Best Charities that Accept Mattresses

8 Best Charities that Accept Mattresses | Full List with Details

Roughly 3% of the children population in America are sleeping without mattresses. This can physically cause them major setbacks and mentally degrade their activity. Comfortable sleep is required for the body to function to its potential; sleep depravity is a deep-rooted issue faced by millions of people today.

While around 550,000 people are currently homeless across all the states, half do not have the privilege of sleeping on a mattress. Charities took up the cause and started accepting mattresses and other furniture items. As long as they are in usable condition, the charities can brush and distribute them to the needy. 

Here are the 8 Best Charities That Accept Mattresses:

1. Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity serves low-income individuals and families with affordable housing solutions internationally. They use the donated goods to furnish thee affordable and sustainable new homes.

Apart from accepting donations of furniture and appliances, they also accept mattresses. These mattresses are collected and sanitized individually. The ones used again are further sold at their thrift store outlets. The proceedings of this sale are used to fund their education, healthcare, and finance programs to help people stand on their own feet. 


Amvets was established in 1947 as an assisting organization to support World War II Veterans. They have been representing more than 20 million warriors along with their families. Their multiple programs like national service officer, scholarships, healing heroes, Special Olympics help them lead a stable life after their military service.

They accept donations of mattresses and box springs, tools, books, bikes, houseware, kitchenware, and clothing for all age groups. The mattresses are batched and cleaned for the further aim of reselling them. Since they can be used again, it serves the dual purpose of increasing their life span and creating more funds for its programs. Charity Navigator rates them 75% for their community values and leadership.

3. Furniture Bank Network

They are a collection of furniture banks that prevent thousands of pounds of furniture from ending in landfills. Their created community allows furniture donors to donate their goods. Families who wish to donate reach out to them through their website, and after scheduling an appointment, the goods are returned for their resale.

Any furniture item which does not require further assembling and is in suitable condition for further use is only accepted by FBN, like mattresses and small household  items

4. End Furniture Poverty

For 30 years, EFP has been working to provide new and preloved furniture to low-income families. Their ultimate goal is to eradicate furniture poverty. They devote maximum time to research for creating customized solutions and spreading awareness.

Their list of essential furniture items that are accepted includes mattresses, bedding, wardrobes, curtains, washing machines, ovens, and many other similar items. To not let any furniture items end up in landfills, they approach the landlords to give them a chance to collect any items left by a previous how owner. 

5. A hope to dream

They were established with a strong opinion that every child should be able to sleep well in their own bed. Ashley Stores would always donate a portion of their mattress sales to Hope to Dream.

This enabled them to gift over 125,000 twin beds to children. Along with beds, they provide twin mattresses, bed frames, pillows, and bedding to underprivileged children who might otherwise be negatively affected in their sleep. Children who meet the eligibility criteria can be nominated on their website to receive their deserved beds. 

6. Red Door Family Shelter

When a family is ready to leave their shelter, they provide basic home furniture items, allowing them to save money on furniture and utilize it elsewhere. They accept tables, chairs, bedside and coffee tables, shelving units, and wardrobes.

They also accept mattresses and bed frames; however, due to no requirement, they are not accepting either. 

7. The Furniture Project

Established in the year of 1992, they work to provide appliances and household items at an affordable rate. Their target group is the minority and underserved communities; by offering them paid work employment options, they help them stabilize their current scenario.

They always need mattresses, bedding, bedframes, furniture, household appliances, hardware, and other small equipment. The staff members generously help the donors move their furniture out for donation. 

8. Furniture Assist Inc

Their warehouse provides families with the items they require and cannot afford. They normally accept mattresses, box springs, living room, and bedroom furniture. Bookcases, toys, clothes and shoes, lamps, and other small household goods. One can either ship them off to the address provided or drop them off at a furniture bank in their neighborhood. 

Final Thoughts

Every kid deserves a peaceful sleep deprived of terrors. While living on the streets is already a hitch in their life, not being able to get perfect sleep can cause them mental and physical harm. While the wrong kind of mattress can expose shelter residents to an unclean environment, charities make sure they are all individually cleaned and comfortable to sleep on. 

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