Charities that help with school fees

Breaking Barriers: 9 Best Charities that help with School Fees

Education is often regarded as the key to success, yet it remains an elusive dream for many children worldwide. With rising tuition fees and other education-related expenses, it’s no wonder that many students struggle to make ends meet. But the good news is that there are charities dedicated to helping students achieve their academic goals by providing financial assistance.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at some of the charities that help with school fees and explore how their work is making a difference in the lives of countless students. So, whether you’re a student struggling to make ends meet or someone who wants to impact the world positively, this post is for you. Join us as we dive into education philanthropy and discover the power of generosity and compassion.

Here are the 9 Best Charities that help with School Fees:

1. Children International

Starting the list, we have Children International, a non-profit organization that helps impoverished children and families worldwide. The organization operates in 10 countries, providing education, healthcare, and basic necessities to more than 200,000 children and their families.

Children International also works to empower children by teaching life skills, providing mentoring and leadership programs, and creating safe spaces for them to learn and grow. One of the unique aspects of Children International’s approach is its focus on community involvement. The organization partners with local leaders and organizations to create sustainable solutions for poverty and supports families to become self-sufficient. It rightly has a 92% score on charity navigator and a 4-star rating.

2. World Vision

Moving on with the list, we have World Vision, a Christian humanitarian organization that works to alleviate poverty and injustice worldwide.

One of the unique aspects of World Vision is its focus on child sponsorship. Through the sponsorship program, donors can support individual children and their families, providing them access to education, healthcare, and other necessities. World Vision aims to make a positive impact by empowering communities and helping children and families in need around the world. It has a 93% score and a 4-star rating on charity navigator.

3. Plan International Inc

Plan International is a non-profit organization that works to promote children’s rights and gender equality around the world. The organization operates in over 70 countries, focusing on education, healthcare, and child protection.

Plan International encourages children to have a say in decisions that impact their lives and helps them become community leaders. The organization also promotes gender equality and works to end child marriage and other forms of gender-based violence through policy advocacy. Through its programs, Plan International is significantly impacting the lives of children and communities worldwide. Statistically stated, it has a whopping 100% score and a 4/4 star rating on charity navigator.

4. Save the Children

We can’t go on with the list without mentioning this charity when discussing children’s welfare. Save the Children is a global humanitarian organization that works to improve the lives of children in need worldwide.

The organization operates in over 100 countries, providing emergency relief, healthcare, education, and child protection aid. Save the Children’s programs significantly impact the lives of children and families, helping them break the cycle of poverty and create a better future. They also have a 4-star rating and a 93% score on charity navigator.


Moving on with our list, we have the CAMFED USA foundation. Camfed USA is an organization that is committed to promoting education for girls and young women in rural Africa.

It operates in several countries, including Malawi, Tanzania, and Zambia, and provides resources and support to girls to enable them to attend school. Camfed USA has made significant strides in breaking down the barriers that have prevented many girls in rural Africa from accessing education and providing them with the resources they need to achieve their full potential. It has a significant score of 93% and a 4-star rating on charity navigator.

6. ChildFund International

Founded in 1938, ChildFund International is a non-profit organization committed to helping children living in poverty worldwide.

ChildFund International is a global charity that aids children in poverty-stricken areas. It offers aid through education, healthcare, child protection, emergency relief, and nutrition programs. The organization also empowers children and youth to take on leadership roles in their communities, intending to create sustainable change and break the cycle of poverty. It has an 86% score and a 3-star rating on charity navigator.

7. The Malala Fund

The Malala Fund is a non-profit organization founded by Nobel Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai and her father, Ziauddin Yousafzai.

The Malala Fund is a non-profit organization that aims to educate girls worldwide, particularly those facing poverty, conflict, or discrimination. It empowers girls through education by promoting gender equality policies and investing in local education initiatives. The fund also offers financial assistance, mentorship, and leadership training to girls and young women, helping them achieve their potential and become community leaders. The Malala Fund’s efforts are significantly impacting the lives of girls and young women globally. It has a 100% score and a 4-star rating on charity navigator.

8. Compassion International

Moving forward, we have Compassion International, a Christian humanitarian organization that aims to release children from poverty worldwide. It works in 25 countries, providing child development programs focusing on education, health, and spiritual development.

Through its sponsorship program, Compassion International enables individuals to support a child living in poverty, providing them access to basic needs such as food, clothing, education, and opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. The organization also engages in disaster relief efforts, responding to natural disasters and other crises worldwide. It has a 90% score and a 4-star rating in charity navigator.

