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9 Best Palestinian Charities to Donate to | Full List with Details

The regions of Jordan, the West Bank, Gaza, Syria, and Lebanon hold 58 Palestinian refugee camps sheltering 1.5 million Palestinians. This crowd has resulted in poor food, housing, clean water, electricity, and basic infrastructure management.

One crisis can force them to live without electricity for months. Palestine, the holy land accommodating three major religions of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, has ironically never been at peace.

The constant condition of war and raging have devastated its embodiment to the core. These unfavorable conditions have left its people with next to nothing. 

Here are the 9 Best Palestinian Charities to Donate to:

1. Palestine Children’s Relief Fund

PCRF was established in 1992 by a group of humanitarian individuals to provide for sick and injured children. The free medical treatment has helped over 2,000 kids and sponsored many others in the hospitals. They have built two pediatric cancer departments alongside their various programs to promote a sustainable healthcare facility.

Completing over 500 missions, they have helped in major surgeries of cardiac, hand, neuro, maxillofacial, general pediatric, ophthalmic, and many others. Their key objective is to arrange free medical assistance for injured or sick children from the Middle East to hospitals in the USA, Europe or Asia.

Their assurance for providing the best treatment has earned them a perfect 4-star rating on Charity Navigator.

2. Islamic Relief USA

For over three decades, they have been recognized among the top nonprofit charities for their excellent business strategies and work-frame. Their work revolved around aiding the refugees, providing education, food, and free medical care, sponsoring orphans and supporting women.

During Ramadan this year, they donated non-perishables and food packages to the local communities in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and the United States. They have annual sponsorships programs for orphans to ensure they get a chance to grab the golden opportunities sent their way.

Apart from helping an individual child, one can sponsor a family in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Palestine, Sri Lanka, and many others.

This global scale of operations has allowed them to devise new programs according to the international partnerships they bear to be efficient in times of need. GuideStar gives them a Platinum Seal of Transparency, while Charity Navigator rates them a 3 star. 

3. Middle East Children’s Alliance

MECA protects children’s rights in the Middle East through care, empowerment, and education. Along with their partners, they run global campaigns in several communities to raise awareness about the lives of these children and how a simple action can change their situation for the better.

Since 1988 they have been donating food, clothes, medical supplies, toys, and educational material worth $29 million to children in Iraq, Palestine, and Lebanon. Under their programs, PaliRoots Meal Program was created to provide nutritious meals for children in Gaza. An experienced chef would create balanced meals, including necessary food like fruits, milk, salads, lentils, fresh and cooked vegetables and meatballs for kindergartens and high schoolers. 

This impacted a significant health improvement, increased efficiency of attentiveness, and the desire to attend school regularly. In 2020 this program raised over $164,000, while its campaigns on social media alone received $2 million. Their recent projects include establishing water purification systems in underdeveloped schools and universities. They received a 4-star rating on Charity Navigator

4. United Palestinian Appeal

UPA’s mission is to alleviate the suffering of Palestinians and create permanent solutions for their socioeconomic and cultural growth. Founded in 1978 by Palestinian-American professionals, this charity has been dispersing its funds for the betterment of people in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and Lebanon and Jordan refugee camps.

With multiple programs, they serve the areas of health and wellness by helping children who have undergone the trauma of the ongoing violence, developing the community by supporting small businesses, and educating in the Palestine universities to promote youth leadership.

Qualified individuals for their grant programs can receive up to $5,000. GuideStar gives them a Platinum Seal of Transparency while Charity Navigator gives them a 4 star rating for strong financial accountability. 

5. Muslim Aid USA

MAUSA provides help with food, water, and basic necessities in emergencies. Established in 1985, this charity overlooks the race, religion or gender identity of victims suffering from illiteracy, famine, poverty, homelessness, unemployment and much more.

Their work can be located in 29 countries, some of which are Gaza, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Turkey, Pakistan, and Myanmar. Their highly appreciated program of winterization helps civilians in countries like Syria to protect themselves from the extreme cold. In Lebanon they distribute fuel in schools to help the children inculcate education in a warm environment.

This eases the school’s financial burdens and relieves the parents from stress during the chilly winters. During the great festivities of Ramadan, it has helped 500 families access food in the Alnussirat Refugee Camp. MAUSA receives a Platinum Seal of Transparency from GuideStar for its inclusive community values. 

6. American Near East Refugee Aid (ANERA)

Betty Sams was the chief woman who established Anera in 1968. This charity works with its partners in Palestine, Jordan, and Lebanon to mobilize resources for emergency relief. They also aid in creating sustainable long-term solutions for health, education, and community development. 

In 2021 alone, they received the support of $112 million. These donations since the foundation have helped more than 42,000 Gaza residents and 2,031 youth in Lebanon. With a team of 100 staff, Anera helps the Palestine Refugees with medical supplies, funding their infrastructure and giving them access to hospitals for severe injuries or treatments.

They have also established educational institutes, agriculture industries, water purification systems, and markets for small businesses for this community to attain their livelihood. 

7. United Hands Relief and Development

Their international and local programs are made to assist those in need and empower families. These programs distribute food, clothing, household items, and furniture, assist the homeless, aid in disaster relief, encourage volunteerism and partner up with local community organizations for further development.

Their programs aid in the areas of education, shelter, livelihood, food security, clean water, orphan sponsorship, seasonal and religious. Under livelihood they run short-term and long-term projects to improve and stabilise every household. This includes enhancing the quality of groceries, livestocks and providing women vocational training and artisanal skills to set up their own business.

Their current vision includes setting up affordable housing and renovating homes in Gaza, providing sewing machines to women and opening up mini markets with delivery carts for easy transportation. Charity Navigator rates them a 3-star. 

8. iF Charity

Their framework designed in 2002 was to help the people of Gaza with poverty relief, education, community development and medical assistance. In 2009 more than 1,500 people participated in a record-breaking run in East London to raise money for the children of Gaza.

This 100-metre relay race raised funds for the program of keeping children warm during times of winter and sending them back to school. The donations received helps the charity to provide these families with portable heaters, food packets, mattresses and blankets, coats and shoes.

Similarly for encouraging children to attend school regularly, school kits, uniforms, grants, equipment, and special needs support can make a significant impact. 

9. Interpal

Interpal was established in 1994 to show support for the Palestinians facing poverty and homeless across the regions of Gaza, West Bank, Jordan, and Lebanon. With their humanitarian initiative, they have increased the life line of a child, improved a family’s financial security with the provision of grants, provided food security with monthly grocery packages allowed siblings to live together under one roof by building shelters and lastly gave everyone the access to drink clean water. 

Final Thoughts

These awarded, transparent and non-political charities have been operating for decades to look after the people of Palestine. By understanding their values and introducing them into their programs, they are respecting every religion and improving every individual’s life as per their agenda.

Collectively they are restoring a community for them to live peacefully and inaugurate a new period of their life with much better opportunities and developmental scope ahead. 

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