How to Host a Profitable Bake Sale Fundraiser (Step-by-Step)

When trying to raise money for your school, church, or non-profit organization, you may think that the best way to do that is with a bake sale. While a bake sale involves baked goods, it’s much more than just selling cookies and brownies.

It’s about getting your community involved and coming together as one voice to support a common cause. And because most people love baked goods, they will also be willing to support you and donate money!

But running a successful bake sale fundraiser requires careful planning and time. You must have the right location, pricing strategy, and marketing plan before selling those pies.

Here’s an actionable guide on running a profitable bake sale fundraiser:

Set Up a Location

The first thing you need to do is find a location for your bake sale. Find a spot that’s convenient for everyone in your community to access. If your bake sale is at a park, it may be inconvenient for some people who have trouble walking to get there.

A school cafeteria or outdoor field will probably be the best place for you to host your bake sale. You’ll want to create a banner or poster that advertises your bake sale so that people can see it as they walk past.

You can also have a person there (maybe a parent or teacher) who can help answer people’s questions and inform them about your cause.

Decide On Pricing

Price your goods at a low price to sell, but also high enough that you’re not losing money on them. You don’t want to overprice yourself from a sale, but you also don’t want to sell your goods so cheap that you’re giving away money.

You want to consider the cost of the ingredients, the time spent making the goods, the overhead cost of hosting your bake sale, and what other similar bake sales are charging in the area. If you’re hosting the bake sale at a school, you may consider what the school charges for items at their snack shop.

If you’re hosting the bake sale at a church, you may want to charge what the church charges for their bake sale items.

Choose What to Bake

The real art in a bake sale is choosing the right desserts everyone likes. If you want to make sure you have a successful bake sale, avoid making things like cinnamon rolls, cookies, and brownies.

While these are great, they’re usually the top sellers at every bake sale, which makes them less special. Instead, consider baking something more unique, like pineapple upside-down cake, lemon bars, or apple cranberry crumble.

If your bake sale is themed, you can also incorporate that into your selection. For example, if you’re holding a bake sale for a Star Wars event, you can make themed treats, like R2-D2 cupcakes, C-3PO sugar cookies, and galaxy brownies.

Plan Your Menu

Having a menu of baked goods is a great way to get people to buy more than just one item. If you offer a few choices, they can buy a variety and get more bang for their buck.

You can also offer combo deals (like buy one item and get another at half-price) to get people to buy more than they normally would. While you might make less on each individual item, you’ll have more overall sales.

Plan Your Marketing Strategy

To get people to your bake sale, you need to market it! Make posters, send emails to people in your community, and get your teachers to spread the word to their students.

Let people know what date and the time your bake sale will take place. People will show up for baked goods, but you’ll miss out on sales if they don’t know about it.

Create a hashtag for your bake sale so you can track how many likes it has and see how far it reaches.

Having compelling captions can also go a long way in your marketing strategy on Instagram

Bake Goodies That People Want To Buy

You also want to make sure your baked goods are delicious. You don’t want your bake sale to be successful just because people feel sorry for you or want to support your cause.

They should want to buy your baked goods because they are delicious! Before you start baking, make sure you taste test each recipe to make sure it’s good enough to sell. Ask your family and friends if they like the taste so you don’t waste precious ingredients on something no one will buy.

Setup Online Bake Sale Fundraiser

You can also host an online bake sale where people can buy your baked goods online. You can do this by partnering with a site like GoFundMe, or you can create your own with a platform like Donorbox.

An online bake sale is great for people who can’t attend the in-person event or those who don’t live near the bake sale location. It’s also a great way to expand your bake sale’s reach.

You can target people who normally wouldn’t be able to attend the event. You can also reach out to people who may not be aware of your bake sale.

Many groups and nonprofits have used Donorbox for their online fundraiser & you can too.

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Now that you know how to set up a bake sale fundraiser let’s understand some more strategies to help you execute this successfully.

We at Nonprofit Point have researched for hours and come up with these helpful sections so that you can host the most successful bake sale fundraiser. We believe that if you win and make an impact, it’s a win for us.

What You Need to Know Before Hosting a Bake Sale

Before promoting and organizing your bake sale, ensure you understand the basics of hosting a bake sale. Depending on the rules at your child’s school or organization, you may need permission and/or sponsorship for your bake sale.

