Christmas Fundraising Ideas for Schools

27 Christmas Fundraising Ideas for Schools | Creative & Fun

Let’s be honest: holiday fundraising can be a challenge for schools. After all, most parents won’t want to see you asking for money until October! However, with some creative thinking, your school fundraiser can help you raise an impressive amount of money to support your school.

This blog post will give you some great ideas to promote your fundraiser and get people to donate during Christmas. These are not shy-and-go fundraising tips you can use in any school fundraiser. Even though Christmas is not so far, don’t let that stop you from planning an awesome fundraiser!

Here are 7 Fantastic Christmas fundraising ideas to get started right now

1. Winter Wonderland Carnival

Transform your school into a magical Winter Wonderland Carnival, creating an enchanting experience that’s more than just a fundraiser – it’s a memory maker. Picture this: each classroom or hall becomes a different festive-themed game or activity station.

Classic carnival games like ring toss and bean bag throw get a Christmassy twist – think throwing rings on reindeer antlers or bean bags into Santa’s sack. Don’t forget a Santa’s grotto, where children can meet Santa, share their Christmas wishes, and take photos.

The entry fee is nominal, ensuring inclusivity, but the joy and excitement are priceless. Food stalls can offer hot chocolate, gingerbread cookies, and other holiday treats, creating a cozy, community atmosphere. This carnival not only raises funds but also strengthens the school community, as families and teachers come together to celebrate the festive spirit.

2. Custom Christmas Ornaments Sale

A Custom Christmas Ornaments Sale is not just a fundraiser; it’s a showcase of creativity and personal touch. Students can craft unique ornaments, from glittery baubles to hand-painted wooden pieces. These can be personalized with names, dates, or special messages, making them perfect keepsakes or gifts.

This initiative encourages students to explore their artistic talents and learn the value of creating something with their own hands. To add an educational twist, incorporate lessons about different cultural holiday traditions and symbols into the ornament designs.

Selling these ornaments to the school community not only raises funds but also spreads a message of personalization and craftsmanship in today’s mass-produced world.

3. Holiday Bake-Off

The Holiday Bake-Off is a delicious spin on fundraising. It’s a culinary adventure where students, parents, and teachers can participate or contribute. Imagine the school filled with the aroma of baked goods, from gingerbread to fruit pies.

Participants can pay a small fee to enter their special holiday treat in the competition. Categories can range from ‘Best Christmas Cookie’ to ‘Most Creative Pastry’. After the judging, open a bake sale to sell the mouth-watering entries.

To make it more engaging, include a decorating workshop for kids, teaching them how to ice cookies or cupcakes. This event not only raises funds but also fosters a sense of community as everyone shares recipes, baking tips, and holiday traditions.

4. Christmas Concert

A Christmas Concert can be a magical evening that showcases the talents of students while raising funds. Transform the school gym or auditorium into a festive concert hall with decorations, lights, and a grand stage. Students can perform holiday classics, modern festive songs, or even original compositions.

To make it more inclusive, consider having different age groups or classes perform, ensuring everyone has a chance to shine. Tickets can be sold to family members and the local community.

Add to the event’s charm by having a mini winter-themed fair in the lobby, where attendees can buy snacks, hot drinks, or handmade crafts before the show or during intermission. This concert isn’t just a fundraiser; it’s a celebration of student talent and a way to bring the joy of music to the entire community.

5. Poinsettia Sale

The Poinsettia Sale is a vibrant and festive fundraising idea that brings a splash of holiday color to homes and offices. Partnering with a local nursery, schools can sell these popular Christmas plants, known for their bright red and green foliage.

This initiative can start just before Thanksgiving, extending into early December, perfectly timing it with the season when people begin decorating their homes. It’s not just about selling a plant; it’s about selling a piece of holiday spirit.

Educating students about the care and history of poinsettias can be an added educational aspect. This fundraiser is not only profitable but also promotes greenery and environmental awareness. The beauty of this idea lies in its simplicity – poinsettias are in demand during the holidays, and people love supporting a cause that benefits local schools.

6. Winter Art Exhibition

Turn your school into a gallery with a Winter Art Exhibition. This event celebrates student creativity and brings the community together. Students can create artwork inspired by winter themes, such as snowy landscapes, holiday scenes, or abstract representations of winter emotions.

Display these artworks around the school, transforming hallways and classrooms into exhibition spaces. Invite parents, friends, and community members to view and purchase the artwork. To add an interactive element, include live painting or sculpting demonstrations by students.

This not only showcases the artistic process but also engages visitors. This exhibition is more than a fundraiser; it’s an opportunity for students to feel proud of their work and for the community to recognize and support young talent.

