Best Charities that Help Horses

9 Best Charities that Help Horses | Full List with Details

At least one horse is put down after a race due to its incompatibility to withstand such extreme conditions. For centuries they have been helpful to humans in terms of their definite strength for carrying heavy items or their fast pace as a mode of transportation.

As the decades flew past, so did the intentions of humans. An uncountable number of horses, donkeys, and mules are being neglected for their health, abandoned after use, and abused when they oppose the owner’s orders. It is an injustice for their majestic creatures to go through breakdowns in these atrocious environments. The charities mentioned below are performing an incredible job for the welfare of these animals. They are helping them live freely in their natural habitat without any stress and unfair doings. 

Here are 9 Best Charities that help Horses:

1. The American Wild Horse Campaign

They are a dedicated charity to preserve the American wild horses and burros. By creating and implementing alternative solutions for their protection and freedom, they indirectly raise awareness and appreciation of these animals. A strategic framework, in their terms include public education, partnerships, and coalitions with multiple groups.

While operating on feeding programs, they worked with Storey Country to install blinking wild horse signs in three critical areas to reduce vehicle accidents. A provision of grants was made to the local Nevada group for complex rescue missions and the installation of necessary equipment for the safe transportation of young foals. In their advocacy department, they passed 12 petitions with a total of 460,000 signatures.

Another activity under their mission is to conduct humane fertility control treatments on wild horses to prevent slaughter under the extreme conditions of government holdings. AWHC holds a solver seal of transparency from GuideStar while their rating stands at 81% on Charity Navigator.

2. Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance

Their main target is to accredit, inspect and award grants to organizations for retaining and rehoming retired Thoroughbreds. TAA receives this financial support from multiple associations, trainers, breeders, racetracks, and aftercare professionals.

By granting more than $28.1 million to more than 14,000 organizations, they have saved and provided therapy to the impacted horses. The grants are provided based on a certain eligibility test which considers the variability of inspection tests, adoption process, herd size, industry participation, and so on. They hold a perfect 100% score for their financial accountability on Charity Navigator.

3. Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation

Admiral Cary Grayson founded this charity in 1940 to fund research projects in universities in North America. After an extensive evaluation process, they grant individual grants to the respective universities to ensure only the top-notch and genuine research is being funded.

Since its establishment, it has invested in more than 412 projects at 45 universities, each with a grant of around $32.1 million. They have a 3-star rating on Charity Navigator.

4. EQUUS Foundation

Their mission is to safeguard the dignity and comfort of America’s horses and strengthen their bond with us, humans. They focus their work on empowering similar charities and helping them operate at higher standards for better horse care, inspire horse lovers to turn into their protectors with volunteerism, educate people on their valuable contribution to society and share their excellent achievements.

Their list of programs includes a Welfare network, where enthusiasts are connected with equine organizations, Guardians where respective standards are set for the care and services of horses; Grant provisions for helping the horses thrive even after retirement; Champion declaration, where horses and their protectors are rewarded. This list goes on to submerge itself completely for the welfare of horses. They hold a Gold seal of Transparency on GuideStar.

5. Spana

By treating more than 291,000 working animals annually, they provide free treatment in 50 veterinary clinics worldwide. Established in 1923, their clear goal is to improve the welfare of working animals in the poorest communities through treatment, education, and training.

Under their education segment they host fun activities for children to engage in and get a chance to interact with horses, guinea pigs, donkeys, and rabbits. Their exhibit teaches children the importance of showing kindness and helping them realize their equal responsibility of feeding them.

In 2019 they provided humane equipment of 13,156 pieces to animal owners and trained over 23,000 to help them take better care of their animals. 

6. Thoroughbred Charities of America

TCA provides grants to approved nonprofit charities focusing on thoroughbreds and their caretakers. For over 30 years, they have provided more than 200 organizations with a total of $26 million in grants.

Founded in 1990 by Ellen Moelis, TCA also invests in equine-assisted therapies and in their horse-first fund to help these animals during any crisis. They hold a Platinum Transparency seal from GuideStar.

7. Brooke

This international charity improves and protects the lives of horses, donkeys, and mules. Their welfare assessment techniques offer in-depth knowledge of handling animals with care. They are also known to work with members of civil society to reach an international market.

Currently, they can be found in Afghanistan, East Africa, Egypt, Ethiopia, Guatemala, India, Nepal, Nicaragua, Pakistan, and West Africa. Their innovative fund invests in new ideas for those whose livelihood depends on these animals.

By working with over 7,000 communities worldwide, they are set to achieve several goals like supporting equine welfare groups, preparing communities to face any emergencies, influencing local animal welfare laws, building water and shelter areas, and so on to create a lasting impact. Charity Navigator rates them at 81% for transparent financial accountability. 

8. World Horse Welfare

They work with horses and their owners to improve their welfare and reduce their suffering in the UK and worldwide. Since 1927 they have abided by their principles of sustainability, practicality, and environmental approach to helping horses achieve a mindful future. With a presence in over 16 countries, they run programs related to vet care and shelter homes for rescued animals.

In 2019 they helped more than 73,000 horses with their advice and treatments and furthermore managed to rehome 300 plus horses.

9. Days End Farm Horse Rescue

Established by Kathleen and Allan Schwartz in 1989, DEFHR is a full-scale rehabilitation facility for animals. Their shelter can love 130 equines annually across Maryland and its surrounding states. Post-rescue of every neglected, abused, or abandoned horse they are monitored individually to process their personalized care regime.

Since they believe education is a path for more outreach, they host volunteer opportunities, onsite internships, youth camps, scout days, field trips, rescue training, and much more. They receive a Platinum seal of Transparency from GuideStar

Final Thoughts

No laws made have ever been followed up to their potential, and none will unless each and every individual realizes the consequences of their horrendous actions against these innocent creatures. Their inability to express themselves is taken to the owner’s advantage by making them perform illegal and substandard activities.

By offering donations of volunteerism in these charities, one can easily save a horse from ending up in a race pit, rescue them from getting terminated and bring back a horse into a loving environment to grow up on its own terms.   

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