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10 Great Service Ideas for Martin Luther King (MLK) Jr. Day This 2023

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a day to honor the great life and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. It’s also a time for us to reflect on the struggles he fought so hard for and how far we’ve come in achieving some of his objectives. On this day, we should take time to think about what ways we can help those that continue the fight. Here are some service ideas you can do on Martin Luther King Jr. Day to help out your community and make it more inclusive.

10 Great Service Ideas for Martin Luther King (MLK) Jr. Day This 2023

1. Volunteering in your community

volunteering in community

If you’re looking for an easy way to contribute to your community, consider volunteering. For example, if you have time on Friday and want to get involved, volunteer as a mentor at the Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA). The BGCA provides a safe space for children and young adults that’s free from violence and helps them build skills for success.

Volunteering for the BGCA is also a great way to meet new people in your community. You’ll be able to take part in the organization’s mentoring program that pairs volunteers with children and young adults who are at risk of dropping out or being in trouble with the law.

The BGCA relies heavily on volunteers like you so they can meet their goal of providing 1 million hours of mentorship by 2022. Everyone has extra time on Friday, why not give back?

2. Donate to one of the causes that Dr. King believed in

Dr. King believed in the power of giving back and helping others. This is why he was a proponent of service.

One way to give back is by donating to one of the causes that Dr. King believed in. For example, you could donate your time or money to something like Habitat for Humanity, which makes homes for those less fortunate than us—and it’s all volunteer-based. Or you can help out with the fight against racial injustice by donating money to organizations like Black Lives Matter or the ACLU.

Whatever cause you choose, make sure it’s one that Dr. King would be proud of and that’s still fighting for progress today.

3. Take on a volunteer project

Have you ever thought about what kind of volunteer project you could take on this Martin Luther King Jr. Day?

Volunteering is a great way to help others while also giving back to your community. There are plenty of opportunities out there in local communities, from helping at a soup kitchen to tutoring students.
A quick Google search will give you plenty of ideas for volunteer projects that will be both meaningful and rewarding. You can make a difference in the life of someone else by being a part of their community!

4. A Day of Giving

sense of giving

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a day to celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who fought so hard for social advancement and justice. It’s also a time to reflect on how far we’ve come in achieving some of his objectives.

On this day, take time to think about what ways you can help those that continue the fight for justice. One way you can help those that continue Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s work is by volunteering your time or donating goods or services for your community or someone else’s community in need.

Here are 5 ways you can volunteer or donate on Martin Luther King Jr.’s Day:

  • Help out at a local soup kitchen or food pantry
  • Leave flowers at a cemetery in honor of African-American Civil Rights leaders
  • Volunteer with an organization working for equal rights
  • Participate in an AIDS Walk or other event benefiting an underprivileged cause
  • Give back by making donations through your workplace

5. Service Ideas for Children

Childhood obesity is a major problem in the United States. It is estimated that one-third of children in our country are obese, and the rates are on the rise. Obesity has been linked to an increased risk for many health problems, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and high cholesterol.

It’s important to support our youth and children in their efforts to be healthy by creating a healthy environment through physical activity and nutrition at home, as well as physical education in schools. This can be done with activities such as walking clubs or running clubs for kids who like to exercise.

6. Service Ideas for Seniors

taking care of seniors

As we all know, the population of people living in America is getting older. The elderly population is increasing at a rapid rate, and seniors are looking for more opportunities to be active. With this in mind, service ideas for seniors can help you find opportunities to connect with your community.

Some options include helping out at your senior center or volunteering at a local shelter so that you can help those who need support. It’s also important to remember that while some seniors have health issues, there are many who still want to live independently. Remembering this will help you tailor your service project accordingly.

7. Servicing in your community

One of the ways we can keep Dr. King’s legacy alive is by being active in our communities. Although Dr. King was an activist, he didn’t just fight for civil and human rights but also animal rights and environmental justice as well.

To continue his work, you can volunteer at your local animal shelter or give a donation to an organization that fights for these causes. You could also volunteer with your local NAACP chapter or participate in a service project on this day to keep Dr. King’s legacy alive.

Lastly, you can take time out of your day to pray or meditate while reflecting on the life of this great man.

8. Serving food to the community

One way you can do this is by volunteering or serving food to people in need on the day. One of the most effective ways to serve the community is by donating items like food, milk, and toiletry items.

This will help your local homeless shelters that are struggling with limited resources.
If you don’t feel like cooking on MLK Day, there are plenty of places where you can volunteer for a different type of service that will still be meaningful.

You could put together a care package for someone who’s struggling or donate clothes and other household goods to a women’s shelter. So whether you’re feeling lazy or just want a good excuse to spend time with your community today, make sure you’re helping out in some way!

9. Greeting neighbors with flowers

One of MLK Jr.’s most famous quotes is

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

It’s always a good idea to celebrate the lives of those who sacrificed their lives for others. That being said, one simple way you can help your community commemorate the holiday is by sending flowers to your neighbors!

Flowers are a great way to show how much you care about someone and that you want to contribute positively to the life of your community. What better way is there than with flowers?
Purchasing flowers in bulk is also a great way to save money so you can invest in other important things like donating food or clothing.

Greeting your neighbors with flowers this year will be a sure sign of what kind of person you are and what impact you’re going to make on the people you live around. So remember this day as an opportunity for peace and equality for all people, not just on one day, but every day!

10. Volunteering at your local library

The library is the center of our community. It’s a place where we can go to read, do homework, and find out what new movies are coming out. Your local library offers so many opportunities to help your community celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day in a meaningful way.

You can volunteer at your local library, which will allow you to gain valuable experience working with children and teens while helping your community celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s message of peace and equality for all people regardless of race, religion, or color. To volunteer at your local library, contact the person in charge of volunteering at your library today!

Other service ideas on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

  1. Read Dr. King’s speeches
  2. Honor the work of Dr. King and his achievements
  3. Join a MLK Day march
  4. Watch MLK Day movies
  5. Attend an MLK Day event in your community
  6. Reading books about Dr King’s life

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Great Service Ideas for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Final Thoughts

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is the perfect day to reflect on the value of service. Dr. King was a man who lived by his principles. He believed strongly in the equality of all people, regardless of race. He used his voice and actions to help others realize their own potential. Dr. King worked hard to make a difference and he inspired countless others to do so as well.

As we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, it is important to remember that we too have the ability to make a difference in the lives of others around us. We can be like Dr. King and use our voices and actions for good, or we can use them for ill-will or greed. It is up to each individual person as to what kind of legacy they will leave behind once they are gone from this world.

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