure land.

To date 2, 35,000 families had the chance to express gratitude for this charity’s extraordinarily hard work of providing shelter across 52 countries. Their vision is to correct the faults of this world by providing a home to every individual.

Helping families receive shelter restores their hope ad allows them to dream bigger. Every little donation made on their website is used to bring joy to one family every 21 minutes.

7. Piedmont Housing Alliance

Their relentless work of providing affordable housing through financial security has allowed them to change people’s lives for the better. With multiple programs they offer alternative solutions for one to settle down securely.

Under the Down Payment Program they administer the funds given to the borrower on meeting their set of eligibility guidelines. With their Sponsoring Partnerships and Revitalizing Communities program, PHA provides customized loans with low interest rates as per the financial stress and due mortgage.

Through this program Virginia Housing allocated $18, 00,000 for building affordable housing. Charity Navigator awarded them with a 100% rating in terms of cultural values, strong financial accountability and visionary leadership. 

8. Neighborworks Home Partners

An empowering mission of enabling individuals to own a safe home, their journey to date has successfully impacted millions across the country. From buying a new home to fixing the repairs in the existing one, NHP caters to all these needs and everything in between.

Their down payment assistance, mortgage loan funding and refinancing, home improvement lectures, and land trust allow the individuals to select from any of these according to their needs. By eliminating the racial disparity, they empower the customers to build within the community using its resources and strength. Charity Navigator rates them 88% in terms of financial strength. 

9. Dream Home Charities

Founded in 2008, it empowers people to leverage their financial resources to achieve home ownership. With a background in budgeting, finance, and housing counseling they are working to provide loans for low-income families.

Apart from this they directly divert 100% of their donations to aid different charities with their programs and initiatives. 

10. Catholic Charities

With a fund of $10 million, CCUSA announced its plan to construct affordable housing at low-interest rates. CCUSA works to aid around 15 million people annually regardless of any social or economic discrimination.

Along with various partnerships across the country, they aim to narrow the gap between high-interest mortgage loans and the inability to pay them back.

Their financial advice and long-term recovery plans have helped millions budget their finances suitably. GuideStar awarded them with a Platinum Transparency Seal for all their selfless assistance.  

Final Thoughts

As young adults have started maturing, they have been working to provide for their families and help their parents pay off their mortgage loans. While this entrepreneurial spirit is highly encouraged, a vast community of underprivileged lack education.

When charities provide loans, they also ensure individuals receive education to help them build their future securely based on their goals and dreams. As opposed to walking away from such debts, fighting them and getting out strongly makes an individual highly self-reliant; it trains them to face similar obstacles without any act of timidity. 

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