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As a nonprofit organization, your youth center, youth membership organization, or fitness center is always looking for ways to fund its programs and services. With an increasing number of adults now leading busy, fast-paced lives and heavy reliance on technology to connect with people, we see many people spending less time getting physical.

In fact, according to a study by the CDC National Center for Health Statistics, only about 23% of Americans meet the recommended minimum physical activity guidelines. To help combat this trend, your fitness center or nonprofit can host a fundraiser that supports fitness and wellness.

Since many people are not actively pursuing healthy lifestyles as much as they should be, hosting a fundraiser that revolves around getting fit can help raise some funds for your youth center or organization.

9 fitness fundraiser ideas that you should try today:

Hold a yoga session

If you want to boost your center’s revenue and support the physical and mental well-being of your participants, consider holding a yoga session at your center.

Yoga is a great way to reduce stress, build strength and flexibility and improve circulation. Plus, yoga is accessible to all ages and fitness levels; you can find poses that are appropriate for all skill sets, even if you’ve never done it before.

Depending on the type of yoga you choose to host, you can charge anywhere from $5 to $20 per person. You can also offer yoga mats and other yoga equipment for sale at your center. If you’re interested in hosting a yoga session at your center, ACE recommends researching your state’s yoga licensure requirements before you begin.

Host an athletic game day

If you have an athletic program at your center, you can host an athletic game day fundraiser. During this event, you can play traditional sports like basketball, soccer, and flag football.

Alternatively, you can also host a sports-themed carnival or game night, where participants play sports-themed games. This game day fundraiser is a great way to celebrate your athletic program and encourage healthy competition among participants.

If you choose to host an athletic game day fundraiser, you’ll want to think about how you’re going to score the games. You can either create your own point system or use a sports-themed card game like UNO or Spoons. Whatever you decide to do, make sure to communicate your rules and scoring to participants ahead of time to avoid confusion during the event.

Host a Fitness Class

Consider hosting a fitness class fundraiser. You can host fitness classes on a wide variety of topics, including yoga, strength training, cardio, Zumba, and more. When planning your fitness class fundraiser, you’ll want to offer your participants a wide variety of class options to accommodate different fitness levels.

If you’d like to host a fitness class fundraiser, consider the following:

  • Contact local gyms or fitness studios to see if they’d be willing to donate their space or offer a discounted rate for your class.
  • Promote your event in local exercise groups and on popular social media channels. You can even post fliers in nearby gyms and fitness centers.
  • Offer an incentive for early registration. This could be a discount on the class or something else of value that participants will want to register early for. Just make sure it’s worth it!
  • Perhaps you can offer early registration for a reduced rate, but then raise it at the last minute so that people feel compelled to sign up sooner rather than later. Or, maybe you could offer free childcare during the event so that parents can attend without having to worry about finding a sitter.

Be creative!

You can host your fitness class fundraiser just about anywhere — from local parks, sports facilities, community centers, etc. Just make sure you have permission from the owner of the venue before hosting your event there! You should also ask if there will be any additional fees for using their space beyond basic rental costs. You don’t want any surprises when planning this type of fundraiser!

Hold a Yo-Yo Competition

If you have a competitive edge and a Yo-Yo club at your center, then host a Yo-Yo competition fundraiser. Yo-Yo competitions are a great way to boost your center’s revenue and celebrate Yo-Yo-related activities.

If you decide to host a Yo-Yo competition fundraiser, you’ll want to plan your event in advance and promote it via posters, flyers, and social media. Create a structure for the competition, including how many people will compete in each round and when the event will be held.

Host an Organic Food Dinner

If your center offers a nutrition or cooking education program, try hosting an organic food dinner fundraiser. During this event, you can serve an organic meal (or multiple organic dishes).

You can either host a sit-down dinner or a picnic-style dinner. Hosting an organic food dinner is a great way to promote healthy eating and support local businesses. It’s also a great way to engage your participants in a hands-on activity and promote socialization.

If you decide to host an organic food dinner, plan everything out in advance, including the menu, where you’re going to purchase your food from, and how much it’s going to cost.

Host a 5K Race to Promote Fitness

5K races are a great way to promote fitness, celebrate sports and promote a healthy lifestyle. If you decide to host a 5K race fundraiser, plan your event well in advance.

If you’re interested in hosting a 5K race, you’ll also want to find out what your state’s governing body requires in terms of permits and insurance policies.

You may also want to consult with your city government to make sure that your proposed date and location meet zoning requirements.

Once you have your date booked, start spreading the word to potential runners. You’ll want to let people know where the race starts and ends, as well as any other important details they need to know. If you’re hosting a 5K race to raise money for a particular cause, make sure you publicize that information.

Throw a Gymnastics Fundraiser

If your center offers gymnastics-related activities, consider holding a gymnastics fundraiser. During this event, you can host a gymnastics competition, a gymnastics-themed game night, or even a gymnastics-themed dance-off.

During the gymnastics competition, your team of fundraisers can set up a booth outside of a local event or venue. When people walk past your booth, encourage them to “test your might” by offering them a raffle ticket.

When the event starts, collect raffle tickets from every person who tries a particular physical challenge (such as a handstand, a cartwheel, or a forward roll). The person who collects the most raffle tickets gets to keep all of them

Have a Zumba Party Fundraiser

If your center offers Zumba classes, consider holding a Zumba fundraiser. Zumba fundraisers are a great way to celebrate Zumba-related activities and boost your center’s revenue.

You can hold a Zumba fundraiser at your local gym or host it at your center. If you are fundraising at your center, hold a Zumba class and ask people to make a donation. You can also have people make donations in exchange for raffle tickets.

Combine Dance and Fitness for Your Fundraiser

Dance fundraisers are a great way to celebrate dance-related activities and boost your center’s revenue.

These events can be tailored to any age group and can be held at any time of year.

To host a successful dance fundraiser, you will want to start early to promote the event and drum up interest. You will also want to put together a solid team to help with the event and make sure you have everything you need to make it happen.

One of the easiest ways to make a dance fundraiser happen is to sell tickets to a performance by your dance group. This can be something that you have already planned or something that you put together quickly to benefit from the fundraiser.

You can also sell t-shirts or other items with your group’s logo on them to help with your fundraising efforts.


Healthy lifestyles and fitness are key to living a long and fulfilling life. A healthy lifestyle is characterized by a balanced diet and a regular exercise routine. It is important to begin the journey of a healthy lifestyle as soon as possible, as this will help avoid many health issues later in life. There are many ways that you can raise money for your organization through fitness.

From yoga classes to 5K runs, there is a fundraising activity for every type of fitness enthusiast. The best part is that every one of these fundraising events promotes a healthy lifestyle and encourages physical activity, which is great for everyone.

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