Charities that help disabled adults

8 Best Charities that Help Disabled Adults (Full List with Details)

Disabled adults face numerous challenges in everyday life, from accessing healthcare and education to finding employment and participating in their communities. While the world is becoming increasingly inclusive, the reality is that there is still a long way to go in terms of equal opportunities for disabled individuals. But despite these obstacles, there are charities that are doing their best to make a difference, working tirelessly to empower and support disabled adults.

This blog post will take a closer look at these organizations and their impact, shining a light on their efforts and highlighting why they are so important.

Whether you are disabled yourself, know someone who is, or simply want to make a difference, this post will leave you feeling inspired and motivated to get involved. So, join us as we explore the charities that are changing the lives of disabled adults for the better, and discover why their work is more relevant than ever.

Here are 8 Best Charities that Help Disabled Adults:

1. The Arc

The ARC is an exceptional charity organization that champions for the rights of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. They don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk, offering programs that promote inclusion and equality.

The Arc is a true advocate, working tirelessly to improve policies and legislation to ensure that those with IDD have access to healthcare, education, employment and the ability to live in their communities.

Their goal is to ensure that people with IDD have the opportunity to live a fulfilling life, with access to housing options, transportation, and meaningful work. It’s no wonder that the organization has earned a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, with a 100% score. That’s pretty impressive, don’t you think

2. The Special Olympics

Have you ever thought about the power of sports and how it can impact people’s lives? The Special Olympics is a non-profit organization that’s doing just that! They provide sports training and competition opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities and it’s amazing to see the impact it has on their self-confidence and inclusion in society.

The organization offers various sports including traditional Olympic sports and unified sports, catering to people of all ages and abilities. They also have the Young Athletes program which helps children develop important skills through play and sports activities.

To top it off, the charity has a score of 94% according to Charity Navigator, earning it a Four-Star rating. It’s truly inspiring to see the positive impact sports can have on people’s lives

3. Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation

Have you ever considered the challenges faced by individuals living with paralysis and the support they require? The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation is a charity that’s dedicated to providing exactly that! They offer a range of resources, educational programs, financial assistance, and emotional support to these individuals.

One of their most notable programs is the Quality of Life Grants Program, which awards grants to non-profit organizations that impact and empower those living with paralysis and their families.

The Direct Effect Grants Program also provides funding for organizations that offer direct services such as housing, employment, and transportation. According to Charity Navigator, the charity has a score of 87%, earning it a Three-Star rating.

4. United Cerebral Palsy

United Cerebral Palsy is a non-profit that’s making a big difference in the lives of people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities, as well as their families. They offer a wide range of programs aimed at improving the quality of life for those with disabilities and promoting inclusion in society.

UCP is committed to helping people with disabilities live independently and in the community, with services like supportive housing, transportation, and personal care. They also offer educational and training programs for people with disabilities, their families, and professionals who support them, covering essential skills like independent living, technology, and employment.

And, with a three-star rating on Charity Navigator and a score of 85%, UCP is definitely making a difference in the world.

5. The National Multiple Sclerosis Society

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society, or NMSS, is a non-profit organization that is making a huge impact in the lives of those affected by multiple sclerosis. They offer a wide range of programs and resources to support individuals and families living with MS.

One such program is the MS Status Assistance Program which provides job search assistance, career counseling, and job placement support to individuals with MS. Another important program is the MS Financial Assistance Program which offers financial support for medical expenses, equipment, and housing costs.

With a score of 83% on Charity Navigator and a three-star rating, the NMSS is making a real difference in the lives of those living with multiple sclerosis.

6. Goodwill Industries

Goodwill Industries is a non-profit organization that is making a big difference in people’s lives. They provide job training and placement for individuals with disabilities, and even offer career counseling and job placement assistance. They understand the importance of helping young people develop skills and achieve their full potential, which is why they offer education and job training programs.

To support these programs and services, Goodwill Industries operates a network of retail stores where donated goods are sold. Not only does this provide a great service to the community, but it also helps fund the organization’s initiatives.

It’s amazing to see the impact Goodwill Industries is making, and it’s no wonder they have received a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator with a 100% score!

7. United Spinal Association

The United Spinal Association is a national non-profit organization that’s dedicated to empowering people with spinal cord injuries and disorders. They believe in providing resources, education, support, and advocacy to help these individuals live successful and independent lives.

In fact, the United Spinal Association has even partnered with BetterHelp to offer one month of therapy at no cost to its members. This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to connect with others who are impacted by spinal cord injuries or disorders, including families, caregivers, and medical professionals.

And, to show its credibility, the Association has a 79% rating on Charity Navigator with a three-star rating.

8. Easter Seals

Easter Seals is a remarkable charitable organization that works tirelessly to provide services to children and adults with disabilities and special needs. Their goal is to increase access to resources and services, so individuals with disabilities can live successful and independent lives.

They offer a wide range of adaptive recreational programs like swimming, biking, and camping, to help individuals with disabilities lead active and healthy lifestyles. Additionally, the organization provides access to medical and therapeutic care, as well as financial assistance for physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy, to help these individuals maintain their independence.

According to Charity Navigator, Easter Seals has a three-star rating with a score of 85%. It’s truly inspiring to see organizations like Easter Seals working towards a better future for those with disabilities and special needs.

Tips while donating to charities that help disabled adults:

  • Research and evaluate: Before making a donation, research the charity thoroughly to ensure that it aligns with your values and that your donation will be put to good use. Check the charity’s ratings on websites like Charity Navigator or GuideStar to assess their financial health and accountability.
  • Volunteer your time: Charities often rely on volunteers to help carry out their mission. If you’re unable to make a monetary donation, consider volunteering your time and skills. You’ll get a chance to see the impact of your work first-hand and make a difference in the lives of disabled adults.
  • Get involved with fundraising events: Charities often organize fundraising events to raise awareness and funds. Participating in these events, such as walks, runs, and auctions, is a great way to support the cause while having fun and connecting with others who share your values.
  • Consider regular contributions: Many charities rely on the support of monthly donors to help fund their ongoing programs and services. Consider setting up a recurring donation to provide a stable source of income for the charity.
  • Advocate for change: In addition to supporting charities, it’s important to advocate for policies and programs that support disabled adults and their families. Write to your elected officials, attend public meetings, and join advocacy groups to help raise awareness and drive change.

Final Thoughts

Charities that help disabled adults are a shining example of the power of compassion and the impact that can be made when people come together to make a difference. They offer hope, support, and empowerment to those who may feel marginalized or overlooked by society. As we have seen, their work is not only helping disabled adults to achieve their full potential, but it is also creating a more inclusive world for us all.

However, there is still so much to be done, and it’s important that we continue to raise awareness about the challenges faced by disabled individuals and the charities that support them. We should also strive to support these organizations in any way we can, whether it’s through volunteering, making a donation, or simply spreading the word. By doing so, we can help to ensure that disabled adults receive the support they need and that they are given the chance to live full and meaningful lives.

So, let us embrace the power of compassion and the impact it can have, and let us be inspired by the charities that are changing the lives of disabled adults for the better. It’s time to stand up and be counted, and make a difference in the lives of those who need our help the most

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