Best Pancreatic Cancer Charities

10 Best Pancreatic Cancer Charities to Donate to | Full List with Details

Smoking has been denoted as the number one cause of the development of pancreatic cancer. While it gives clear symptoms on its onset individuals tend to ignore it or confuse it with general body aches and other minor health issues. This cancer is formed in the cells of the pancreas in the abdominal region.

Since this organ regulates the bold sugar and aids in digestion, its damage can cause significant changes in one’s health. While certain charities are focusing on providing direct care, the rest are engaged in finding alternative therapies for curing pancreatic cancer. In the end, they have one goal, to improve the lives of every individual.

Here are the 10 Best Pancreatic Cancer Charities to Donate to:

1. Pancreatic Action network

PanCAN was the first organization to fight pancreatic cancer with transformative research. Their treatment alternatives, diet plans, support, and education have helped patients every step of the way. They also work with several congressmen to encourage more research into this cancer.

Their information center slows access to support groups and the clinical trials they are currently funding. Since its establishment, they have invested $149 million in research. PanCAN educates people through its multiple webinar sessions and by providing educational packets as a reliable source of information. Charity Navigator rates them a 4-star. 

2. The Lustgarten Foundation

In 1998, Marc Lunstgarten established this foundation to transform pancreatic cancer into a curable disease. Their research programs are committed to exploring beyond the existing science for improving every patient’s life.

They specialize in early detection, drug development, and personalized medicine. Clinical trials are available for those who wish to receive innovative treatment alternatives. This in turn helps the others and proves to be successive for the research.

Hitting a budget of $260 million in 2018 they have been allocating this fund to transforming lives every day. This charity has been awarded with a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator and a Platinum seal of transparency from GuideStar

3. Nikki Mitchell Foundation

NMF supports curing pancreatic cancer with the most innovative solutions. They have partnered up with Pancreas Club to reward a $20,000 grant to young scientists with promising research projects they prepare.

After its establishment in 2013, Bridge of Wings was born as a direct patient service program. This program provides the patients and their families with transportation, house cleaning, holiday meals, groceries, and much more. Long-term lodging can also be attained under this program.

NMF brings back joy for families during celebrations by preparing dinners for those in need. They hold a 3-star rating from Charity Navigator

4. Ron Foley Foundation

 Founded in 2012 they work for providing financial relief to patients suffering from pancreatic cancer. They even fund researches that help detect cancer in its initial stages, develop effective treatments with fewer side effects, raise awareness through the power of education and aid the patients with finance.

A detailed section for health insurance and benefits has been posted on their website for reducing any risks in the future and helping one utilize their finance in a better method.

Apart from this, they provide knowledge on support groups, their contact details, and benefits. Charity Navigator rates them 92% for overall inclusive community values and optimum use of donations. 

5. Project Purple

This nonprofit is driven by the hope of seeing a future without pancreatic cancer. Their aim is to find a cure and meanwhile improve lives with love and compassion.

Since the pandemic, they have virtualized their free programs for anyone to take benefit from it. Since financial resources can get exhausted soon under these conditions they assist with medical care and everyday expenses for qualified patients.

Project Purple is involved in distributing care bags that contain all the necessary information on cancer for newly diagnosed patients. This puts their mind at ease rather than them being curious and afraid about the process and outcome. They hold a 4-star rating on Charity Navigator

6. Seena Magowitz Foundation

Established in 2001 by Roger Magowitz, this charity aims to harness collective synergy for overcoming pancreatic cancer. Their research is led by the most innovative and sharp scientists who work on the grass level to assert alternate ideas and inspire patient courage.

The health professionals share their latest studies and information through a series of podcast audio. With a key focus on raising public awareness, they are squarely engaged in social campaigns as well. They provide multiple sources of financial assistance.

This covers the cost of travel, prescriptions, accommodations, child care, daily expenses, and much more to take the burden off a family or individual. 

7. American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society is a leading nonprofit charity with a vision to end cancer while improving the lives of patients through support and advocacy. Their awareness campaigns consist of prevention, support, and encouragement of donations.

They support multicultural communities get access to their deserved medical care and provide equal opportunity for the underprivileged as well. Their presence can be noted in more than 30 states like Wyoming, Utah, Ohio, New York, Oregon, Maine, Kansas, Indiana, and many more.

With a 24/7 cancer helpline they connect the callers with experienced professionals who provide guidance and knowledge for any questions asked. For those undergoing any surgery, their families are accommodated at suitable lodges under their Hope Lodge program.

For those who have no ride to healthcare, volunteers form Road to Recovery provide rides and transportation grants to their patients. GuideStar provided them with a Platinum seal of transparency. 

8. Prevent Cancer Foundation

This is the only foundation dedicated to funding research for the prevention of pancreatic cancer through early detection. Their goal is to identify the top projects and fund them. The staff reaches out to communities for providing education and sharing the knowledge of a healthy diet, regular workouts, and medical check-ups.

They work alongside government and policymakers to ensure the policies include all communities and allow them to access medical treatment in an unbiased manner. Around $142 million has been invested in research, advocacy and education.

This has supported 150-plus medical institutions in America. GuideStar rates them a Platinum seal of transparency. 

9. Let’s Win Pancreatic Cancer

Their goal is to inform, enable and educate caregivers and their patients on the subject of pancreatic cancer, its treatment, and prevention. They have created a community where families share their stories and experiences for a benefit of everyone.

This goes beyond the traditional experience telling, instead, it helps one another gain knowledge and ideas. It furthermore enables the experts how to better manage and improve their patient’s life.

They provide the researchers with the needed grants for finding alternative therapies. Additionally, this foundation offers support groups and counseling sessions in hospitals and to families. 

10. National Pancreas Foundation

They provide hope to patients and work on providing grants to researchers finding better, evolved therapies. NPF raises funds to resolve the existing challenges of cancer through maximum efficiency as a team.

Since 1977 it has invested $4 million in 127 ground-breaking studies. Their funding has led to the development of new alternatives, better medicine, and an increased awareness process for sharing educational materials.

The applicants can thoroughly view the criteria guidelines before applying for the yearly grant on their website. NPF is known to run over 140 healthcare hospices across the country to improve the overall quality of life. 

Final Thoughts

A diet rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and whole grains can help one prevent pancreatic cancer strategically. A part of 24 hours when devoted to keeping oneself healthy and fit can not only prevent pancreatic cancer but other ailments as well.

While the charities are working 24/7 to provide better care and find radical breakthroughs it is important for the communities to support them through volunteerism or donations. The small care packages and education resources not only provide those suffering with comfort but it spreads love and hope within them to battle this disease and recovers bravely. 

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