Best Charities That Help International Students Financially

8 Best Charities That Help International Students Financially | Full List with Details

International students, otherwise known as non-immigrants, are visitors who travel to different countries to complete their education or to attend workshops. More than 1 million students attend universities in the United States every year. This results in a year of brewing fresh talent, access to the deep folds of one’s culture, and the overall growth of the respective nation in terms of development.

International students who are academically brilliant can apply for grants and scholarships to ease the stress on their finances. This helps them save up and utilize the extra fund elsewhere. Multiple charities grant these loans and scholarships to these students in USA and UK. 

Here are the 8 Best Charities That Help International Students Financially:

1. American Association of University Women (AAUW)

Their advocacy and women’s education has been helping girls all over since 1881. They fight to remove the barriers to gender equity and help them pursue leadership roles. Their plans and programs narrow the gender gap in the workplace, pay off the student debt and educate girls.

By providing fellowship to women who are not citizens or residents of the USA, they help them complete their graduation and post-graduation. Since it takes longer for women to pay off their student debt due to the gender pay gap, they usually cut off any savings from their retirement plans.

AAUW supports the legislation for introducing fair policies for all students and devising more grants for low-income students. They hold a 3-star rating from Charity Navigator.

2. Association of International Educators

NAFSA provides international students with scholarship aid, tuition discounts, and waiving fees in critical situations. Their famous social media campaign, ‘#YouAreWelcomeHere’ lets the U.S. welcome students from all across the world and let them know it is a diverse, friendly, and committed student development environment.

Apart from this they provide a comprehensive list of ways one can avail of help from these educational institutes and guide international students for various grants and scholarships. Charity Navigator rates them 78%. 

3. Institute of International Education (IIE)

IIE is a global nonprofit charity founded in 1919. They design and implement strategies after a due discussion with governmental departments, educators, policymakers, and employers to prepare the students for their life ahead.

Furthermore, the initiatives curated within this organization help artists, international students, the underserved, and scholars who may feel threatened. Their staff of 600 plus members has partnered with 1,600 educational partners to serve their 29,000 program participants.

During a case of natural disasters or any emergency, they have allocated an emergency fund to provide grants to international students. The scholarship and training programs they offer for international kids help them transition smoothly. IIE holds a 3-star rating from Charity Navigator.

4. MPOWER Financing

Manu Smadja and Mike Davis founded MPOWER in 2014. These two former international students shared a similar dream of removing financial barriers for students like them while pursuing their higher education anywhere abroad.

Their efforts and commitment led to 5,000 students graduating without facing financial hardships.

As an achievement for aiding these students, they created the MPOWER Global Citizen Scholarship to diversify the experiences of international students. The scholarships can reward up to $10,000 after clearing a few eligibility requirements. 

5. International Student Foundation

ISF provides for children who have aged out of foster care by granting scholarships and covering necessary expenses, mentoring them through their life decisions and future plans, and allowing them to participate in annual leadership conferences held at Dallas.

Both graduate and undergraduate students are eligible to apply for scholarships; these get renewed every year, given the student matches the GPA requirements and participates in their mentoring programs. Charity Navigator rates them 87% for good foundational values. 


Amideast categorizes itself as one of the leading nonprofit organisations in America since its foundation in 1951. They are working to develop the educational system and increase the scope of training and other related activities in the Middle Est and North Africa. With a vision to create fair chances for every individual, they wish to unlock their goals and potential.

They give out awards to students who complete their program applications by the deadlines, and within a month, the result is announced. Students participating in these programs also receive a discount on their second program. The scholarship can grant up to $5,000 based on the needs, educational excellence, and other criteria.

Apart from this, their other programs help students receive up to $1,000 each semester or a tuition reduction. Charity Navigator awarded them with a perfect 4-star rating. 

7. Social Science Research Council (SSRC)

This independent foundation was established in 1923 to foster innovative research, mobilize resources for important public issues and nurture the growth of future generations.

By blending the knowledge of practitioners, researchers, and policymakers with suggestions and important issues, they are striving to create innovative and versatile solutions for all.

They grant scholarships and support fellowships to international students choosing to study social sciences. They hold a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator

8. International Students House

This charity helps students internationally to achieve their academic goals. They provide scholarships, opportunities, and a safe home for international students without discrimination. Mary Trevelyan founded ISH in 1965 and established a core of strong community values, friendship, and cooperation. In the past two years, they have hosted more than 54 scholars from across 33 countries.

With excellent partnerships with 15 universities they make sure to provide grants based on an individual’s skills and academic excellence. Some of these universities of London are the Royal College of Music, Windle Trust International, Imperial College London, University College and many others. They hold a perfect 4-star rating from Charity Navigator.

Final Thoughts

International education benefits the country’s economy and changes the students’ perspective on a dimensional level. The wide variety of courses and the later employment opportunities create a world of independence and assurance for themselves. Though the emotional turmoil of detachment from family may hinder their daily activities once in a while, the overall experience, they encounter weighs out any drawbacks.  

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