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7 Best Charities That Help with Moving Expenses | Details Inside

The labor cost of moving a house starts from $14 per square foot. All-inclusive, it can range anywhere from $15,000 to $200,000. With more than half a million people being homeless in the United States in 2022, the reasons for this result vary from individual to family.

A series of unforeseen events can cause a shift in livelihood. Still, the multiple costs attached can be extremely overbeating to pay.

Some charities mentioned below have played an exceptional role in reducing or exempting moving costs and providing additional housing facilities.

Here are 7 Charities that help with Moving Expenses:

1. Modest Needs

They provide temporary financial assistance to individuals and families who have been a part of a crisis or are barely crossing the poverty line. To lessen the burden and prevent them from slipping into the cycle of poverty, they compassionately provide them assistance.

To increase the trust of their doors, they make payments directly to the vendors like packers and movers. They do not charge any fees from the applicants. Rather, they work around the clock to get the applications reviewed.

After the information is verified, they move ahead with the provision of assistance. Guide Star rated them with a bronze transparency title in 2021.

2. Housing Industry Foundation

Their thoroughly planned Homeless Prevention Program grants emergency shelter, renovation aid, and other housing initiatives. Unexpected emergencies may cause an individual to move out of unstable housing; HIF collaborated with multiple partners to provide initial support till an individual or family receives a good amount of stability.

Through an extensive network in communities surrounding them, they have been able to evaluate and qualify genuine applicants in dire need of the services HIF has made their mission to offer. 

3. Catholic Charities

Their belief that housing is a fundamental human right led them to set up this charity in 1910. With a presence in more than 35 states, they have given back to society by placing families into 4,427 new affordable housing units apart from housing 11,070 seniors.

Their assistance covers the moving expenses and safe housing spaces for temporary and permanent solutions.

Along with taking care of housing, CC is extremely active in providing funds for any natural casualties and release programs for disaster relief. Charity navigator gives them a four-star rating. 

4. HUD Exchange

HUD’s well-planned programs and systems cover areas of affordable housing preservation, commute development, fair housing, and supportive moving services. An inept training program was curated, keeping in mind the tribal entities to offer a detailed explanation of their programs.

HUD’s aim to provide for the general public was well recognized in 2017 when it won the Center for Digital Government Project Experience. Through the immense support of their community and ever-willing volunteers, HUD steers to perfection in navigating complex challenges with effective technical and capable services. 

5. Homeless and Travellers Aid Society 

HATAS reduces homeless through its collaborative agencies and valued donors. With the ever-increasing number of nutritional issues and life-altering events, children are experiencing homelessness.

Found in 1927, they have provided relief through the immediate need for shelter and nutritious meals through an affordable housing solution and catering to all the aligning services.

With a wide range of programs and sports technical assistance, HATAS is looking forward to eradicating this complex issue and strengthening its parenting communities. Charity Navigator confidently votes them a 100 out of 100. 

6. Community Action Agencies

CAA works to provide self-sufficiency through extreme dependence on volunteer work. Their action method prioritizes the prevention of poverty, housing relocations, and assistance, creating opportunity by improving and involving the community.

An enhanced program targeting mainly the children, working poor, elderly, and displaced families has successfully contributed to an enriched lifestyle free of additional burdens. Charity Navigator rates them 100% for transparency and working pattern. 

7. Salvation Army

The local Salvation Army homeless shelter acts as a comforting safe space for both men and women to stay. Their financial assistance covers emergency overnight expenses for housing costs along with additional moving expenses, food security, and extra grants for a stabilized period.

They cover all areas of re-entry, permanent housing, transitional housing, and homeless shelters without any unlawful discrimination. 

Final Thoughts

Life is made of uncertain components. One can be as rich as money can take, and opposing this, one may lose it all in a fraction of a second. Immoral decisions and poor life choices can be sure to leave one stranded in times like these, and then bearing the additional costs of shifting can completely make one spiral out of control.

Nonprofit Charities provide safe and secure funding for the moving costs and generous donations to assort one’s dismantled life. With their help and support, millions of families have been relocated to start a better chapter of their lives, thanking the charities for every step. 

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