Best Sarcoma Charities to Donate

8 Best Sarcoma Charities to Donate to in 2023 | Full List with Details

Sarcoma is a rare type of cancer that affects the body’s connective tissues, including bones, muscles, cartilage, and fat. It can be a difficult and challenging disease to fight, and those affected by it often need support and resources to help them through their journey.

In this blog post, we will be highlighting some of the best sarcoma charities that provide valuable support, resources, and funding for sarcoma research and patient care. Whether you or a loved one is affected by sarcoma or want to make a difference in the fight against this disease, these charities are great places to start.

Here are the 8 Best Sarcoma Charities to Donate to in 2023:

1. Susan G Komen for the Cure:

This foundation was established in 1980 to help women worldwide fight breast cancer. While they started with $200, they have now invested more than $2.9 billion dollars into breast cancer programs and research studies. They have played an impressive role in reducing cancer by 50% in the last 2 decades.

Most donations are invested in research grants, which help prioritize metastatic cancer research. This, in turn, provides employment for the volunteers and training experience.

Their resources provide educational support to families, financial aid, and health insurance for those undergoing treatment. They received an 82% rating from Charity Navigator.

2. Cancer Research Institute:

CRI is known to carry out scientific research studies with breakthrough results to combat cancer. founded by Helen Coley and Oliver Grace in 1953, their legacy of saving the lives of cancer patients is ongoing through their beneficiaries. Their cancer Immunotherapy is a free service that connects thousands of patients and provides them access to clinical trials.

By granting over 150 clinical research studies, they have been awarded more than $28.5 million to create alternative therapies for treating all cancers. While Charity Navigator rates them a perfect 4 star, Guidestar awarded them with a seal of Platinum Transparency since 88 cents of every dollar goes towards their trial funding. 

3. Leukemia & Lymphoma Society:

Since 1949 they have been dedicated to creating a world free of blood cancer. They have invested more than $1.5 billion towards multiple impact-creating studies. Apart from funding such research projects they educate and provide one-on-one support to families and caregivers. With a strong network of more than 50,000 volunteers, they actively influence policies to align with their scientific facts and accelerate the overall development of cancer treatments.

Their research has helped advance cancer treatment by 75%  and provided more than $234 million as financial assistance. LLS recently launched its Dare to Dream Project for curing cancer in kids.

On hitting their goal of $175 million in funds, they shall support the global collaborative research treatments and expand their scope of services to educate and support all involved in the process. They hold a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator.

4. American Cancer Society:

They focus their activities on providing accurate information on cancer to support all individuals in society 24/7. The main topics of discussion here are prevention, access to the right care and support, multicultural communities, connecting survivors, and addressing any disparities based on social injustices.

Through this advocacy and education, they allow all to prevent, detect, treat and survive any form of cancer. The volunteers of this charity go the extra mile to provide free rides to a medical treatment center. This program has been termed as the Road to Recovery.

They have even partnered with Extended Stay America to provide lodging for families and cancer patients in more than 600 locations. They have helped families stay comfortably and save over $9 million by ditching expensive hotels. Charity Navigator provided them with a 3-star rating. 

5. Arc Cancer Support Centres:

Arc was established to support patients and families with cancer diagnoses. By providing educational, emotional, and phycological support, they wish to enhance the quality of life free of charge. 

Their survivorship programs, therapy sessions, and complimentary services help the families cope up with the heaviness of cancer. Professor Des Carney recognized the need to fill the gaps in cancer service provision in 1994. Since then, this Irish charity has expanded its base over Dublin to offer an enhanced range of solutions for all.

They host regular online events and connect people through support groups to maintain a safe space for their patients to express themselves freely. During seasonal holidays like Christmas, they give out prizes worth $3,200 to include some festival spirit in their lives. 

6. National Organisation for Rare Disorders:

NORD is a patient advocacy charity that serves individuals diagnosed with rare diseases. Along with its 300 members, they are committed to identifying and treating such diseases through science, education, and patient services. This charity has disease-specific organizations within itself to provide mentorship to families and patients.

They host webinars, in-person meetings, and guidance sessions for the same. Since its foundation in 1989, they have provided grants to several researchers, some of which reached an advanced stage while the FDA approved 2. NORD is in partnership with EUORIDS, JPA, and RDI to minimize the risk of cancer on a global scale.

This charity has sparked a culture of innovation for supporting research studies at their grassroots level. This allows the patients to alternate their therapies for an effective treatment. Charity Navigator provides them a 4-star rating while GuideStar gives them a Gold seal of Transparency. 

7. Sarcoma Foundation of America:

Their mission is to advocate the sarcoma patients by investing in research and increasing awareness. The funds received or raised by them are funneled to various research studies looking for its cure. They set up a clinical trial matching service center to help out those looking to get their treatments under clinical trials.

To raise awareness among the public, they invite motivational speakers and host national meetings and webinars. These webinars hold in-depth knowledge about sarcoma and its course of treatment.

For people to display their gratitude, they allow them to set up monthly investments, tribunal giving, workplace giving, and matching gifts. All these programs support the patients financially or emotionally. Charity Navigator rates them a graceful 97%. 

8. New York Cancer Foundation:

Established with a mission to offer financial grants, this charity serves patients in New York City and Nassau. They even launched a grateful patient program where volunteers can support patients undergoing surgery or those who have just come out of it.

Donations made via this initiative are used to cover medical expenses and assist recovery. This charity holds a 75% rating on Charity Navigator.

When it comes to donating to sarcoma charities, there are a few things to consider before donating:

  • Mission and goals: Before you donate, it’s important to understand the mission and goals of the charity. Some organizations focus on funding sarcoma research, while others provide support and resources for patients and families affected by the disease. Make sure the charity aligns with your personal values and priorities.
  • Financial transparency: It is always a good idea to check the financial transparency of the charity you are considering donating. You can check their financial statements and reports to ensure that your donation is used efficiently and responsibly.
  • Impact: Research the charity’s track record, look at its impact and how they measure it, and see if it aligns with your expectations.
  • Local or national: You may want to consider whether you would like to donate to a local charity serving your community or a national charity with a broader reach.
  • Other ways to give: Consider other ways to give, such as volunteering or participating in a charity event.
  • Diversify your donation: It is always a good idea to diversify your donation by supporting multiple sarcoma charities. This allows you to support a range of efforts and maximize your impact.
  • Consider planned giving: Consider making a gift to a sarcoma charity, such as a bequest in your will. This can be a meaningful way to leave a lasting legacy and make a difference in the fight against sarcoma.
  • Get involved: Consider getting involved with the charity beyond just donating. Many sarcoma charities have volunteer opportunities and events that allow you to give your time and energy to the cause. This is a great way to get to know the charity and its mission more intimately and to make a real difference in the lives of people affected by sarcoma.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, sarcoma is a challenging disease that affects many people and their families. These charities are vital in providing support and resources for those affected by sarcoma and funding for research to improve patient outcomes. By supporting these organizations, we can significantly impact the fight against sarcoma.

From providing financial assistance to patients, funding research, and raising awareness about the disease, these charities work tirelessly to make a difference. Whether you donate, volunteer or spread the word about these organizations, every little bit helps in the fight against sarcoma.

Together, we can make a difference and help those affected by this disease.

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