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9 Reputable Shoe Donation Charities You Should Know | Full list with Details

Our feet are at an easy dispense for attracting infections or deadly diseases. The provision of one single pair is an effective solution to prevent shoe poverty and protect the feet.

The below 9 shoe charities either distribute a new pair or refurbish a preloved pair of shoes to meet the requirements of individuals across the globe. From traveling to keeping a healthy conduct of life, shoes are a way of rising from the ground and attaining the set goals for success. 

Here are 9 Best and Reputed Shoe Donation Charities:

1. Soles4Souls

At Soles4Soulds (S4S) they transform preloved shoes and clothing into sustainable wear. This creates a cycle of relief provision and employment opportunities. They collect new and old shoes and then distribute them across the world to people in need.

Their partnership with 1,800 organizations worldwide have helped free up financial resources for their other causes. With a mission to provide 1.5 million underprivileged kids with new shoes, they have also taken into account their healthcare, education, and provision for basic necessities.

Their programs have successfully kept the micro-level management at par with opportunities for employment, supply of quality shoes, display economic growth and save the environment by keeping over 80 million pounds of textiles outside the landfills in America. They received a Platinum Transparency token from GuideStar and a perfect 4-star rating from Charity Navigator

2. Hav A Sole

Since its establishment in 2014, they have provided over 35,000 pairs of shoes across 30 cities. Their goal is to multiply their daily efforts by increasing their shoe donations. With multiple partners like Nike, their local support encourages Hav A Sole team to deliver to thousands.

Their provision of sneakers has been towards the elimination of foot problems, infections, and calluses. Rikki, the founder of this charity, grew up in a shelter with no shoes; since he has experienced it first-hand he has been the most powerful driving source for this organization to put their efforts into helping children.

During the pandemic, Sole Savy displayed their support by providing sneaker vans that would run across cities and aid the kids.

3. It’s from the sole

By working with local communities and organizations, they collect new and unused shoes for donation. Once the collected shoes are cleaned or repaired, they are distributed across New York City. Andre McDonnell established this nonprofit charity to ensure every individual had access to clean shoes in the metropolitan area.

Till date, it has distributed over 30,000 pairs of sneakers in areas of New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Norristown, Seattle, Gueye, Paris, and more.

Multiple renowned brands like Wendy’s, Adidas, Vans, Atrium, New Balance, Bloomingdale’s, and more have been working with them to eliminate any obstacles in their course mission.

4. Giving Sole

Gavin Henss, a 10-year-old kid, along with his parents, founded Giving Sole for the extraordinary mission of proving love for foster children. Since foster care is a temporary caregiver, they have an affixed and limited budget for every child; due to this, the basic needs tend to get overlooked at times.

Gavin and his family provide the shoes for these foster kids to let them know they are seen and special. The shoes are donated in individual bags that can be used by these kids while shifting homes. GuideStar rewarded them with a Silver Seal of Transparency. 

5. Sole Inspiration

With a mission to provide athletic footwear to the very well-deserved communities of underprivileged youth, they wish to help them achieve success within their athletic goals.

To date, they have provided more than 106 pairs of shoes to students between the 4th and 12th grades. The shoes are distributed based on situational needs, after which the funds are released for the same.

Every online application is viewed, and a staff member contacts the individual to fulfill their request. GuideStar recognizes its work with a Platinum Seal of Transparency. 

6. Samaritan’s Feet

90% of their finances are used in their programs of providing shoes and preventing further foot infections. Since its establishment in 2003, they have partnered up with numerous organizations to serve 9.22 million people in 109 countries and 550 cities in The United States.

Their belief in providing shoes and restoring hope has created a lifetime worth of opportunity for these needy individuals to change their life for the better. Apart from making generous donations, one can send a hopeful note.

This note is sent along with the shoes to encourage the receiver about the many good events yet to unfold in their life. While Charity Navigator rates them a 4 out of 4 rating GuideStar awards them with a Gold seal of Transparency for their excellent financial usage. 

7. One World Running

Since its establishment in 1986, this nonprofit has set its mission to collect and distribute clean athletic shoes, clothes, medicines, and school supplies. These items are divided as some are donated to shelters, churches, and the rest to Native American Reservations.

Their international programs also promote healthcare, active health, and nutrition; the 5k runs and walks have also helped foster these three target subjects and increased their importance among people. At regular breaks, they run service trips by traveling to different countries and spreading awareness of their mission.

This helps them gain a dimension of countries to devise plans for their improvement. Volunteers join this trip to enhance its purpose and indulge in a knowledge-sharing experience. 

8. Shoes that Fit

Since childhood, it’s supposed to be a free zone for creativity and fun, but it has been turned into an irresponsible stigma of bullying for the lack of decent pair of shoes. SF provides brand new shoes per the children’s sizes; this has improved their physical training by 75% and a 46% improvement in attendance.

One can either sponsor a child or start a local group carrying the same mission and vision values apart from making donations online. Apart from accepting new shoes, they also accept any vehicle to ease the transportation matter for the families of these kids. Charity Navigator scores them a 94% rating. 

9. Shoe Aid

Based in the UK, they have been making a difference in the footwear poverty area by reducing it and helping nature. By spreading education through schools, colleges, offices, and social and community organizations, they raise the importance of recycling and repurposing footwear.

They aim to reduce the number of footwear ending up in landfills and channel them toward needy people. From daily wear to athletic wear, they serve every purpose to improve the lifestyle of thousands of individuals. 

Final Thoughts

Shoes bring about just as much, if not more, excitement to a kid’s face. One pair of shoes can keep a child free from infections, protect them from bullies, enable them to lead a healthier lifestyle, ease their daily walks and prevent expensive medical attention for their feet.

When individuals chip for these charities, they can work and acquire new shoes for kids worldwide. As said, a small contribution can go a long way; practically, it will be instilled in the receiving kid’s mind forever and, in turn, increase hospitality and kindness amongst the younger generation. 

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