National Nonprofit Day Social Media Posts – 9 Ideas For Nonprofits

As the nonprofit sector continues to grow, brands and social impact organizations must find new ways to stand out in the online world. National Nonprofit Day is an excellent opportunity for brands and nonprofits to collaborate on a common social cause. If you work for or are a nonprofit member, you can participate in this year’s national nonprofit month.

With these tips, you’ll get social media post ideas to help create a successful social media campaign around your organization’s participation in this day of giving back. Social media has become the primary channel that nonprofits, brands, and many other users use to share information and organize events around causes they care about.

Here are 9 social media post ideas on national nonprofit day:

Idea 1:- Use Video to Show Your Audience Why They Should Join You on August 17th

Video is one of the most engaging ways to share a message online. It’s also relatively inexpensive to produce. You might consider using this medium to explain the significance of National Nonprofit Day and invite people to join you in donating.

By using video, you can make an emotional appeal to your audience’s sense of social responsibility. You can show the impact you’ve made and invite viewers to follow your organization’s example. Your video might focus on one of your organization’s core causes or the people you serve.

It can also spotlight your volunteers and staff members. If your organization is tied to one specific cause, you might want to focus your video on that issue. If you work with many different causes, you can create a video that touches on many of them. It’s important to select which issues you address based on the needs of your audience.

Idea 2:- Host a Contest and Ask People to Donate on August 17th Instead of Giving Away Freebies

Contests are a tried and true way to generate engagement and buzz around your organization. Running a contest that asks people to donate money to your nonprofit on August 17th is a good way to get people involved in the cause.

Contests that ask people to donate money instead of giving away freebies are more socially responsible. They encourage engagement and foster a sense of ownership among your supporters. You can choose a contest theme that ties into your nonprofit’s core mission.

You can also select a contest theme that reflects the nature of your organization. When you create a contest, you should carefully select the prize that goes to the winner. You don’t want to offer something that has little value or isn’t relevant to your organization.

Idea 3:- Use the Coincidence to Educate Your Audience About What Makes You Unique

Did you know that August 17th is also National Medical Dosimetrist Day? And that August 17th is World Calligraphy Day? Calendar dates are often associated with several other unrelated events.

This August 17th, you can use the coincidence to your advantage and educate your audience about what makes your organization unique. You can write a blog post about one of the events associated with August 17th or create a campaign around one of the events.

Here’s a list of events on 17th August

Idea 4:- Run a Survey and Ask People What They Want to See From You

Asking people what they want from your organization is a great way to get engagement on your social media channels. You can create a survey and share it on your social channels to invite people to share their thoughts on your organization and its cause-based marketing strategy.

You can also ask people what they want to see from your organization. This can be an excellent way to learn more about your audience and identify ways to improve your marketing efforts. When you conduct a survey, you should share the results with your audience. This is a great way to show people you care about their feedback.

Idea 5: –Use Rich Content Posts to Celebrate What Makes Each Cause Unique

As you read up on the causes you’re celebrating on National Nonprofit Day, you’ll notice that many have unique characteristics that set them apart from other nonprofits. You can use these characteristics to create rich content posts that highlight the cause’s uniqueness.

For example, if you’re celebrating the work of your local food bank, you might want to focus on the fact that the food bank only provides nutritious (and delicious) meals to the people it serves.

You can also create a social media calendar for the various causes you celebrate on this day. The calendar can contain information about each cause, relevant statistics, and other useful facts.

Idea 6:- Find Partners in the Nonprofit Sector and Collaborate On Content Together

If you belong to a network of nonprofit organizations, you might want to reach out to other brands you’re connected with and see if they want to collaborate on content with you. You can create and share content together that highlights the efforts of organizations like yours.

This is a great way to build strong relationships with other nonprofits in your sector. You can also try to find brands outside your network that are tied to causes similar to your organization’s mission.

Collaborating with these brands is a great way to get your message out to a different audience. It’s also a valuable way to strengthen your brand’s image.

Idea 7:- Update Your Brand Ambiance to Highlight Your Cause-Based Marketing Strategy

Your brand ambiance is the visual theme that ties together all aspects of your marketing strategy. It includes your logo, website design, social media posts and more. You can update your brand ambiance to highlight your cause-based marketing strategy.

You can do this by changing the visuals associated with your logo or by changing the images you post on social media. You should also consider changing your website design or homepage to reflect the day’s theme. You can do this by adding a banner to your website or by changing the homepage image.

Idea 8:- Run An Online Ad Campaign To Promote National Nonprofit Day

Creating an ad campaign is one of the best ways to raise awareness about your cause and grow your audience. If you don’t already have an online ad campaign, you can create one to promote National Nonprofit Day.

Ad campaigns are relatively inexpensive to create and can be used to reach new audiences. You might consider running an ad campaign on Facebook or Google Ads.

Did you know, that Google provides nonprofits with ad grants to run advertising campaigns?

Here’s all the information you need to get google ad grants.

You should use your ad campaign to promote National Nonprofit Day and invite people to learn more about the causes you’re promoting. You can also use the ad campaign to promote your nonprofit’s website.

Idea 9:- Use a combination of visual content and written copy

When you create a social media campaign for National Nonprofit Day, you should use both visual and written content. Writing posts is a great way to engage your audience and draw them into a discussion.

Visual content is excellent for getting your message across quickly. It’s also an excellent way to draw attention to your posts. You can create written content through blog posts, social media posts, and other materials. You can then supplement those posts with visual elements like images and videos.

Final Thoughts

National Nonprofit Day is a great opportunity for nonprofits and brands to unite and promote each other’s causes. It’s also an excellent opportunity for your organization to engage with a new audience.

To make the most of this opportunity, you should create a social media campaign centered on the day. These tips can help you create a successful campaign and engage with a new audience.

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