10 Best Charities in Arizona to Consider Giving To

In a challenging economy, it can be more difficult than ever for individuals to identify the best charities in their area that align with their values and interests. Whether you’re looking to make your philanthropic efforts go as far as possible or are simply trying to find the most helpful non-profit in your area, there are many factors to consider when choosing which organization is best for you. There are so many incredible non-profits out there doing good work in their communities and across the country. If you’re interested in making a charitable contribution this year, here are some of the best charities in Arizona that may be right up your alley.

10 Best Charities in Arizona to Consider Giving To

1. Arizona Animal Welfare League, Inc.

The Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA (AAWL & SPCA) is the largest and oldest no-kill shelter in Arizona. AAWL & SPCA is a no-kill shelter that only euthanizes animals with untreatable medical conditions. AAWL & SPCA is a 501c3 non-profit organisation. More than 5,000 dogs and cats are rescued, rehabilitated, and re-homed by AAWL & SPCA. They rescue them from another shelter in Maricopa County where they are likely to be euthanized due to a lack of time and resources.

2. Big Brothers Big Sisters of AZ

Big Brothers Big Sisters is a youth mentorship organization that pairs children who are at risk for abuse or neglect with positive, caring adult mentors. Every day, BBBS serves approximately 800 children who are waiting for a mentor in Arizona. You can make a donation to this charity to help them provide mentoring services to kids in need. If you’re interested in helping, you can also consider becoming a mentor yourself and helping a child reach their full potential.

3. The Food Bank of Yuma

The Food Bank of Yuma is an nonprofit organization that provides nutritious food and resources to families who are struggling with hunger. They collect food that would otherwise go to waste and distribute it to people in need. You can donate to The Food Bank of Yuma to help them purchase more food, as well as expand their operations in order to provide more people with the resources they need to get back on their feet. If you’re interested in getting involved, they also offer volunteer opportunities to help their cause.

4. Habitat for Humanity – Phoenix, and Tempe

Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit that works with members of the community to build safe, affordable housing for low-income families. If you’re interested in helping low-income families get the housing they need, you can make a donation to Habitat for Humanity in Phoenix or Tempe. They also provide volunteer opportunities for people who want to make an impact in their community. If you’re interested in volunteering, you can check their website for current opportunities.

5. The Salvation Army in Arizona

The Salvation Army is one of the oldest and most well-known charities in the country. This organization provides emergency assistance, addiction, and abuse recovery services, affordable housing, and much more to people in need. If you’re looking to make a difference in your community, you can give to The Salvation Army to help them help people in crisis. They provide services to people from all walks of life. If you are interested in volunteering with The Salvation Army, you can check their website for volunteer opportunities.

6. Arizona’s Children Association

Arizona’s Children Association is a non-profit that assists children with special needs and their families in the state. They provide everything from educational support to recreational activities to more than 3,000 families each year. If you’d like to help Arizona’s Children Association support families in need, make a donation to this organization. If you’re interested in getting more hands-on, volunteering with this organization also allows you to directly help children and parents in need.

7. Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation

Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides emergency assistance and mentoring services for current and former foster youth. They provide emergency assistance to help these youth get back on their feet, as well as mentoring services to help them reach their full potential. If you’re interested in helping foster youth succeed and make it out of the system, you can make a donation to this non-profit.

8. Disabled Veterans Association of Arizona

The Disabled Veterans Association of Arizona operates assistance and outreach programs to help veterans in Arizona who are struggling. This organization provides services like transportation to medical appointments, food assistance, and housing money, to help veterans live more comfortably. If you want to help veterans in need, you can donate to this organization. If you’d like to get more hands-on and make a difference in your community, you can volunteer with the Disabled Veterans Association of Arizona.

9. Goodwill of Central Arizona

Goodwill of Central Arizona works to create economic opportunity and transform lives through the power of work. They provide job training and employment services to underserved populations in their region. If you’d like to make a difference in your community by helping people find employment, you can donate to Goodwill of Central Arizona. If you’d like to get more hands-on and make an immediate impact, you can volunteer with Goodwill and get started right away.

10. The Welcome to America project

The Welcome to America Project is a nonprofit that helps refugees who have recently resettled in the U.S. find the resources and support they need to build a better life. This organization helps refugees get settled, find employment, learn English, and navigate the healthcare system. If you’re interested in doing good in your community and making an impact on people’s lives, you can donate to The Welcome to America Project. If you’d like to get more hands-on, you can also consider becoming a volunteer.

Wrapping Up

Charities are an essential part of any healthy and thriving community. That’s it for our list of the top charities in Arizona.

It can be overwhelming to choose where to give and which charity to support. We hope this guide was helpful to you in identifying charities in your area that might help you make a positive impact in your community. If you know of other great charities that we left off this list, feel free to reach out via email (nonprofitpoint@gmail.com)

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