Best Charities that Accept Art Donations

8 Best Charities that Accept Art Donations | Full List with Details

Art has the prime ability to navigate one’s mind through times of difficulty. This emotional steer helps process the emotions clearly and definitively while enjoying the little moments. Scientific studies have taken part in conducting research to gain a better understanding of this process.

These studies prove that artwork improves memory and reasoning abilities, especially in aging adults. Charities play their role by collecting artwork and either displaying them at the welfare centers of reselling them and sending a part of the sales achieved to various charities to help them with their programs. Some charities even host art activities to keep the mind and body connected. 

Here are 8 Best Charities that Accept Art Donations:

1. Art Works for Cancer Foundation

This foundation’s mission is to bring artwork into cancer treatment units in all hospitals across Ontario. By transforming these plain clinical units with beautiful art pieces, they are trying to build warm and loving healing spaces for their patients, families, and caretakers.

To date, they have installed 500 unique artworks like sculptures, paintings, and photographic designs in hospitals like Toronto Grace Health Care, Markham Stouffville Hospital, Stronach Regional Cancer Center, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, and more. They prefer designs subjected to landscape or still life which would engage feelings of joy and hope.

Once the mail containing the pictures of the artwork is approved, the pieces must be framed and sent to them at their given address. Charity Navigator rates them a 76% for their financial accountability. 

2. Vietnam Veterans of America

VVA is a supporting service established in 1979 to improve the general welfare and hospital care for disabled veterans, assisting their journey of trauma and focusing on topics of women and minority veterans issue.

They serve more than 30 cities and states of America, like New York, Oregon, New Jersey, Portland, Sand Diego, Denver, Jacksonville, and Connecticut. The artwork accepted by them includes framed paintings, photography, and canvas and wall décor. All these items must be light to carry and framed appropriately.

Once the artist receives approval from this charity, they may schedule a free pick up or drop it off at any affiliated organization. 

3. Collectible with Causes

They meet a community’s educational and vocational needs and support various rehabilitation projects. Their donations include paintings, coins, antiques, and musical instruments.

Artists have donated paintings, comic books, photographs, and illustrations to impact people’s lives significantly. Since art is known to transmit feelings compared to its reflection, it transmits joy and relief to the less fortunate by helping them imagine a better place. A simple form of approval can help these patients globally. 

4. More Art

More Art partners with global artists to make a valuable impact by highlighting social and economic issues. They strongly believe that art should be free and accessible to every individual since it paves the way for a transformational change in our society. One can attend the art exhibits, amplify and support their cause on social media, or volunteer in community-based art projects. 

5. Made4aid

 This nonprofit was founded in 2009 to emphasize the underappreciated artworks made for the communities. An individual can donate items like textiles, canvases, paintings, ornaments, quilts, purses, home accessories, ad more in suitable conditions.

They receive donations from across the world. These artworks are listed on Etsy, and whenever a purchase is made, a part of it is donated to other charities or used to fund their events and art exhibits. 

6. Paintings in Hospitals

They wish to transform the health care centers for their patients into a more hopeful environment. With over 0 years of experience, they have developed a unique art collection of over 3,700 artworks containing paintings, sculptures, and animations by some renowned international artists.

The artwork donated is installed in hospitals, health care centers, hospices, mental health facilities, and many more areas. To enable patients into a fun and engaging activity, they host creative workshops to share knowledge and let them indulge in a skillful activity.

With over 10,000 people taking part in their art initiatives, they are supporting the physical and mental well-being of the patients, doctors, nurses, and the entire staff.   

7. Corearts

This nonprofit promotes people’s welfare by engaging them in various art activities. These activities have proven to tackle poor mental health problems and boost their confidence and self-esteem.

The skills they learn during this time helps them take better control of their life in both personal and professional areas. Since this is also a way to help the patients socialize and interact with a wider community, exchanging ideas and knowledge tunes out to be beneficial for all individuals. 

8. Art for Charity Collective

ACC is a global initiative for the art collection and raising awareness for the charities they carefully pick out. They wish to focus on talented artists and worthwhile causes requiring substantial support and funding.

They have raised more than 250,000 pounds for the same. ACC raises money for charities by selling artwork through various platforms. By hosting high-profile charity and corporate events, they are collaborating with artists with an agreed percentage of the sale. 

Final Thoughts

Art forges a connection between a mind and the body that has lost all hope of recovery. Unlike meditation which organizes one’s thoughts, art paints a picture of one’s dreams into their mind.

This new focus forces the body to regenerate its energy or achieve it. When charities donate artwork for healthcare, the dull rooms gain new energy, hope, and joy. This positive environment develops new ideas and instigates hope in a patient. Apart from looking at beautiful landscapes and abstract work, craft activities hosted by charities also seems to generate positivity and transform it into an art therapy session. 

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