Charities that help with Appliances

9 Best Charities that help with Appliances | Full list with Details

A record-breaking amount of electronic waste contributes to landfills every year. With 41.8m tonnes of e-waste last year, 60% came from large and small kitchen equipment.

Unfortunately, only a fraction of this total is recycled, while the rest is shredded piece by piece. What the majority does not realize is the vast number of charities that work on the principles of donations and grant-making for people in need.

Usable electronics can be loved by some other families rather than taking up useless space waste. While many charities are happy to offer their services and extend a pick-up of these items from one’s home, they have established multiple outlets in the community for an easy donation drop-off.

Here are 9 Best Charities that help with Appliances:

1. Altamed Foundation

With a mission to rebuild communities, Altamed is empowering families to recover from a pandemic, provide equal health care in all zip codes, assist with financial aid, and devise programs to help the community as a whole.

They encourage donations in a way that can help change a person’s life. From reducing evictions, and boosting education to having a stabilized livelihood with basic appliances, these donations are truly life-changing.

Apart from this, their programs for mothers and children cover funds, gifts, and electronic appliances they need to keep a steady household. 

2. The Salvation Army

Founded in 1865 by William Booth, TSA acquired a place in several countries before its establishment in London. By serving multiple humanitarian causes, it is developing a stronger nation to stand independently on its feet.

The donated goods like appliances, furniture, and automobiles are either sold at their thrift stores or contributed to the extremely needy. TSA does not apply any value to the donation; it is up to individuals to assign a value to their item, although they do positively spread the word for donating usable appliances.

Charity Navigator rates them 100% for their financial values and core building programs. 

3. Society of St. Vincent de Paul

The mission is to form a network of friends through personal relationships and help those in need. With the provision of training, education, and financial support, they assist the low-income or neglected community.

They have numerous thrift stores across the nation that are happy to receive used donations. The staff will organize a pick-up or drop-off for the donation by contacting local chapters.

Working alongside those in need, they keep their door open for everyone, free of judgments or social discrimination. In 2020, GuideStar awarded them a Gold Transparency seal. 

4. Habitat for Humanity

The launch of their ReStore was to specifically provide preloved appliances at a cheaper cost for those who cannot afford new ones. The store carries new or gently used refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, microwaves, dryers, and other home appliances.

A strict policy ensures the sale of goods in precise conditions. They also maintain a two-week return policy on all goods. By purchasing from their store, two main goals are achieved, one being in support of environmental sustainability and the second, the launch of additional programs from the revenue generated.

By visiting a ReStore, one can donate or purchase quality appliances at reasonable prices. Charity Navigator rates them a solid 88% for their accountability and financial records. 

5. Goodwill

From serving 2 million individuals in the past year, it keeps setting a new bar for its yearly targets. Their mission is to enhance people’s lives by improving it and eliminating barriers in the way of opportunities.

They are sold at affordable prices by donating gently used or new items to a local Goodwill organization. The revenue generated fuels valuable employment and job placement for these families in their neighboring communities.

With more than 101 million donations received to date, this charity has successfully impacted millions of lives and put a smile on their face. GuideStar rewarded their hard work by providing them a Platinum Transparency seal in 2021. 

6. Royal British legion

RBL helps cope with the increasing costs of living. It allows them to help people quickly with everyday essential items like kitchen appliances, clothes, and energy costs.

This program welcomes all who need services and items they cannot afford. Along with appliances, they also provide grants for the benefit of the Armed Forces Community, Employment, temporary crisis and mobility equipment. 

7. Glasspool Charity Trust

They aim to change people’s lives by providing them with much-needed grants and gifts like household appliances and clothing items for families and individuals. Established in 1939 by Richard Glasspool, this charity has also assisted thousands of families during the outbreak of COVID-19.

Under their essential living fund program, all families within the UK are eligible for its application. Since funds are limited, they only provide one grant per family: home appliances, baby equipment, beds and mattresses, furniture, and clothing. 

8. Greggs Foundation

This grant-based charity works to build a healthy community with strong intentions to reduce poverty and ensure food security. By distributing millions of grants throughout England, Scotland, and Whales, they are trying to build a close-knit community of kind-hearted people.

Through their hardship fund program, they are providing small grants for funding household equipment like fridges, freezers, cookers, and clothing that can help stabilize and individual’s life. Since its foundation, they have helped people with nutritious meals, and activities to keep children engaged, offering free health check-ups and host annual events for fundraising. 

9. In Kind Direct

Based in the United Kingdom, this charity focuses on donating consumer products to ensure every family has access to a profound future. By finding a suitable home for all donated items, they are simultaneously preventing waste.

They have a network of over 1,200 companies donating necessary household appliances for the needy. Their work impacts more than 249,000 people weekly since they have been associated with hundreds of corporate groups and similar charity trusts. The donations can be made by filling out a form on their website, after which they contact for an available pick-up slot.  

Final Thoughts

Technology has made our life easier. However, how we have adapted to it has caused an uproar due to the worsening climatic conditions. While the advancement has replaced traditional appliances, throwing them out is not the right answer to free up some mere cabinet space.

These appliances have a good life span and can be used by families or individuals who struggle to pay for them. While these individuals work day and night to meet their expenses, providing this equipment at a much cheaper rate can truly let them count their blessings. 

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