7. Festive Fun Run

A Festive Fun Run is an energetic and health-conscious way to raise funds. This event can be a 5k run or walk, where participants are encouraged to dress in holiday-themed costumes – think Santa suits, elf outfits, or reindeer antlers.

The fun run can be held in a local park or around the school grounds. To raise funds, participants can pay an entry fee or get sponsors who pledge donations based on the distance they cover.

To make the event family-friendly, include shorter races for younger children or a leisurely walking path for those who prefer a slower pace. The run can conclude with a small celebration where participants enjoy hot cocoa and healthy snacks. This event promotes fitness and community spirit, making it a unique and joyful fundraising activity.

8. Holiday Movie Night

Organize a cozy Holiday Movie Night at the school, transforming the gym or auditorium into a winter cinema. Select a family-friendly Christmas classic that appeals to both children and adults. Create a warm, inviting atmosphere with festive decorations, comfortable seating (like bean bags or blankets), and dimmed lights.

Sell tickets for the movie night and offer holiday treats like popcorn, candy canes, hot chocolate, and baked goods. To make it more special, have a pre-movie sing-along of Christmas carols or a brief performance by the school choir.

This event isn’t just about watching a movie; it’s about experiencing the joy of the holiday season as a community. It’s an easy-to-organize, low-cost event that brings families together for an evening of entertainment and festive cheer.

9. Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

An Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest is a delightful and humorous way to bring the school community together. It’s a celebration of festive fun where the gaudier and more outlandish the sweater, the better. Organize the contest in the school auditorium or gym, inviting students, teachers, and parents to participate.

Charge a small entry fee and offer categories like ‘Most Creative’, ‘Brightest and Boldest’, and ‘DIY Masterpiece’ to encourage a variety of entries. To add an interactive element, set up a DIY station where participants can add last-minute decorations to their sweaters.

This event is more than just a fundraiser; it’s a chance for everyone to show off their playful side and bond over shared laughter. The contest can end with a group photo, capturing the colorful array of festive sweaters, creating a lasting memory of the event.

10. Christmas Caroling Service

Offering a Christmas Caroling Service is a melodious way to spread holiday cheer while raising funds. Organize a group of student volunteers to form a caroling troupe. They can visit local neighborhoods, community centers, and senior homes to perform classic Christmas carols.

Prior to the event, distribute flyers or send out notifications offering the service for a donation. This not only raises funds but also teaches students the value of community service and the joy of bringing happiness to others during the holiday season.

To enhance the experience, the carolers can dress in festive attire, adding to the festive atmosphere. This idea connects the school with the broader community and highlights the spirit of giving and sharing that defines the Christmas season.

11. Santa’s Workshop

Creating a Santa’s Workshop is a charming and interactive fundraising idea. Transform a part of the school into a festive workshop where children can create their own Christmas crafts, such as ornaments, greeting cards, and simple gifts. Charge a small fee for entry or for each craft made, ensuring materials are provided.

To make it educational, each craft station can have a fun fact about Christmas traditions from around the world. This not only keeps children engaged in creative activities but also offers a learning experience. Volunteers dressed as elves can assist the children, adding to the magical atmosphere.

Santa’s Workshop is a wonderful opportunity for children to learn the joy of creating something with their own hands and understanding the value of handmade gifts.

12. Gift Wrapping Service

A Gift Wrapping Service offers a practical and festive fundraising solution during the busy holiday season. Set up a gift-wrapping station in the school or at a local community center, where people can bring their Christmas presents to be beautifully wrapped.

Students and volunteers can wrap gifts in exchange for a donation. This service can be advertised to the school community and local neighborhoods. To make it more appealing, offer a variety of wrapping paper, ribbons, and tags, catering to different tastes and preferences.

This fundraiser is not just about wrapping gifts; it’s about offering a helping hand during the hectic holidays. It also teaches students valuable skills like attention to detail and craftsmanship, all while helping to raise funds for a good cause.

13. Holiday Raffle

A Holiday Raffle is an exciting way to fundraise, offering the thrill of a prize while supporting the school. Begin by reaching out to local businesses for donations, which can range from gift baskets and vouchers to electronic gadgets and event tickets.

This not only provides an array of attractive prizes but also fosters community partnerships. Sell raffle tickets to parents, students, and community members, emphasizing the dual benefit of possibly winning a prize while supporting a good cause.

The raffle drawing can be held at a school event, like a concert or fair, adding to the excitement. A raffle is more than just a game of chance; it’s a community-building activity that brings people together in anticipation and hope, making it a standout fundraising option.

