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Welcoming Newcomers: 9 Best Immigrant Charities to Donate, Get Support

Immigration has always been a hot-button topic, with passionate debates. But regardless of political affiliation or personal beliefs, one thing is clear: immigrants play a vital role in our society, enriching our communities with diverse cultures, talents, and perspectives. Yet, many immigrants face challenges in their new homes, from discrimination and prejudice to a lack of access to essential services and support.

Thankfully, many charities are dedicated to helping immigrants navigate these challenges and build successful lives in their new homes. These organizations provide a wide range of services, including legal assistance, language classes, job training, and more, to help immigrants overcome the barriers they face and achieve their goals.

Whether you’re an immigrant, a descendant of immigrants or someone who believes in diversity and inclusivity, this guide to the best immigrant charities is for you. In the following pages, we’ll look at some of the most impactful and effective charities in the field, highlighting their mission, services, and success stories.

Here are the 9 Best Immigrant Charities to donate to and get Support and Advocacy:

Let’s talk about the Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project (ILAP). They provide legal assistance to low-income immigrants and refugees. ILAP’s mission is to ensure access to justice and promote self-sufficiency for Maine’s immigrant communities. ILAP provides legal services to immigrants and refugees in various areas, including family-based immigration, asylum and refugee status, naturalization and citizenship, and deportation defense. 

They also provide education and outreach to immigrant communities and partner with other organizations to advocate for policies that benefit immigrants. ILAP relies on a combination of staff attorneys, pro bono attorneys, and volunteers to provide legal services to their clients. To a great start, they have 97% ratings on Charity Navigator with 4/4 stars. 

2. National Immigration Law Center

Another nonprofit organization that advocates for immigrant rights are the National Immigration Law Center (NILC), based in Los Angeles, California. They focus on promoting and protecting the rights of low-income immigrants and their families through advocacy, litigation, and public education. Their work covers issues such as immigration policy, access to healthcare, workers’ rights, and economic justice. 

One of their key work areas is litigation, where they challenge policies and practices that harm immigrants and protect their rights under the law. They also research and analysis on immigration policy and its impact on low-income immigrants. Same as ILAP, they also have 97% ratings on Charity Navigator

3. The American Immigration Council

AIC advocates for immigrant rights and justice and aims to promote a more just and equitable immigration system through research, policy analysis, education, and legal services. They focus on various immigration issues, including family-based immigration, refugee and asylum law, employment-based immigration, and detention and deportation.

They use litigation and advocacy to challenge harmful policies and promote policies that create a more fair and just system for immigrants. One of their key programs is the Immigration Justice Campaign, which provides legal services to detained immigrants and advocates for reforms to the immigration system. The council has a 4-star rating on Charity Navigator and 92% score.

4. The Immigrant Justice Corp

Next up is the Immigrant Justice Corps (IJC). Their mission is to ensure human rights protections and access to justice for immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. They offer legal services in various areas, including asylum and refugee law, detention and deportation defense, family-based immigration, and citizenship and naturalization. 

They also provide services to survivors of human trafficking and other crimes. They work to promote policies that protect immigrant rights and ensure access to justice and advocate for changes in the immigration system that prioritizes human dignity and respect for the rule of law. They have a perfect 100% score with 4/4 stars on Charity Navigator

They are a national network of nonprofit organizations that provide legal services and support to immigrants in the United States. Their mission is to promote the dignity and protect the rights of immigrants by providing legal services, training, and advocacy to their affiliated organizations. They offer various services, including legal representation, immigration law training, and advocacy for pro-immigrant policies and practices. 

One of their key programs is the National Capacity Building Project, which provides training and technical assistance to their affiliates to build their capacity to provide legal services to immigrants and advocate for policies that benefit immigrant communities.CLINIC has 4 gold stars on Charity Navigator with 98% in numbers. 

6. The Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota

ILCM promotes justice and equity for immigrants and refugees, supporting their integration into American society. They provide legal services, education, and advocacy in family-based immigration, asylum and refugee law, and deportation defense. 

One of their vital programs is the Community Navigator Program, which provides culturally and linguistically appropriate services to immigrants and refugees. They train and support community members to provide information, referral, and assistance to other immigrants and refugees in their communities. The center has 4/4 stars with a 97% score on Charity Navigator.

7. Kitsap Immigrant Assistance Center

KIAC is a non-profit organization based in Bremerton, Washington, dedicated to providing legal services, education, and advocacy to immigrants and refugees in Kitsap County and surrounding areas. Their mission is to support and empower immigrant and refugee communities by providing access to resources and services that promote their well-being and integration into American society.

They provide educational resources and outreach to immigrant communities, such as English language classes and citizenship preparation courses. They also actively advocate for policies that protect immigrant rights and ensure access to justice for all. Noting ratings, they have a silver transparency seal on the charity watchdog, Guidestar

Now, let’s talk about the Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC), a national non-profit organization based in San Francisco, California, that provides legal training, technical assistance, and advocacy to support immigrant communities. Their mission is to promote justice and equity for immigrants and to support their integration into American society. 

The ILRC offers attorneys, advocates, and community-based organizations training and resources on immigration law and policy. They also offer direct legal services to immigrant communities, focusing on assisting those most vulnerable, including survivors of domestic violence, trafficking, and other crimes. ILRC has received 4 stars on Charity Navigator, with 92% for their dedication and actions.

9. The International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Lastly, the International Rescue Committee is a global humanitarian organization that provides aid and assistance to refugees, immigrants, and other displaced persons in crisis situations worldwide, including in the United States.

They provide various services to refugees and immigrants in the U.S., such as resettlement assistance, employment services, language and education classes, and legal services. They advocate for policies that protect the rights of refugees and immigrants and promote their integration into American society. Ending the data, as per Charity Navigator, the charity has ¾ stars at 87% score. 

Final Thoughts

As we end our guide to the best immigrant charities, it’s important to remember that these organizations are more than just service providers – they are beacons of hope, resilience, and humanity. They embody what we can be as a society, offering support, compassion, and resources to those who most need them.

But perhaps the most inspiring aspect of these charities is how they demonstrate collective action’s power. By working together, volunteers, donors, and staff can achieve incredible feats and make a tangible difference in the lives of thousands of immigrants.

At a time when the world can feel increasingly divided and polarized, the work of these charities is a reminder that we are all connected by our shared humanity. When we unite to support and empower those who need it most, we create a better future for all.

So, whether you donate your time, money, or resources to these charities or simply share their message with others, know that you are making a real difference in the world. By supporting immigrants in our communities, we are creating a more vibrant, diverse, and compassionate society that we can all call home.

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