Charities that help with dental care

9 Best Charities that help with Dental Care | 2024 Updated (Full List)

According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 out of 4 adults aged 20 to 64 has at least one cavity. Dental procedures are obnoxiously expensive; from basic tooth filling to dental implants, the expense begins from $150 and goes up to $4,500.

Undoubtedly many citizens are unable to afford it. This is where dental charities play their role in restoring a bright smile and maintaining suitable oral hygiene for kids and adults. Among multiple charities covering the United States, below mentioned are some nonprofit charities with an exceptional ratings and one common goal of improving oral care for a joyful smile.

9 Best Charities that help with Dental Care:

1. America’s ToothFairy

This charity is a collaborative effort by caring individuals and expert leaders to address one of the most prominent chronic diseases of America, “the silent epidemic,” or in common words, the severe decaying of teeth.

Thankful for the generous donations, America’s ToothFairy continues its commitment to improving children’s oral health care and hosting multiple programs to prevent dental decay.

Their three major programs, namely, dental resource, in the gap, and special kids program helps families unable to access professional dental care regardless of their insurance coverage.

Their frequent campaigns and community events are a great way to access dental care education for both children and adults. The wide range of fun seasonal activity charts on their website acts as a tool to spread awareness regarding oral care.

Under the excellent mentorship of their CEO, Fern Ingber, more than 11 million children, and caregivers received oral health services.

2. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

‘Give back a smile’ is a charity program under AACD. Their mission of helping patients rebuild from their dental injuries as a cause of domestic or sexual injuries has touched the hearts of many.

They truly believe that a restored smile is a restored life. The wide range of donation alternatives is the fuel behind their mission. Along with providing dental surgeries at a bare minimum cost, they strive to promote awareness regarding domestic violence with faith in putting it to an end.

This charity was an answer to encourage treatments based on evidence, complementary protocols, and sound judgment to improve the overall oral health of a patient. Their educational programs offer superior field opportunities for dental professionals.

3. America’s Dentists Care Foundation

‘Inciting smiles where we go’, they have precisely stayed true to this tagline. To date, ADFC has supported more than 275,000 patients with nearly $190 million in charitable oral health care.

Undertaking minor or major operations requires incomparable knowledge; with more than a decade of experience, they have facilitated charitable oral care. Their various streams of donations allow them to maintain and supervise prime dental equipment to host free dental sessions.

They encourage the patients to visit their clinics to understand better their work and how they can be of full help to bring back the lost joy. 

4. Dentists for the Disabled and Elderly in Need of Treatment

DENT provides oral health care education and comprehensive dental care free of charge through a network of professional dentists state-wide.

Since 1998 they have served patients who fall into three broad categories: seniors, low-income and disabled.

If not the platinum rating from Guide Star, their alertness in taking care of minute details, such as free home visits and social health centers, have gained millions’ trust.

Their A-Z oral information and perfectly answered questions on the website signify their kind substructure. Taking advantage of the popularity of campaigns, they have launched a few on their own to raise awareness regarding the assigned topic. Their largest campaign, ‘National smile month’ ran from May 16 to June 16, 2022 to raise more donations to enable every citizen to have the brightest smile.

5. Louisiana Dental Association Foundation

The members of LDA work in “Tripartie” system where in they fill out a member application to pay their due amount. The local component dental society was set up to provide local support, while the other components are set up to enhance oral health at the state level.

The adult waiver dental program and Healthy Louisiana initiative, which is financed by the state, look over the dental coverage of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities as one of their campaigns of Fall 2016 in New Orleans they had a two-day run for providing countless dental services like x-rays, fillings, extractions, root canals, oral exams, cleaning, etc.

Their priority was to welcome patients regardless of their community. This resulted in 8724 dental procedures and over $1.1 million in free dental care. Their expertise in diverse fields landed them a silver transparency token from GuideStar in 2022.

6. Dental Lifeline Network

Many adults cannot afford dental care, especially senior citizens, who constitute about 70% without dental coverage. They care for people with mental and physical disabilities and get access to their rightful dental care wherever they are.

Dental complications such as infections or gum diseases can negatively impact those waiting to undergo transplant or chemotherapy. Dr. Larry Coffee’s dream of not letting any medical care be compromised for any elderly patient came true with they hit their milestone of receiving $500 million.

With more than 39,000 dentists, 6,500 laboratories, 15,400 partners and donors, and a presence in more than 40 states, they developed ‘The Donated Dental Services’ program to coordinate better oral treatments for free. Apart from this, their ‘Colorado Campaign’ was set up to provide oral hygiene training for individuals with disabilities. 

7. Global Dental Relief

This non-profit’s target audience is children from countries like India, Mexico, Kenya, and Cambodia. They organize small-group experiences for all to deliver preventive care training in remote schools and villages.

Apart from providing free dental care to their applicants, they have recognized the severe impact of the recent pandemic. This brought them to support families with necessary national assistance since 2021.

As the donor’s interests align with GDR, a Healthy Smiles Club was formed to recognize them and their generous donations to help brighten every kid’s smile across the globe. 

8. New York State Dental Foundation

Established in 1980, NYSDF seeks to address dental and educational commitments with a state-wide approach.

Their multiple-target approach revolves around assisting dentists and staff in increasing their skills, encouraging and establishing student aid programs, making grants for medical research, and helping patients receive their much-needed dental care.

Their overall beacon score of 100% from Charity Navigator benefits them by receiving even more donations. The NYS Veterans Smile is an appreciable program set up amongst others to provide free dental care to military veterans as a way of gratitude for their constant hard work. 

9. The Dental Foundation of Oregon

Founded in 1982 by the Oregon Dental Association, the DFO has been relentlessly working to help under-served children by taking care of their oral needs.

Their distinctive approach towards their mission with a mobile van has earned them a 97% rating from charity navigator. Since its inception in the fall of 2008, The Tooth Taxi, a 38’ dental office on wheels with full-time dentists and staff, has successfully screened 23,933 students with 13,571 in-van appointments while 25,014 students received hygiene care worth $7,880,331 free of value.

Apart from oral care, they have supported community water fluoridation to reduce cavities.

Final Thoughts

Dental injuries can cause multiple issues like poor health care, accidents, or domestic violence. While it is impossible to cease the causes, preventive health measures can be taken to avoid extreme damage.

A greater number of charities working around the clock to build new partnerships, take collaborative efforts and initiatives, launch educational campaigns, and treat patients with heart-warming kindness.

Each step taken by a patient into a charity tie is a step full of hope and longing to enhance their oral care and get back their deserving smile.

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