14. Christmas Tree Recycling Program

The Christmas Tree Recycling Program is an environmentally friendly and practical fundraising idea. After the holiday season, many people are left wondering how to dispose of their natural Christmas trees. Offer a service where for a small fee, trees are collected and then recycled into mulch or compost.

This initiative not only raises funds but also promotes environmental awareness and sustainability. It’s an opportunity for students to learn about recycling and contribute to a greener community.

To maximize reach, advertise the service well in advance of Christmas, and organize a specific collection day in early January. This program shows the school’s commitment to the environment and provides a valuable service to the community.

15. Holiday Craft Fair

Hosting a Holiday Craft Fair is a fantastic way to celebrate local artisans while raising funds. Invite students, parents, teachers, and local crafters to set up booths selling handmade items like jewelry, candles, knitwear, and holiday decorations.

Charge a small fee for booth rentals and advertise the event to draw in a large crowd. To add a festive touch, include live music, food stalls, and maybe a visit from Santa.

This fair not only supports the school but also local artisans and small businesses. It’s a community event that brings people together to appreciate the talent and hard work that goes into handmade crafts, making it a unique and meaningful fundraiser.

16. Gingerbread House Workshop

A Gingerbread House Workshop is a delightful and tasty fundraising event. Set up stations where participants can build and decorate their own gingerbread houses, providing all the necessary materials like gingerbread panels, icing, and a variety of candies.

Charge a participation fee that includes the cost of the materials. This event is not just about creating a gingerbread house; it’s about families and friends spending quality time together during the holidays. It also encourages creativity and offers a hands-on experience for all ages.

To make it educational, include a brief history of gingerbread houses and their significance in holiday traditions. The workshop can be a day-long event, culminating in a display of the completed houses, and perhaps a contest for the most creative or best-decorated house.

17. Holiday-Themed Photo Booth

Setting up a Holiday-Themed Photo Booth is a fun and interactive way to raise funds. Create a festive backdrop with props like Santa hats, reindeer antlers, and holiday signs. Offer the service during school events, or set up the booth at a local mall or community center.

People can take their holiday photos in the booth in exchange for a donation. To make the photos special, include options for instant printouts or digital copies.

This activity is not only enjoyable but also provides families with a keepsake of their holiday celebrations. It’s a simple yet effective fundraiser that captures the joy and spirit of the season, making it a hit among all age groups.

18. Christmas Quiz Night

Hosting a Christmas Quiz Night is a wonderful way to engage the school community in a fun and educational event. This night can feature rounds of questions related to Christmas traditions, holiday music, winter facts, and general knowledge.

Create teams consisting of students, parents, and teachers to encourage a sense of community and friendly competition. Charge a small entry fee for each team. Enhance the festive atmosphere with decorations, background holiday music, and perhaps a special appearance by Santa Claus.

Prizes for the winning teams can be simple yet meaningful, like homemade trophies or certificates. This event not only serves as a fundraiser but also provides an opportunity for learning and laughter, bringing the school community together in a spirited and joyful way.

19. Advent Calendar Sale

An Advent Calendar Sale is a creative and engaging fundraising idea that captures the essence of the holiday season. Students can craft their own advent calendars, which could range from traditional paper-based designs to more innovative ones featuring small handcrafted gifts or activities for each day.

This project encourages creativity and can be tied into art classes or after-school clubs. Selling these calendars to the school community and beyond not only raises funds but also spreads holiday cheer. Each calendar represents a unique countdown to Christmas, making it a special and personal item for buyers.

This sale not only promotes the spirit of anticipation that comes with the advent season but also showcases the talents and creativity of the students.

20. Reindeer Run

The Reindeer Run is a festive twist on the traditional fun run, and it’s an excellent way for the school to raise funds while promoting fitness and community spirit. Participants, dressed in reindeer-themed costumes complete with antlers and red noses, can run or walk a designated course around the school or local park. Encourage families to participate together, and offer different distances for different age groups.

Participants can seek sponsorships from family, friends, and local businesses, with donations based on the distance they complete. To add to the festivities, set up a finish line celebration with hot chocolate, healthy snacks, and perhaps a small awards ceremony.

The Reindeer Run is more than just a fundraising event; it’s a celebration of community and health, and a fun way for everyone to get into the holiday spirit.

21. Rotary Sponsored Walk/Run

If you’re looking for a way to engage your community, a sponsored walk/run event could be a great option. You can organize this event any time, but it’s a great choice for a Christmas fundraiser.

Participants can walk or run a certain distance and collect sponsorship money from friends and family. You can choose a distance that suits your community members. A 5 km run/walk is a popular choice for many fundraisers.

You can organize your sponsored walk/run as an open or closed event. If you choose an open event, anyone can join your event and participate. If you choose a closed event, you’ll need to select a group you invite to participate.

