Charities that Help with Furniture

9 Best Charities that Help with Furniture | Full list with Details

A piece of furniture is what brings character to a home. It provides a comfort zone for some and a workspace for others. Despite its versatile nature, 12 million tons of furniture are in landfills annually.

With new innovations and a roar of temporary trends, functional furniture gets thrown out. Luckily several charities place these items truly where they belong. From modifying it a bit to repairing any broken pieces, charities sell these furniture articles to thrift stores to raise funds for their programs.

This way, the landfills observe fewer household items while they go on to turn someone’s house into a home.  

Here are the 9 Best Charities That Help With Furniture:

1. The Salvation Army (Thrift Stores)

The donated good like clothes, furniture, automobiles, household items, and appliances are sold to their thrift stores. The revenue proceeds to fund their adult rehabilitation centers for those struggling with drugs and alcohol to help them find hope again.

Within a century, this nonprofit has expanded its offices in 131 countries to help the struggling nation with multiple causes.

After scheduling a pickup, their team will accept the goods and then sell them for a lower cost at thrift store outlets nearby. GuideStar awarded them a Gold Transparency Seal in 2021. 

2. Habitat for Humanity

With an international presence, Habitat for Humanity serves low-income individuals and families with affordable housing solutions. The volunteers also help with accepting furniture donations. Y entering the zip code on their website, a local team member will pick up the goods.

They are later taken back to the Habitat ReStore for the aim of sale. Proceeds from cumulative sales act as a second chance for the community; they are used to impact families with health solutions, educational training, and economic finance session for better stability. Sofas, chairs, dining tables, bedframes, coffee tables, and bookshelves are widely donated.  


With the sole aim of assisting the veterans, they are representing more than 20 million warriors and their families. They have programs like national service officer, scholarships, healing heroes, Special Olympics, and many more.

The sale of already donated items creates an appreciable amount of funds for this charity to govern its programs. Since the things are of good quality, other families can use them for a reasonable amount of time for half the price. This dual purpose creates an only winning situation for both communities.

Exercise items, small furniture and appliances, kitchen items, and household goods are widely donated. Charity Navigator rates them 75% for their community values and leadership.

4. The Arc

The Arc promotes humanitarian rights based on equal inclusivity for all communities. Since 1950 it has created more than 600 chapters on a global scale to focus on adults and children with severe intellectual disabilities.

The chapters are strategically based in neighborhoods for families to easily donate at their stores or collect donations if any request is booked online.

Profits from the resale are used to fund multiple independent programs for children and adults. They must positively accept used vehicles, boats, furniture, clothing, and electronics. Charity Navigator applauded their hard work by rating them 100%. 

5. Furniture Bank Network

They are a collection of furniture banks that prevent thousands of pounds of furniture from ending in landfills. They have created a community wherein generous furniture donors can donate their goods to FBN and help regenerate its usage by future families.

Families who wish to donate reach out to them through their website, and after scheduling an appointment, the goods are returned for their resale. Any furniture item which does not require further assembling and is in suitable condition for other use is only accepted by FBN.

6. End Furniture Poverty

For over 30 years, EFP has provided new and preloved furniture to low-income families. Their ultimate goal is to eradicate furniture poverty in the future. With most of the time devoted to research, EFP uses it to formulate national solutions and campaigns to spread awareness of the consequences and how a little help goes a long way.

Along with aiding individuals and families directly, they also provide furniture to social housing and approach landlords to enable them to pick up usable items for rented homes. 

7. A Hope to Dream

They were established with a strong opinion that every child should be able to sleep well in their own bed. Ashley Stores would always donate a portion of their mattress sales to Hope to Dream. This enabled them to gift over 125,000 twin beds to children.

Along with beds, they provide twin mattresses, bed frames, pillows, and bedding to underprivileged children who might otherwise be negatively affected in their sleep. Children who meet the eligibility criteria can be nominated on their website in order for them to receive their deserved beds. 

8. Necessary Furniture

NF works by re-distributing household goods to people with a disadvantage. Their network consists of similar nonprofit charities carrying the aim of providing affordable household goods and training the community to get employed and become independent.

They give large furniture items like dining tables and chairs, sofas, coffee and bed tables, cabinets, wall units and bookcases, electrical appliances like cookers, fridges, and washing machines, more miniature goods like pottery, baby equipment, ornaments and toys, and outside tools for gardening and bicycles.

Once an individual is qualified for receiving benefits they are welcomed at Necessary Furniture’s display area to look around and get what they need the most. The individuals can take it with them or schedule a delivery, although they charge a tiny portion of the fees for handling the test care, repairs, and logistics. 

9. The Furniture Project

Founded in 1992, Furniture Project (FP) has only shown paramount growth each year. By providing household furniture, clothing, and electrical appliances at an affordable rate, they have reduced these items from ending up in landfills.

Along with their mind funders and regular donation makers, they assist all those meetings with the eligibility criteria; however, they mainly focus on homelessness, domestic violence, fire or flood victims, and refugees.

By offering to volunteer and paid work placement, they add a new dimension to an individual’s life and allow them to dream again. The staff members assist with clearing any area with usable furniture items. 

10. Helping with Furniture

Since its establishment, Helping with Furniture (HWF) has provided used furniture, household goods, refurbished laptops, and cycles to those in need. They mainly look out for refugees, immigrants, people relocating from shelters, domestically abused, and those at risk of homelessness or mental illness.

Since they do not receive any direct applications, individuals must contact a social worker or social service agency to help establish contact between them and HWP. With a partnership with more than 55 plus charities, they ensure every family has essential furniture items for their livelihood. 

Final Thoughts

It is truly remarkable how a small furniture item can positively impact a person’s life and brighten their face. While nearing the risk of homelessness, receiving such helpful household goods and getting a chance to work and fight for your dream can improve your life.

Numerous charities look out for such vulnerable communities, providing them with a second chance at life and proving themselves with their skills. By saving someone’s life, they are saving the environment and reducing excess waste. This dual approach will surely eradicate furniture poverty in the coming few years. 

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