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7 Unique Fundraising Ideas for Student Councils | Nonprofit Point

Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders. As a result, student councils play an important role in developing young people ready to step up and positively impact the world.

To support these future leaders, we challenge you to think creatively about how you can help them empower themselves and others through your school council activities.

Because let’s face it: Student council members don’t just plan dances and bake sale fundraisers—they also have huge potential to impact their peers positively. Research shows that student council involvement leads to personal growth and improves critical thinking skills while boosting an individual’s career prospects and leadership abilities.

However, many student council organizations struggle with developing new fundraising ideas. If you find yourself in that same boat,

Here are some great, unique fundraising ideas for student councils.

1. Hold a T-Shirt Fundraiser

A t-shirt fundraiser is a fantastic way to make extra cash for your student council. T-shirt sales are a tried-and-true fundraising method that can be used for everything from sports team fundraisers to causes and organizations like schools, charities, and more. But how does it work exactly?

Well, organizations first come up with a design for their t-shirts. They can be anything from funny slogans to customized images. It’s important to remember that some extra costs will be involved in the design process. Once the design is set, it’s time to get ordering! You’ll want to start by contacting local businesses to find out if they will help sponsor your fundraiser.

Establishing relationships with local companies is a great way to get the word out about your fundraiser and make some cash simultaneously. If you cannot secure a sponsorship, you can move on to pricing your t-shirts and setting a sale date.

You’ll want to price your t-shirts at a level that will cover the product’s cost and provide your group with a profit. And once your sale date arrives, you’ll want to ensure you have enough t-shirts on hand to meet the demand, so you don’t lose potential customers! 

2. Book Bundle Fundraiser

If your student council is made up of avid readers, a book bundle fundraiser is a great way to help your school and make a little cash while you’re at it! The first step in organizing this fundraiser is deciding on a theme. Some ideas include: fantasy, sci-fi, teen fiction, or current events.

Once you’ve settled on a theme, you can search for the books you want to bundle. You’ll want to make sure to price your books at a level that will cover the cost of the products and provide you with a profit.

You’ll also want to make sure that you’re selling the books in a way that will ensure as many people read them as possible. Some ways to go about this include: setting up a reading table at the library, organizing a book exchange at the school, and hosting a book club.

3. Rainbow Loom Fundraiser

If you’re familiar with the popular craft toy, you’re probably aware that Rainbow Loom kits can be purchased for about $20 a pop. While buying this product may be a great idea for a creative family member, it’s probably not the best option for your school council fundraiser.

Instead, consider organizing a Rainbow Loom fundraiser for your school. This fundraiser is done by purchasing pre-made kits with everything you need to create a specific item, like bracelets or headbands.

You can make it more kid-friendly by offering different types of kits that make specific items. For example, some kits could include onesies, baby blankets, or pigtails. It’s important to set a price point for these kits that will cover the product’s cost and provide you with a profit.

4. Wrapping Paper Fundraiser

One of the oldest fundraising ideas in the book is to sell wrapping paper. While it’s certainly not a new idea, it’s extremely effective! But how do you get started?

The first thing you need to do is to decide on a theme for your wrapping paper. Popular themes include holidays, sports teams, and celebrities. Once your theme is settled, it’s time to stock up on wrapping paper.

You can either go to your local store and buy bulk or wrap paper online and have it shipped. Once you have your wrapping paper, you’ll want to price it at a level that will cover the cost of the product and provide you with a profit. Make sure that you’re selling the wrapping paper in a way that will ensure it is used.

Some ideas include: setting up a wrapping station at the library, organizing a gift exchange at your school, or hosting a gift-wrapping party

4. Cardboard Playhouse Fundraiser

If your school is made up of creative and architectural students, a cardboard playhouse fundraiser might be a great option for you!

The first thing you’ll want to do is set a date for when you want your fundraiser to end. You’ll also want to decide on a fundraising goal. The general rule of thumb is to try and raise around $100 per student. Once you set your goal and date, you can begin promoting your fundraiser.

One way to do so is by creating posters and advertisements that let people know about your fundraiser. Another option is to hold an architectural or design competition and let students build a cardboard playhouse. You can even choose to build the playhouse yourself and sell tickets.

5. Plan a Schoolwide Scavenger Hunt

One of the most fun fundraising ideas is to organize a schoolwide scavenger hunt. This fundraiser is great because it will get the entire school involved in your cause. It will also allow students to explore a school they may not have had before. Scavenger hunts can be themed around anything.

Some ideas include: holidays, sports teams, celebrities, or school traditions. You can also make the hunt school-related by having students search for items hidden in the school or around the grounds. You’ll want to begin planning a schoolwide scavenger hunt well in advance. Set a date for when the hunt is due. You can even choose to have the hunt end on a specific school event, like a homecoming, or a special holiday.

6. Offer Peer Coaching Sessions

Another great way to fundraise for your school is to provide peer coaching sessions. This fundraiser is a fantastic way to get others in your school involved. To organize a peer coaching session, you’ll want to begin by setting a date. Determine what you’ll be coaching people on.

Some ideas include: fitness, nutrition, finances, and career advice. Consult with the school administration to see if they have any requirements or restrictions regarding what you can coach people on.

Make sure to price your coaching sessions at a level that will cover the cost of the product and provide you with a profit. Advertise your sessions in a way that will get them scheduled. Some ways to do this include: setting up a table at the library, holding information sessions at lunchtime, and hosting a workshop.

7. Go digital with an online fundraiser

If your student council has a large following on social media, you might want to consider hosting an online fundraiser. This type of fundraiser is done entirely online, so choosing a platform your audience is likely to be on is important. Some platforms you might want to consider include: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube.

When hosting an online fundraiser, it’s important to set a goal. You’ll also want to decide on a timeframe for the fundraiser. Have goals like: reaching a certain number of likes or followers, receiving a certain amount of gifts, or raising a specific dollar amount.

Pro Tip: You can kickstart your online fundraising with platforms like GiveWP or Donorbox.

Final Thoughts

There are so many ways to fund your student council, no matter what the needs of your student body are. But don’t forget to ensure you are creating a quality product so you can get maximum value out of your fundraising effort.

Remember that fundraising isn’t the only way to go when it comes to getting community support. You can also partner with other organizations and use creative and innovative ways to spread the word about your organization and its mission.

The important thing is to do something that makes your school council unique and memorable while also providing a worthwhile service to your students and community.

If you can find a way to include your students in the process, you will have an impact on their lives and the lives of others in their community.

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