9 Christmas Stall Ideas for Fundraising That You Must Try

Christmas is a time of giving and if you’re looking for fundraising ideas that are fun, original, and don’t involve selling copies of your parents’ first VHS home video then a Christmas stall might be just the ticket.

Everyone loves Christmas so a Christmas stall is sure to be well-supported by friends, family, and members of the local community. And with the cost of Christmas rising faster than an exploding barometer it’s the perfect time to ask people to give you money in return for small tokens of your love.

Read on to discover 9 great ideas for a Christmas stall fundraiser – plus lots more inspiration!

Bake and sell festive food

For a great Christmas fundraising activity, why not make and sell festive food? You can make items like cookies and cake pops, or savory items like cheese biscuits or mini quiches.

Make sure you make enough to generate a good profit, while also covering your baking costs. But don’t bake something that takes hours to make, unless you want to be up baking all night before the fundraising event starts! While you’re at it, why not bake some Christmas biscuits and put them in a jar as edible gifts for parents, teachers, and friends?

If you’re feeling really fancy, you could even make your own Christmas gift wrapping paper to go with it!

Run a gift wrapping service

If you’re feeling creative and have a bit of space, you could run a gift-wrapping service at your fundraising event. Bundle up all the items that people bring to be wrapped in fancy paper, and then let them know when your wrapping service is open.

You could charge per item or offer packages, depending on the amount of time you expect it to take to wrap everything. You could set up a gift-wrapping stall or table at your event, or offer to wrap gifts at home for members of the family or people you know. You could offer gift wrapping as a gift in a jar or as part of a gift hamper.

Sell wreaths and garlands

If you’re crafty, why not make and sell wreaths and garlands at the Christmas stall? You can use natural materials like pine cones and berries, or artificial flowers and decorative pieces.

If you use natural materials, make sure you clean and disinfect them before use. If you use artificial flowers, make sure they’re child-friendly, as younger kids might try to eat them!

You could sell wreaths and garlands as individual pieces, or you could make them into decorative bouquets. If you do this, make sure you have enough to sell as single pieces to cover your costs. You could also sell wreaths and garlands as gifts in a jar, or include them as part of a gift hamper.

Have a Secret Santa game

If your group includes young children or teenagers, you could organize a Secret Santa game. You could organize it so that each participant buys a gift and wraps it, and then they draw a name from a hat to find out to who they have to give their gift. This is a great way to make sure that everyone gets something – and it might even encourage people to spend more than they planned to, especially if they’re buying gifts for children!

Have a gift swap or a gift exchange or a gift lottery or a gift exchange – whatever you call it, a gift exchange is a great way to share Christmas cheer.

Organize a craft session

You could organize a craft session for your Christmas fundraising event near your stall. You can charge a fee for people to attend the event, and then let them know what materials they need to bring along.

You could do a Christmas-themed craft like making Christmas decorations, ornaments, or gift tags – or you could do a craft that has nothing to do with the holidays, like making paper flowers.

Whatever you choose, you could sell or exchange the items made at the craft session once they’re finished.

A cookie sale is a great fundraising idea for a Christmas stall – especially if you’re a school or youth group! You can make a range of seasonal cookies, like gingerbread men, chocolate Christmas trees, or festive cookies like snowmen or sugar cookies.

You can sell the cookies in bags or by the dozen, and then let people know that they can mix and match as they like. You can also sell hot chocolate, coffee, and other drinks to go with the cookies.

You might even be able to get a discount on the coffee and hot chocolate if you go to a local shop that sells it!

Have a Hanging-Ornaments Fundraiser

If you want to make some quick money, why not organize a hanging-ornaments fundraiser? You can ask local businesses to donate old Christmas decorations, and then sell them in bags or boxes at your fundraising event.

Or you can go to a local thrift store and see if they’d be willing to sell the decorations in bags or boxes that you can sell at your fundraising event. And once they’re sold, you can use the decorations at your fundraising event – or you can use them to decorate your home.

Make And Sell Christmas Coasters

If you have access to a craft area, you could make and sell Christmas coasters. This is a great option if you’re in a club or sports team, as it doesn’t take up much space.

Make Christmas coasters in lots of different designs and patterns, and you can sell them at your fundraising event. You could also sell them through online marketplaces, like Amazon.

Have a Christmas Cards For Charity Event

If you have lots of time to plan ahead, you could have a Christmas Cards for Charity event where people can make cards to donate to charity. You could run this as a stand-alone event, or as part of a wider fundraising event.

You could either ask people to make Christmas cards, or you could make your own cards and add a note asking people to donate a Christmas card in return. You can donate the cards to charities that send them out to children in hospitals, or to elderly people living in care homes.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are lots of different Christmas fundraising activities you can do. Make sure you choose something that you and your friends will enjoy, and that will fit in with your group’s interests.

And remember to make sure the fundraising activity is safe, doesn’t create too much noise, and doesn’t inconvenience other people. If you’re looking for fundraising ideas that are fun, and original and don’t involve selling copies of your parents’ first VHS home video, then a Christmas stall might be just the ticket.

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