Charities that help with Prosthetics

9 Charities that help with Prosthetics | 2023 (Full List)

According To WHO, out of 3 million upper-limb amputees worldwide, only 5% have access to prosthetic care. Around 2.3 million need upper-limb prosthetics. A person who has lost all or a part of an arm, leg, hand, etc., is more prone to slipping into depression.

They not only lose a part of themselves, but they also lose their hope. Charities play an immense role in recovery. They exist to cease the gaps of uninsured medical expenses to improve the lives of millions of amputees in America. 

Here are 9 Charities that help with prosthetics

1. Victoria hand project

They collaborate with in-country clinics and create international partnerships with healthcare providers to make prosthetics care easy to access. Their team work around the clock to provide education and high-tech tools and skillsets to improve clinics’ capacity to explore new levels of vigilance.

A local 3D print center gets established in each country of their affiliation with the necessary tools and knowledge to print the prosthetics. Amputees in need get measured to receive a customized arm.

The aftercare and ongoing support make the process of getting familiar with the new extension smooth. They serve economically disadvantaged victims and oppressed people with various highly-engineered 3D-printed prosthetics. Their low-cost and scalable solution has proved increased self-esteem amongst their users. 

2. Chive charities

With a commitment to respond to four principal categories of veterans, military families, first responders, and rare medical diagnoses, they provide grants for their needs.

Every week adaptive tricycles, robotic walkers, and a wide range of mobility items are provided to the listed categories. Since 2012 they have received millions to provide generous grants for critical patients.

The Green Ribbon Fund was an initiative for monthly donations that supported their sponsorship contributions. All these initiatives were rewarded with a 100% rating from Charity Navigator.

3. Heather Abbott Foundation

Their visualization of a world where individuals who have suffered traumatic limb loss to live a carefree life has led them to build a charity and provide customized prostheses.

HAF is aware of the exorbitant prices of specialized prosthetics, which range from $15,000 to more than $100,000.

Amidst the stress of a new beginning and finding the lost confidence, paying such a huge amount becomes a great hurdle for the patients. HAF wishes to build a worldwide community of amputees through support and love, where they can thrive and recover without worrying about the expense. 

4. The limb preservation foundation

Born with a goal to father enhance the quality of life of people who have suffered a limb loss, LPF Is known for funding hope and opportunities. Their hope is a team of highly professional staff and volunteers who assist in the recovery process.

Their help eases the burden of financials and eradicates the mental stress from the treatment path. Lastly, their opportunities minimize the potential for limb loss by funding medical and surgical treatments.

They pass with an 80% grade from Charity Navigator.  

5. Mending Limbs Organisation

Founded in 2008, MLO raised awareness for the Amputee Coalition of America to advocate for adequate prosthetic coverage. A patient would often juggle between paying the hospital bills and prosthetic care after any accident; this takes a toll on their recovery process.

MLO hosts yearly events to raise funds and assist amputees with financial aid for their prosthetics. Donations raised from these ticket sales, along with corporate donations, comfort the amputees and enable them to live more confidently. 

6. National Military Family Association

Their bold and dynamic solutions for 50 years for every military family have supplemented an improved lifestyle. NMFA introduced a fun retreat called Operation Purple, where the amputees and their respected family members celebrate the joys of rediscovering and togetherness to make a recovery easier.

Along with the provision of prosthetics, they also fund education, career, and business start-ups for military spouses for their security.t their insights team will collect the necessary data and generate a meaningful analysis for better development of their programs and services for the veterans. 

7. Steps of faith foundation

They help the uninsured or underinsured amputees with prosthetic expenses. Without a glove-fit prosthetic, mundane tasks become impossible to perform. Steps of Faith are here to remove the physical barriers and encourage overcoming new hurdles.

They have expert prosthetists who are more than willing to donate their time and skills to help the patients. The money raised is used to cover the cost of the artificial limbs.

An eligibility test on their website clears up numerous doubts and allows amputees to register for prosthetic care clearly. Their working style gained them a platinum token from Guide Star

8. Help hope live Foundation

For 35 years, Help Hope Live has covered the costs of medical expenses for medications, home health care, wheelchair modifications, physical therapy, and much more, with over $165 million dollars. Several testimonials and success stories personally shared by the amputees lays a great foundation of trust.

Their credibility has also been recognized with a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator. 1 out of 5 struggle with covering medical bills, and annually HHLF places medical care within reach of around 5,000 national families wide.

Their skillful team monitors the weekly payments so the patients can focus on healing mentally and physically. 

9. Jordan Thomas Foundation

Often families are unable to provide prostheses for their kids. JTF ensures that every child pursuers their dream with a prosthetic. The founder, Jordan Thomas himself, lost his legs in a boating accident.

Since then, he was committed to helping other kids and supporting families with as many funds as his charity can. Since prostheses need to be changed every 18-24 months, they ensure to support the kids until they turn 18.

Their work was reviewed and given the platinum seal of transparency by Guide Star in 2020, along with other top-rated reviews and testimonials. 

Final Thoughts

Charities that provide prosthetics also provide them a second chance at life, a second chance to not let the struggles overcome their dreams and goals, and a second chance at winning and pursuing their life the way they always wished.

Among the different programs offered by various charities, they all have one thing in common: to improve the lifestyle and lessen the burden of financial costs.

We think the success stories posted on their sites will surely warm your heart and validate humanity’s kindness.

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