10 Best Fundraising Ideas for Garden Clubs (2023)

If you are the leader of a garden club and need ideas for raising money, you’re in luck. There are many ways that a garden club can raise funds to support their projects. These ideas will leave your group feeling empowered and eager to start your new fundraising project. 

Have you ever wondered how other people develop brilliant ideas so quickly? If you feel like all the good ideas have already been taken, it’s because they have. Fundraising is not always easy or fun, but it’s a necessary part of being in any organization. 

This article is for you if you’re leading a garden club and need some fundraising ideas. You don’t need money to grow plants, but you do need money to grow gardens and green spaces in your community. Luckily, many simple fundraising activities won’t take up much time but will help your garden club reach its financial goals.

Here are 10 Best Fundraising Ideas for Garden Clubs

Sell Coffee and Donuts for Morning Meetings

Sell Coffee and Donuts

Hosting meetings and events are one of the best ways to fundraise and draw people into your garden club. You can host morning meetings and get creative with the food if you have a regular meeting space. 

You can sell coffee and pastries or host a themed tea party. People love to support causes that give them a chance to eat tasty food. Plus, hosting themed events is fun to get members excited about your club and help them feel welcomed.

You can host meetings at members’ houses if you don’t have a regular meeting space. Ask members to bring desserts to share and make it a potluck. You can also host one-time events at a location of your choice. For example, hosting a fundraiser event at a coffee shop is a great way to sell members’ baked goods and drinks at an event.

Host a Weekly Bingo Game

Bingo is one of the best and most classic fundraising ideas. It works great for garden clubs and is fun for all ages and skill levels. You can host bingo at your next meeting or event or even online.

Bingo is easy to organize and can be played at any skill level. You can even purchase bingo cards online to make it even easier. If your group is younger, you can host a kids’ bingo game or make it a family affair.

Bingo is a great source of income because it’s easy to set up, and you can charge for each game. It’s also a great way to bring people into your garden club.

Hold a Garage Sale

Hold a Garage Sale

A garage sale is easy to organize and can bring in a lot of money for your garden club, especially if you have a big group. Ensure all your members are on the same page regarding pricing items. Hold a garage sale at the same time as a meet-and-greet or another event so members can get to know each other while at it. 

If you’re hosting a garage sale at your home, ensure it’s easy to access and members know when it will be open for business. Garage sales are an inexpensive way to get rid of your unwanted items and make a profit at the same time. It also allows members to clean out their closets and make some cash to support the garden club.

Huddle Up with Local Businesses

Local businesses can be a great source of funding for your garden club. Some businesses may be interested in sponsoring an event or donating some products or services in exchange for advertising.

For example, a tool rental company may be interested in sponsoring your garden clean-up event. If you’re unsure where to start, ask your members for suggestions. You can also search online for companies in your area that might be interested in participating.

Once you’ve decided which businesses are worth pursuing, list the products or services you’d like to receive in exchange for advertising. The companies will be more willing to work with you if you tell them exactly what you’re hoping to get out of the arrangement.

Flower Sale

A flower sale can be an exciting addition to your garden club’s calendar. It’s a great way to raise funds while promoting gardening and your club’s mission.

Make sure to have a table to display your flowers, so customers can see what they are buying. You can host a flower sale at your next event or do it regularly. Make sure to advertise the flower sale to bring in customers.

You can sell flowers during other garden club events as well. If you’re hosting a potluck or another event at a member’s house, ask if members would like to sell flowers. This is a great way to make a few extra dollars and share your love for gardening.

Host a garden party

Host a garden party

A garden party is a great way to raise a lot of funds. You can hold it at a member’s house or another public space and make it a ticketed event. You can also make it free and ask guests to bring a donation or buy a ticket for a raffle.

Garden parties are different from traditional fundraisers in that they are often themed and feature special guests.

You can partner with local experts to invite them to your party and host a gardening or landscaping-focused event. This is a great way to get people excited and interested in your garden club. It’s also a chance to share your expertise and cultivate your network of experts.

