Churches that help single mothers

9 Best Churches that Help Single Mothers | Full List with Details

With around 15,000 single mothers, life is known to throw a curveball at regular intervals, from taking care of their kids and home to handling work becomes quite tacky. While they work every moment to provide their children with a better life, they often forget to live and experience their bottled-up emotions.

Sooner or later, this starts affecting their mental health negatively. While society often pressurizes them into securing their future by remarriage, it is not easy to get out of the shell.

However many churches understand the need to let them heal at their own pace, they support single mothers by providing them with basic needs and financial stability till they are ready to start building their life once again. 

Here are 9 Best Churches that Help Single Mothers:

1. Maryvale

Their Seton House was programmed to provide single mothers a safe and temporary housing. They have worked hard to set up an empowering environment for single mothers in the hope of helping them sustain a positive lifestyle even during the rough patches.

During the six months of services provided to them, there are weekly individual counseling sessions to help them accomplish their goals.

A case manager would present them with various packages for long-term employment and permanent housing. Maryvale received a Platinum seal of transparency from GuideStar in 2019. 

2. Grace Wood

Grace Wood rescues children and their single mothers to provide them with a secure home and enable them to dream again. Their housing, mentoring, educational, financial, and counseling programs are based on the learnings of Christianity, as they believe in strengthening the community from within.

By assisting more than 60 families in the past year, they wish to expand their housing setup to impact thousands of others positively.

By aiding single mothers and their children with basic tools like housing, nutrition, and financial resources, they are changing the future for the better. 

3. Cross Water Church

CWC formulates various strategies for helping single mothers change their current scenario by conducting video seminars. They explain in depth about parenting, eliminating debt, dealing with domestic violence, and figuring out inner conflicting emotions.

These seminars are a way for single mothers to get together and share their experiences to encourage and support one another. These get, together with an expert counselor and daily workbook exercises, help put an issue to rest. With little tips, tricks, and others’ stories, one can learn how to formulate their solution and apply them in real life. 

4. One More Child

This 10-week-long program is devised to assist mothers on their journey of achieving self-independence. It inculcates the needed financial and parenting skills for a better and stable future.

This program is led by a team of church volunteers who will review and plan a meeting with the interested mothers. With staff guidance, single mothers above the age of 18 set goals for the 12 months of stay provided by this church.

Along with safe housing, they educate their children, help the mothers with budgeting, help them learn new and nutritious recipes, connect them with local churches for further aid, and teach them essential life skills for their life ahead. Apart from donations, they encourage providing gifts, clothes, or transportation means. 

5. The life of a single mom

By serving more than 750,000 single mothers over the last decade, they have put all their efforts into ensuring no single mother is alone during her tough time. TLSM has launched programs that revolve around 3 categories.

Under their Single Mom University, topics of education and finance are taken care of, under their National Single Moms Events, topics and discussions of health and wellness are prominent.

Apart from these engaging programs, they also provide multiple one-on-one counseling sessions, either online or in-person, which include mentoring and educational training. With the recent technological advancements, they have now started offering more than 100 classes covering numerous life skill courses. This has resulted in more than 96% improved relationships between the mother and her child.

6. Diocese of London

This church serves single mothers and helps make their lives a little better and easier. They start with acknowledging one’ status and then devising group sessions based on their needs.

The staff members encourage building smaller communities like babysitting groups; this helps increase the interaction between the members, who can later meet and discuss their life events with one another in their comfort zone.

With the provision of jobs in the church, the financial burden decreases, and the mothers feel valued and loved. 

7. Parenting for Faith

This ministry nurtures children and supports single mothers by helping the pair gain more confidence and enabling their access to essential skills. The church workers do their best to make them feel included and loved.

This 8-week course is video based and is funded by individuals and supporting churches. While their team is currently working on launching these sessions on social media, they are devising and adding new modules every day as they approach new struggles. 

8. Solid Rock Derby

SRD is dedicated to improving the lives of single parents. They create approach-specific groups for the mothers to interact with one another and develop solutions to the problems faced.

This discovery of finding your own solutions makes a person independent and self-sufficient to take on any challenges life throws at them.

By offering various positive and loving environments, single parents feel at ease to talk about their struggles. 

9. Faith Woks (Smile connect)

By running practical projects around physical activity, food, homelessness, finance, and recovery, they pull out single mothers and push them on their road to recovery. It aims to create a support network with integrated values to help people with their immediate needs and work alongside them till the challenge is destructed.

They have numerous group activities which provide a common goal of making friends, keeping fit, and socializing. The groups include running and walking activities, café meets, board game competitions, energizing Pilate sessions, retreats, and picnics. These sessions are detailed in-depth on their website, along with the suitable timings. 

Final Thoughts

The list of struggles can be never-ending, but one common trait of emotion is found in single mothers; guilt. The guilt of not being able to provide a dream life for their kids or wanting to get involved in a second marriage without making it look too soon.

These issues minimize their state of joy and force them to live under robotic work and household care conditions. Churches have been known to open new doors of possibilities for them, from getting employment to socializing with other single parents. Their perspective keeps changing in a positive light.  This helps them get back on track and allows them to live and love their life. 

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