9. Room to Read

Moving on to our last charity, have Room to Read, a nonprofit organization that focuses on improving literacy and gender equality in education in low-income communities in Asia and Africa. Their programs include building and stocking libraries, publishing culturally relevant children’s books, providing teacher training and support, and offering scholarships and mentorships to girls.

Room to Read also works with local communities and governments to advocate for increased investment in education. Their goal is to empower children with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed and break the cycle of poverty. Since its founding in 2000, Room to Read has impacted the lives of over 18 million children. The charity has 4 out of 4 stars on Charity Navigator with 98%. 

Tips while looking for charities that help with school fees:

  • Research Local Organizations: Many local organizations like Rotary Clubs, Lions Clubs, and other community-based groups may have specific programs or grants to help with school fees. Search online for such organizations in your area and reach out to inquire about available opportunities.
  • Utilize Crowdfunding Platforms: Crowdfunding websites like GoFundMe, Indiegogo, and DonorsChoose can be effective tools for raising funds to cover school fees. Create a compelling campaign by sharing your story, setting a clear goal, and explaining how the funds will be used.
  • Contact Your School District: Contact your local school district to inquire about any available financial assistance programs. Some districts offer scholarships, grants, or other aid forms to help qualifying students cover their school fees.
  • Look for Non-Profit Foundations: Some non-profit organizations, like The Children’s Scholarship Fund, specifically focus on helping students cover their school fees. Research such foundations and reach out to see if you qualify for their programs.
  • Network with Local Businesses: Contact local businesses in your community to inquire about potential sponsorships or scholarships. Many businesses are willing to support local students in exchange for positive publicity or community goodwill.
  • Explore Government Assistance Programs: Depending on your location, government-sponsored programs may provide financial assistance for education. For example, the Federal Pell Grant can cover school fees for eligible students in the United States.
  • Engage with Social Media Groups: Join local Facebook groups or online forums dedicated to education and financial assistance. These online communities can be valuable sources of information and support. Share your situation, ask for advice, and network with others who may have faced similar challenges. You may discover new resources or find individuals willing to help with school fees.
  • Collaborate with Other Families: Connect with families in your community who may also need help with school fees. By pooling resources, you can negotiate group discounts with educational institutions, share the cost of tutors, or organize fundraising events together.
  • Seek Corporate Scholarships: Many large corporations offer scholarships or grants for education, targeting students who demonstrate financial need or academic excellence. Research companies in your region and visit their websites to learn about available opportunities.
  • Explore Faith-Based Initiatives: Many religious organizations, like churches, mosques, and synagogues, have programs in place to support families in need. Reach out to your local religious institutions to inquire about any available scholarships, grants, or other forms of assistance for education.
  • Consider Alternative Education Options: If traditional schools prove too expensive, explore alternative education options like online schools, charter schools, or homeschooling. These alternatives may offer more affordable solutions while still providing quality education.
  • Volunteer or Intern: Some charitable organizations that help with school fees may offer aid in exchange for volunteer work or internships. This can be mutually beneficial, as you gain valuable experience and contribute to a good cause while receiving financial assistance for your education.

Remember to be proactive in your search for assistance, and don’t hesitate to ask for help. The more you engage with your community and explore various resources, the higher your chances of finding the support you need to cover your school fees. Keep track of deadlines for scholarships, grants, and other aid opportunities, and maintain open lines of communication with the organizations you approach.

By being persistent and resourceful, you can increase the likelihood of securing the financial assistance you need to pursue your education.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, pursuing education is a fundamental right, and financial constraints mustn’t hinder the dreams of talented and deserving students. Charities and organizations that help with school fees play a vital role in ensuring a more equitable and accessible education system, empowering individuals and communities to break the cycle of poverty and create a brighter future.

As we have explored various resources and strategies for securing financial assistance, it is important to remember that each person’s journey is unique. The support systems available to one student may differ from those available to another, and it is essential to remain open-minded, adaptive, and persistent in your search for assistance.

Ultimately, the most valuable resource we possess is our collective human potential. By investing in the education of students in need, we enrich their lives and contribute to the growth and development of society as a whole. As you seek assistance for your own educational journey, consider how you can give back to your community and support others in their pursuit of knowledge. By joining together and pooling our efforts, we can create a world where every student has the opportunity to achieve their full potential and make a lasting impact on the world around them.

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