Create a kit for new gardeners

If your garden club is focused on maintaining green spaces in your community, you can create a kit for new gardeners. This kit can include everything a new gardener needs to get started, including gloves, gardening tools, and other supplies.

The garden kit is a great way to give back to your community and make new members feel welcome and like they have everything they need to get gardening. You can sell the kits at your next event or give them away as gifts to donors.

You can also ask businesses if they would be interested in purchasing the kits as gifts to their employees. After creating the kits, you can donate them to area schools and community centers.

Organize a cleanup day

A cleanup event is a great way to unite members, help the environment, and raise funds for your garden club. Host the cleanup event at a garden or green space in your community, or you can organize a cleanup event at a nearby park.

Organizing a cleanup event is a great way to get people involved in your club and community. You can also partner with local businesses to ask them to donate prizes for volunteers, or you can ask for donations for a raffle at the event.

Your community needs to clean up many things, from litter to invasive plants. It’s a simple way to help your community and make extra cash for your garden club.

Sell plants and flowers.

If your garden club has a green space, you can sell plants and flowers from your garden. This is a great way to raise funds for the club and earn interest for your club members. You can sell the plants during your next event or make it a regular thing.

You can also partner with local businesses to sell your plants on their property and storefronts. You can sell flowers, vegetables, and even herbs. You can also offer other products, such as gardening tools, pots, and soil. The options are endless, and you can create a custom product line based on your members’ interests.

Sell Gift Baskets By Month

Every garden club has members who love to garden and members who love to cook. Why not get them together to raise money for the club? You can hold monthly gift basket sales at a member’s home or a local venue.

Choose baskets that are themed around gardening, cooking, or both and charge a set price per basket. Include a sign-up sheet or calendar on the table where the baskets are displayed so members can pre-purchase their baskets for the month.

This is a fun way to engage members in gardening and cooking together. It’s also a good way to get your members excited and involved in the club hands-on.

Organize a Food Drive

Food banks and food pantries around your town and city often need more food donations. Host or participate in a food drive to collect non-perishable, edible food items for your local food bank.

Organize a group of members to pick up a truckload of donated food items and drop them off at a local food pantry. You can also host a food drive at your garden club meeting.

Set up a table where members can drop off donated food items and put up a sign encouraging other members to do the same.

Host an appreciation dinner

People who love gardens and green spaces often donate their time and energy to help maintain them. Host an appreciation dinner for members who have given their time and energy to help maintain gardens in your area.

Hosting this event at a restaurant or catering hall is simple. But to make it more special and impactful, consider inviting club members’ family members to attend. The club can also use this event as an opportunity to solicit volunteers for future projects.

Have a plant and bake sale

Gardening clubs have lots of plants. Hosting a plant and bake sale is a fun way to turn those excess plants into cash.

Bake sale ideas that are perfect for a plant sale include:

  • Cake squares with a single plant pot on top.
  • Mini garden pies.
  • Mini fruit pies.
  • Mini flower cakes.
  • Potted cookie planters (make small batches of cookies and put them in small pots).

Throw a benefit concert

Gardening clubs often want to beautify and improve their town or city. The best way to do this is by planting gardens and green spaces. Hold a benefit concert to raise money for future projects your garden club wants to do.

Assign different members the responsibility of getting in touch with local bands to see which ones are interested in performing at your concert.

Adopt-a-Park or Adopt-a-Road

Many towns and cities have areas that need to be cleaned up. Host a project where members adopt a park or road and regularly commit to keeping it clean and tidy.

Organizing clean-up projects like this are a great way to get members involved and engaged with their community. It also helps beautify the town/city, which is always good.


Hosting one or more fundraising activities is a great way to raise money for your gardening club. Choose a few events that would be fun to host and appeal to your club members and their interests.

These fundraising activities are a great way to get your garden club members engaged and excited about fundraising. Once you have your plan in place, it’s time to get to work!

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