Charities that Help Heart Patients

9 Best Charities that Help Heart Patients | Full List with Details

Nearly half of the American population is at high risk of heart disease due to high blood pressure, cholesterol, and excess smoking habits. Nearly one out of every six children is at the same risk as that one out of every third adult.

Heart strokes or diseases can occur due to obesity, physical inactivity, and unhealthy food patterns, which damage the cardiovascular system slowly and permanently.

A little time taken out of one’s health can help save them from these diseases amongst millions of others. Charities are working to combat them effectively at both international and regional levels. Their constant engagement with patients has helped them stay on top of their research and treatment activities. 

Here are 9 Best Charities that help heart patients:

1. British Heart Foundation

They fund 100 million pounds annually for the research, causes, and treatments of heart and circulatory diseases. Since its establishment in 1961, they have funded the major medical breakthroughs of heart transplants, pacemakers, valve alternatives, and portable defibrillators.

Once they devise strategies and policies based on extensive research, they inform and influence the government and other healthcare institutes. Their website gives in-depth knowledge about saving lives, healthy lifestyle tips, preventive foods, new breakthroughs, updated policies, collaborative initiatives, and new programs for creating a world free of heart diseases. Charity Clarity gives them a 4.3 out of 5-star rating. 

2. American Heart Association

6 cardiologists founded AHA in 1924. This has grown into the oldest and largest volunteer organization in America for fighting heart stroke and other diseases. 35 million volunteers and 2,900 employees unite for this cause to create a healthy generation.

AHA has invested more than $ 5 billion in research on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease treatments. Since the start of 2018, they have seen a 13.6% reduction in deaths due to stroke and a 15.1% reduction due to heart diseases.

Since they believe training is essential for saving lives, their education and awareness programs keep training 22 million people every year for CPR.

They release an updated checklist regularly to measure cardiovascular health, including the right amount of nutrition and sleep one should require for a better lifestyle. Charity Navigator rates them a perfect 4 out of 4-star rating. 

3. Mended Hearts

In 1951 Mended Hearts was founded for patients having trouble with cardiovascular diseases. Since then, it has served millions of individuals by supporting them and bringing awareness to these key medical issues.

Among their various programs, one such is a ‘My heart visit’, which allows individuals to request a visit from a trained volunteer for support and guidance. The ‘Mended Little Hearts’ program consists of parents and family members of children suffering from heart defects.

Since these parents have experienced the struggles, they have created a community supporting families with their kids undergoing surgeries. In 2020 they directly assisted more than 277,000 patients and raised awareness among 1.4 million people through social media campaigns. GuideStar awards them with a Gold Transparency seal. 

4. National Stroke Association

They work hard for a healthier world with marginal strokes. NSA is committed to identifying and removing barriers in health care and ensuring equality is being served for each and every individual.

Founded in 1899 by Malcolm Morris, NSA ensures their research projects and hotline align with the mission and values of support groups. In 2020, this charity helped 70,000 plus stroke survivors reach 3.2 million people and consult their issues with online meetings and face-to-face sessions. 

5. Masonic Medical Research Institute

A tea of highly motivated staff, technicians, students, and mentors are all working towards improving and enhancing life quality. Their trusted team of scientific researchers can expertly combine molecular biology, chemistry, and computation to find solutions for cardiovascular problems.

Among the multiple studies they’ve published, the most popular was the Genetics Core. This identified the factors contributing to this disease and then create its cures.

Since the 1990’s they have developed implantable cardioverter defibrillators and other such equipment to treat heart problems. Charity Navigator rates them a perfect 4-star rating for its strong financial values and relentless work for at-risk communities. 

6. Women Heart

They have curated their mission to improve women’s lives with or without heart disease. A few of their values include being patient cantered to serve the needs of all, empowerment which would lead to education and support, equality for access to deserved healthcare as men, inclusiveness regardless of any social restrictions, and collaboration for enhancing their charity values.

Since fighting such a threatening issue can be quite difficult they have created an all-inclusive and loving community to provide strength to get through these tough times. They offer monthly virtual sessions by strong heart champions who have been through the same story.

Since its foundation in 1999, they have created over 100 support groups across 30 states in America. They receive a 2-star rating from Charity Navigator.

7. World Heart Federation

They unite the diverse cardiovascular communities to bring this issue to the forefront agenda in the global health list. WHF has experience solving cardiovascular disease, air pollution, Chagas disease, diabetes, cholesterol, heart failure, hypertension, and obesity.

Since its establishment in 1978, they have successfully reduced the global heart stroke and disease burden. More than 200 establishments across 100 countries with scientific and active heart health promotion are driving an impactful change at an international and local scale.

Their accomplishments are widespread in America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. Since 2015 they have helped 13,000 children under their small grants program

8. Chain of Hope

Professor Yacoub founded this nonprofit in 1995. They work globally to treat children and provide high-quality cardiac care. Their areas include Brazil, Ethiopia, Gambia, Egypt, Iraq, Haiti, Lebanon, Morocco, Panama, Sudan, Yemen, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe, among 40 others.

With a global referral program, they provide treatment to children with heart issues in critical conditions. Since these cases are delicate and on a time scale, approval from the medical board allows them to operate on them after making their flight arrangements. Post-surgery they support the respective families with Host Families who care for the child at their home for up to one month. 

9. The Children’s Heart Foundation

This charity was founded in 1996 and has created its position as the country’s leading organization with dedicated funding for congenital heart defect research. To date, they have funded more than $15 million for this research.

These funds have resulted in improved survival rates and improved lifestyles of people. Additionally, they run a heart visit, a network designed to connect people who have suffered similar complications.

This communication builds trust and restores hope for the ones who have lost it. They received a 3-star rating on Charity Navigator.

Final Thoughts

An investment in health is the best investment one can make. No matter how successful one is, they have achieved nothing without good health. While developing these heart diseases is a consequence of careless lifestyle habits, one small change can help save one’s life and reduce the number of irresponsible death per year.

One family is saved from mourning when one inculcates a few healthy and conscious habits into his lifestyle. 

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