30 Creative, Catchy Capital Campaign Slogans for Church

A church capital campaign is a big undertaking. It’s also an opportunity to expand ministry services, increase accessibility and build a stronger congregation in the long run. That said, launching a capital campaign isn’t easy, nor is it cheap or quick.

According to ChurchStat, capital campaigns cost on average $90 per member and take about 10 months to complete. Needless to say, planning for your church capital campaign requires forethought, strategy, and resources—namely cash (or check) and clever slogans that resonate with the community.

To help you get started with your own church capital campaign, we’ve listed 30 catchiest slogans for church capital campaigns. Whether you’re looking to give back to your community with a faith-based slogan or something more secular-friendly that appeals to millennials, you’ll find inspiration below.

30 Creative, Catchy Capital Campaign Slogans for Churches

Catchy Capital Campaign Slogans for Churches
  1. The power of God is in our hands
  2. Invest in the future of our church
  3. God is good all the time
  4. Your donation is an investment in God’s work
  5. Every penny goes towards furthering God’s kingdom!
  6. Give generously, and God will bless you
  7. We are blessed to be a blessing
  8. God loves a cheerful giver
  9. The more we give, the more we receive
  10. Giving is an act of worship
  11. Put your faith into action
  12. Your donation is an act of love
  13. Give and it will be given unto you
  14. God blesses those who give
  15. Invest in eternity
  16. Give and let God work miracles
  17. Rebuild our church, Renew our faith
  18. A stronger church for a stronger community
  19. Join us in building God’s kingdom!
  20. God is doing amazing things through our church
  21. God is using our church to change the world
  22. Support our church as we support our community
  23. Come be a part of something special
  24. From Words to Action: Come Together to Change Lives
  25. Stronger Together: Building a Foundation for the Future
  26. Come and See: Let’s Grow Together
  27. This Is Our Time: Be Part of Something Beautiful
  28. Donate Today, Inspire Tomorrow
  29. Growth Through Cohesion: Strengthening Together as One Body
  30. A church for all people

What’s the Purpose of a Church Slogan?

A church slogan is a short, memorable phrase or slogan printed on a t-shirt or other piece of merchandise that describes your church’s core values and what you are trying to accomplish in the world.

The main goal of a church slogan is to inspire people to connect with your church and remember your core values. Church slogans can also differentiate your church from other churches in your area. If your church is large enough to have multiple services or campuses, slogans can be used to help people identify which church they’re attending.

Church slogans can also be used in advertisements or flyers to help draw attention to your church. Church slogans can also be used with your church’s mission statement, making it easy for people to remember what your church stands for.

How to Write a Church Slogan

How to Write a Church Slogan

Writing a slogan for your church is a great way to simplify your core values for a potential donor or congregant.

However, there are some important things to keep in mind when writing a slogan for your church.

  • Keep it short and sweet – The most effective church slogans are short, usually a maximum of three words or 20 characters. Anything longer than that is likely to be forgotten or confused with other slogans.
  • Keep it positive – The best church slogans are positive and inspirational. It’s easy to fall into the trap of using negative words like “fight” or “conquer,” but these are likely to put off potential donors and congregants. Instead, use words like “unite,” “empower,” or “grow.”
  • Keep it consistent – Although you can write different slogans, it’s important to keep them consistent. If you have a slogan for your mission statement, you should use the same slogan for your core values and vision. This can help people remember your slogans and easily associate them with your church’s core values.

Summing up

Church slogans are a great way to inspire potential donors and help them remember your church’s core values. They can serve as a sort of rallying cry and an indication of what kind of church you are trying to be. When it comes to church slogans, you want something that’s short and sweet. Although some of these ideas may not be perfect for your church, they can help spark some ideas and help simplify your church’s message into something easy for people to remember and connect with.

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