22. Raise Money Through Food Fringing

Another easy option for a Christmas school fundraiser is food fringing. This simple way to raise funds is by selling food items at your school. You can organize a food fringe any time of the year, but it’s a great way to support your Christmas school fundraiser. You can sell anything from cookies to pizza and coffee.

You can organize your food fringe with the help of your guidance counselor. Choose food items that are easy to make and don’t cost much. It’s also a good idea to choose food items that appeal to a wide range of people.

For example, if there are vegetarian or dietary restrictions in your community, you should avoid selling certain foods.

23. School Fair

A simple way to boost your Christmas school fundraiser is to organize a school fair. A school fair is a great way to bring the whole community together. You can invite parents and local community members to visit your fair.

You can hold your school fair in the school hall or another central location. Your school fair should be a fun experience for everyone. Organize several activities and simple games at your fair to entertain people and give them prizes. You can also encourage people to buy items at your fair. Try to sell everything from food and drinks to souvenirs and gifts.

24. Wrapping Party

If you want to boost your Christmas school fundraiser, you can organize a wrapping party. A wrapping party is a fun event where community members can bring gifts and exchange them for gift wraps.

A wrapping party is a great way to raise funds for your Christmas school fundraiser. You can organize a wrapping party during break or outside school hours. Try to advertise your wrapping party through word of mouth or social media.

You can charge a small fee to attend your wrapping party. This fee should cover the costs of organizing the wrapping party. On top of that, you can even charge each guest a small fee to wrap their gift.

25. Have a Bake Sale

Have a bake sale and sell Christmas cookies, cakes, and other holiday treats.

Bake sales can be a fun and easy way to raise money for your organization. Some organizations even hold bake sales as a fundraiser in addition to other activities, such as car washes or raffles. Many different types of bake sales can be arranged, including fundraising bake sales that focus on selling baked goods.

Other options include a bake sale with a charity theme or a general bake sale focusing on baked items.

You can organize a bake sale, similar to an auction or raffle, where people bid on items at an event or online before taking home the prize. You can also have a silent auction with donors bidding on items raised from various fundraisers.

Regardless of what bake sale you organize, it is important to remember the rules set by the organization you are raising funds for. For example, some organizations may impose restrictions on what kind of food is sold, who is selling it, and how much money can be raised by each person. It is also important to consider if there are any safety concerns when arranging for a bake sale outside due to inclement weather or other factors.

26. Have a holiday-themed dress-down day

Dress-down days are fun for your students to dress up in their favorite holiday outfits. Make sure to have fun accessories like Christmas hats and sweaters, so students can feel festive while doing their normal classwork.

In addition to putting on a good show for the class, it’s also a great way for students to make money! Students can pay $1 or more to wear their favorite holiday clothes. They are helping to offset the cost of materials used in the classrooms by paying a small fee.

Plus, they’re getting a chance to show off their best holiday looks! This is a great opportunity for teachers and administrators to fundraise as well! Again, by charging students a small fee, you can raise money for your school without resorting to traditional fundraising methods (i.e., bake sales and raffles).

27. Have a holiday gift-wrapping station

Holiday gift-wrapping stations can provide many benefits to students, from giving students a way to earn money to increasing holiday spirit and community among students.

They can also be a great way for teachers to show students the true meaning of giving by teaching them how to wrap gifts properly.

There are many different types of holiday gift-wrapping stations that you can use in your classroom:

You can have students bring their own wrapping paper and put it on the table, or you can set up a station where students pay to have their gifts wrapped by other students.

You can also create an incentive system where students bring certain items (like stickers, pencils, etc.) that they collect at the end of the school year and trade them in for gift cards.

Final Thoughts

As we wrap up our exploration of festive fundraising ideas for schools, it’s important to reflect on the deeper significance of these activities. Beyond the evident joy and excitement that these events bring, they instill in students a sense of community, creativity, and the importance of giving back. Each event, be it a quirky Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest or a heartwarming Christmas Caroling Service, is an opportunity to teach valuable lessons outside the traditional classroom setting.

Fundraising during the holiday season isn’t just about collecting donations; it’s about building stronger connections within the school community and beyond. It’s about students taking initiative, parents and teachers coming together, and the entire community engaging in acts of kindness and generosity. These events leave a lasting impact not only in the funds they raise but also in the memories they create and the values they instill.

As we move into the holiday season, let’s remember that the greatest gift we can give is that of our time, effort, and heart. These fundraising ideas are more than just ways to raise money; they are a celebration of the spirit of togetherness and the joy of giving. So, let’s choose to make this holiday season not just merry and bright, but also meaningful and impactful, leaving a legacy that goes beyond the festive period.

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