Pancreatic Cancer Fundraising Ideas

8 Creative Pancreatic Cancer Fundraising Ideas | Nonprofit Point

Pancreatic cancer is a devastating disease affecting thousands of people worldwide every year. Unfortunately, there is no cure, and treatment options are limited. However, one way you can help fight pancreatic cancer is through fundraising.

Raising money can help fund research, increase awareness, and support those affected by the disease.

Here are 8 creative fundraising ideas to help you fight pancreatic cancer. These ideas will help you make a difference in the fight against pancreatic cancer, from virtual events to online auctions. So break out your thinking cap, get your friends involved, and start creating an amazing fundraiser today!

8 Creative Pancreatic Cancer Fundraising Ideas:

Online auctions

One great way to raise money for a cause is through online auctions. You can run an online auction for several items, including gift certificates, goods, and experiences. It’s best to establish a set dollar amount for your auction items.

This will keep you from spending too much and keep your donations consistent. You can run your auction as a silent auction, where people place bids but remain anonymous, or as a live auction that people can attend in person.

Running an online auction is easy and can be done through many different sites, including GoFundMe and eBay. You can even create your own website for your auction.


Crowdfunding is a great way to help raise money for a cause like pancreatic cancer. There are many different crowdfunding websites, including GoFundMe, Donorbox, and GiveWP. These sites let you create a fundraising page where people can donate money to help fight pancreatic cancer.

You can set a monetary goal, like how much you want to raise and how long you want the campaign to run. Once your campaign is live, spread the word so your friends and family can donate.

Charity Luncheons

Charities often hold luncheons to raise money. You can do the same to help raise funds for pancreatic cancer research. To host a charity luncheon, you’ll need to find a venue, publicize the event, and invite guests.

Luncheons can be held during the day or in the evening. Depending on the type of charity you’re raising money for, you may also be able to invite a special guest or speaker to attend.

Charity luncheons are a great way to get people involved and excited about helping the cause.

Community Walks

If you love to walk, you can help fight pancreatic cancer by hosting a community walk. You can host many types of community walks, including a walk-a-thon, a 5K, a 10K, and a half marathon.

Whichever walk you choose to do, be sure to publicize it and invite your friends and family to participate. You can also get local businesses on board and ask them to donate prizes or offer discounts to walk participants.

Trivia Nights

If you love trivia nights, you can use the concept to help raise money for pancreatic cancer research. You can host a trivia night at your local bar or restaurant or create an event at your own house.

Make sure to publicize your trivia night and invite friends, family, and coworkers to attend. Charge a small fee, like $5 or $10, to enter the event and donate that money to pancreatic cancer research. You can also ask local businesses to donate gift cards or prizes for the event.

Virtual Events

Virtual events are another great way to raise money to fight pancreatic cancer if you don’t have time to host an in-person event or don’t have the funds to do so. Creating a virtual event is easy.

You can use social media to create awareness for your event and encourage people to participate online. Some ideas for virtual events include 24-hour challenges, memes for awareness campaigns, or a Twitter hashtag campaign.

Be creative in raising money and let the creativity reflect in your event name.

Sell merchandise

One way to raise money while promoting pancreatic cancer awareness is by selling merchandise. You can create merchandise, like t-shirts, hats, or mugs, with a slogan or message about pancreatic cancer.

You can also create merchandise that features a loved one diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Try hosting a fundraiser at your local university’s football game. You can visit the stadium and sell your merchandise during the game.

Organize a walk-a-thon

If you love to walk, you can host a walk-a-thon to help raise money to fight pancreatic cancer. A walk-a-thon is a type of walk that occurs over a set period of time, usually a day, and involves participants walking the entire time.

You can walk indoors or outdoors and break up your group into smaller teams to make things more interesting. During your walk-a-thon, raise money and collect donations from family, friends, and coworkers.

Final Thoughts

There are many different ways you can help fight pancreatic cancer through fundraising. From online auctions to walk-a-thons, there are events and ideas for everyone. By hosting a fundraising event, you’re not only helping raise money to fight pancreatic cancer, but you’re bringing people together and creating lasting friendships while doing so. Start brainstorming ideas and get creative with how you help raise money to fight this disease.

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