It can be helpful to partner with another group in your area that hosts bake sales so you can learn from their experience. You’ll also want to ensure enough volunteers to help with the event, especially if you’re hosting it at your house or a school with limited space. You’ll also want to ensure you have enough baking supplies so everyone can make their desired baked goods.

If you need more supplies, it can be helpful to use an online service like to order what you need. It’s also important to consider the baking requirements of your target audience.

For example, selling baked goods at a farmers’ market, you’ll want to make items that travel well, like cookies and bars. If you’re hosting a bake sale at a school, you’ll want to make items that are easy to eat, like cupcakes and bars.

What are the best-selling baked goods you should sell?

If you’re hosting a bake sale, you’ll need to decide what baked goods to sell. It can be tempting to sell everything you have in your kitchen. But that can be a recipe for disaster when it comes to profits. You may sell very few items because people may not want your less-desirable baked goods. Instead, you should focus on high-profit items that people will buy no matter what.

Here are some of the best selling baked goods you can sell at a bake sale fundraiser:

  • Cookies and bars – People love these items, they are perfect for transporting and selling at outdoor events.
  • Cupcakes – People love cupcakes, and they’re a great way to get a variety of flavors at one sale.
  • Pastries – There are many options, especially if you look for fresh items.
  • Bread – Bread can be a great seller at outdoor events where people need to pack a meal. Just make sure you have a variety of types available.
  • Muffins – People love muffins, and they’re easy to eat on the go, especially if you serve them in paper cups.

How to effectively advertise your fundraiser

When advertising your bake sale, you’ll want to make sure you use every opportunity to promote it. The best way to do this is to create a promotional flyer, put up posters around your neighborhood, and put it in your neighborhood newsletter.

You may also want to post it on social media, host a meet-and-greet event, and send personalized letters to nearby businesses.

Your bake sale flyer can be a single page that contains the following information:

  • Date and time of your bake sale
  • Location of your bake sale
  • What types of baked goods you’re selling
  • How much should people pay for each item

Any other information that you think is important or relevant If you’re hosting your bake sale at a public place, you’ll also want to make sure you put up posters that include the same information as your flyer.

You may also want to put a sign that welcomes people to your bake sale.

Tips to help make your bake sale fundraiser even more profitable

Here are some tips to help make your bake sale fundraiser even more profitable:

  • Charge a premium price – You should charge a premium price for your baked goods, especially if they are high-profit items. This will help you maximize the money you make at the sale.
  • Be selective with your location – You don’t want to make it hard for people to visit your bake sale. If your proposed location is too hard to get to, it may hurt your profits.
  • Take advantage of social media – You can help promote your bake sale by tagging your event in posts on social media. You can also create ads on Facebook and Instagram to help get the word out.
  • Offer pickup and delivery – If you’re hosting your bake sale at a school, you may want to offer pickup and delivery options for nearby customers. This can help you drive more sales without hiring a delivery service.

Wrap up: Bake Sale Fundraiser Checklist

If you’re hosting a bake sale, you want to ensure everything is ready before the day of the event. This can help reduce stress and help make the sale a success.

Here’s an 11-point checklist you should follow to make sure your bake sale fundraiser is a success:

  1. Talk to your neighborhood association or the homeowners’ association to ensure your chosen location is allowed for fundraising.
  2. Decide what types of baked goods you’re selling.
  3. Create a flyer that includes your organization’s name, the event’s date and time, the baked goods for sale, how much each item should be, and any other relevant information.
  4. Put up posters at the event location.
  5. Put the event in the neighborhood newsletter.
  6. Offer pickup and delivery options if you’re hosting the event at a school.
  7. Make sure you have supplies for the baked goods you’re selling
  8. Make sure you have enough volunteers to help with the event.
  9. Charge a premium price for your baked goods.
  10. Take advantage of social media to help advertise your bake sale.
  11. Make sure everything is ready before the event.

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to be a professional baker to host a bake sale. Most of the baked goods you see at bake sales are home-baked goods. Hosting a bake sale is a great way to get your community involved and show them that you’re a group that supports each other. People love supporting bake sales because they know their money is going to a good cause.

They don’t need to go somewhere to buy something they don’t need. They can just buy a few treats and support a good cause.

We hope this article will tremendously help you successfully execute a bake sale fundraiser. If you liked this, please share it with anyone who you think will be helpful.

It would mean a lot to us.

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