Best Charities that Accept Pianos

10 Best Charities that Accept Pianos | Full List with Details

A piano is one such distinctive piece of instrument that hold an array of benefits and a deep-rooted legacy. It provides an individual to express several tones of any genre simultaneously. Apart from tending to the player’s emotions, it improves memory, brain speed, focus, and self-esteem and decreases anxiety.

Their tremendous impact since its origin has produced a conceptual piece of extracting pitch from expressions in this digital age. Multiple charities have been accepting pianos for decades to help the underprivileged gain access to them and unleash their raw musical talent. Whether it is gently used or brand new, these charities can schedule a free pick-up and help one impact a kid’s life positively. 

Here are 10 Best Charities that Accept Pianos:

1. Beethoven Foundation

They were established in 2008 by a pianist Ian Mulder. They provide free pianos to talented young people who cannot express their talent due to individual obstacles. They offer free pickup services along with a donation receipt for the taxes.

With basic information about the piano, one can select their location and schedule a pick up from their website itself. Charity Navigator rated them a 2 star.

2. Pianos for Education

This charity was founded in 1999 by David England. Every year they would furnish 15-25 pianos for sending to educational institutes for the students and faculty who enjoyed playing them. A piano loan program was eventually introduced to support an individual’s passion for music in Atlanta.

Regularly they seek to expand their programs for the deserving. This is done by accepting pianos worldwide and providing further support for their maintenance. They hold a 76% rating from Charity Navigator.

3. Youth Orchestras of San Antonio

The Alamo Music Center and YOSA partnered up for the foundation of Pianos for Charity. This allows AMC to accept pianos as a donation and benefit YOSA in its mission of changing kids’ lives through the power of music. This has created a new opportunity for the community to support art.

Pianos will be picked up for free at a convenient time and will undergo any service required for their maintenance from time to time. Post their assessment, they will be sold to the AMC, and the proceedings from their sale will be sent to YOS for their charitable programs and initiatives. 

4. Pianos for People

This charity has taken one step further to provide free lessons along with pianos and hold annual summer camps for enhancing this skill. The private and group sessions have encouraged the children to challenge themselves, overcome anxiety, decrease their stage fear and instead develop patience and grow confidence.

With over 200 students enrolled in their current semester, they have achieved a retention rate of 74%, with 98% qualifying for free meals. By furnishing over 40 pianos every year, they are helping students in underserved schools. Charity Navigator rates them a perfect 4-star.

5. Society of Unique Artists

SUA’s mission is to promote new artists and highlight the less popular forms. They work to promote those artists who are disabled, unconventional, or culturally diverse, finding it difficult to showcase their raw talent.

Their television programs and art award shows are hosted to recognize these artists. Their nationwide donation program for piano was an initiative taken up in 2004. This allows them to accept pianos from all 50 states of America, given the piano’s lifeline not exceeding 30 years. They provide a free pick-up service along with documentation for tax purposes. 

6. Pianos for Peace

They deliver meaningful education to students and underprivileged communities. This has impacted over 39,000 students and 3,750 patients dealing with health problems. These issues have been reduced with the help of music therapy workshops. They are committed to bringing meaningful opportunities for all individuals of any given community.

Their grand festival celebrates music by donating 50 pianos in nursing homes, schools, and health care facilities. This annual project has impacted 1.2 million people in Atlanta. GuideStar provides them a platinum seal of transparency while Charity Navigator scores them a 92%. 

7. PianoForte Foundation

They are dedicated to promoting the art of piano in Chicago by connecting the audience with artists and the meaning behind their performances. This charity was established in 2005 by Thomas Zoells.

By donating gently used or brand new pianos to them, they can provide hundreds of mentors and trainees with the gift of music. After the application form is selected, they arrange a pick-up at a convenient time. 

8. Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis

Habitat for Humanity offers homeownership opportunities for families of low-income groups. They build affordable housing that is sustainable and cost-effective for those who qualify under their eligibility criteria.

Since 2008 they have been serving their goal of reducing poverty and accepting numerous household items to be used in these newly constructed houses. They accept gently used or new pianos, carpets, countertops, furniture, artwork, appliances, doors, fencing, electrical fixtures, windows, mirrors, roofing, shelves, and much more.  

9. Elville Center for Creative Arts

ECCA charity was founded in 2014 by the attorneys and staff of this organization. The purpose behind it was to improve the quality of life of children by providing them with opportunities of learning music and creative arts. They allow them to experience the theory application and cultural diversity that comes with it.

The funding received goes towards the field trips, music lessons, and other art activities they provide for children of all ages. They accept pianos only when there is a requirement in any schools they provide to. Unless there is no need, they do not accept pianos due to minimum storage at their office. Charity Navigator rates them a 70%. 

10. William Knabe Piano Institute

This foundation was established in 2016 to raise awareness about the cultural significance of pianos in America. Dr. Jarl Hulbert, the founder, aims to highlight today’s talented pianists and invest in those of tomorrow.

The pianos they accept must be in working condition and do not require major services or fixtures. Their free local delivery can pick up any piano within a 50-mile range of Baltimore.  

Final Thoughts

Its history had a dynamic marking of the ability to control the softness and loudness of the musical tones being played. This brought along the undiscovered potential of playing a wider range of notes and a versatile component of the seven octaves. The piano is why harmony, melody, and texture are perfectly blended today.

The young children who are naturally talented had the spectrum of notes and melodies to be played in their accordance. However, since they are highly over-priced, not everyone can afford them. This is the main mission of all charities, to provide the such kid with free pianos or free lessons to help them improve their skills and maintain their passion for pianos. 

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