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5 Best Charities that Accept Handmade Items | Full List with Details

A terrifying experience for little kids is in a hospital room while they fight for their life. While their respective families work hard to keep them happy, they are not allowed in the surgery room during operations.

This is where handmade items play their role of providing comfort and love. It provides warmth and prevents emotions from overflowing and negatively impacting their mental health.

Multiple charities accept handmade donations and then distribute them to the kids in hospitals or social agencies to give them something to remind them of the good in the world. 

Here are 5 Best Charities that Accepts Handmade Items:

1. Ryan’s Case for Smiles

RCS was founded in 2007 to comfort and support young patients and their families in hospitals. They aimed to provide whimsical pillowcases to children in hospitals to remind them about hope and happiness.

Today they have expanded their services in multiple areas to help families cope during these tough times. Thousands of volunteers have spent more than 40 million hours sewing vibrant pillowcases. These cheerful cases inspired more than 75,000 kids in over 362 hospitals.

One can easily follow the steps they have mentioned on their website sew a case and then ship it over to them for further distribution. They accept only 100% cotton pillowcases. They also encourage the volunteers to donate or host an event like the wall of smiles, bake sale, poker night, and much more fun events to distract the kids from their sickness. 

2. Mother Bear Project

They provide love and comfort to children suffering from HIV or AIDS by gifting them a hand-knit or crocheted bear. These bears have a note of hope attached to them by the knitter; this spreads a sense within the receiving child.

The pattern for making these bears comes from WWII since this ensures its lightweight and easy shipment across the world. 

3. Project Linus

Based in Belton, Missouri, Project Linus distributes around 350 blankets monthly to children in hospitals, shelters, sin social service agencies, or on the streets. They aim to provide love, comfort, and warmth, similar to a big hugs to those who are in need. Volunteers donate these handmade blankets for the benefit of local community kids.

The National Make a Blanket Day falls on the 3rd Saturday of February to increase the efficiency of distribution and knitting. Blankets, food, toys, clothes, and other necessary items are also donated.

To engage the public in their activities, they introduced a Mystery Quilt Challenge. The participants who enter get weekly clues in a pdf or video to design a blanket accordingly. Once the entrants submit a picture of their completed piece, the winner is selected and awarded a prize. 

4. Snuggles Project

Snuggles provide frightened animals with items to calm them down while in shelters. They accept toys, blankets, and any cozy item to help them feel comfortable during adoption. The calming effect allows the caretaker to understand the animal and handle any situation better.

Since most shelters have an industrial look rather than a homey atmosphere, the staff members add color and décor. People worldwide donate o their website to help local animal shelters.

Their website holds an in-depth tutorial and additional information for crocheting or knitting. They have added pictures of items like crocheted buckets for kittens to inspire the volunteers with fresh ideas. 

5. Warm up America

Evie Rosen founded this charity in 1991 to motivate, train and coordinate the volunteers providing clothing for the needy. Apart from donating directly to local communities, they distribute to other charities and agencies in need.

More than 30,000 volunteers have donated over 1 million blankets and clothing. The various projects outlined on their website allow everyone to make suitable items. Their ‘Box of 500’ is one such initiative where volunteers knit and crochet 7” by 9 “ sections and send it over to WUA’s office. Once 500 sections are collected, it is sewn together into one beautiful blanket for donation. 

Final Thoughts

A handmade toy or blanket provides an emotional boost to the children and showcases the power of humanity and propensity. Since every piece is made by a different individual, the love they pour into making it keeps the positive atmosphere around children intact.

These unique pieces remind every kid of their own individuality and the importance of not being afraid to stand apart. One can donate money to charities to buy the necessary materials or donate handmade items directly. 

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