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9 Best Charities that help with Legal Fees & Costs | 2023 Updated

Racial justice, poverty and inequality, criminal legal system, rights of non-citizens, health and human rights, and so on. These are some of the crucial and fundamental rights of every individual which are being denied every second in the United States.

Underprivileged and marginalized people who cannot afford to pay a hefty hourly amount to lawyers are being targeted to unjust judgments. All charities hold power to take legal action against any form of injustice towards their clients as long as they have a proper demonstration of any litigation in the charity’s best interest.

These are the 9 Best Charities that help with Legal Fees & Costs:

1. Pro Bono Partnership Atlanta (PBPA)

Pro Bono Partnership Atlanta (PBPA) pairs non-profit clients with professional attorneys from leading corporate law firms who help them with government contracts, business law needs, intellectual property, and many more services to help them avoid troubles.

Every year at their annual volunteer appreciation reception, the lawyers are greatly credited for their dedicated performance to help the meager-income individuals.

Their free legal advice and services help clients fulfill their mission with already finite resources. PBPA values all its donors and rightly recognizes each and every donor on its website.

2. Partners for Women and Justice

Out of the average of 4, 63,000 victims of assault, 90% are women. Partners for women and justice liberates low-income victims and survivors of domestic violence to rebuild their lives and secure their future by providing them equal approach toward justice.

They understand how delicate and difficult it is for the victims to represent themselves with limited or no experience in court proceedings.

The Lawyers at partners are steadfast in providing legal representation, counseling sessions, child support, custody, restraining orders, and advocating for their clients to stand up for themselves. Jane Hanson and Grace Lozito recognized the lack of legal services for numerous domestic violence victims back in 2002.

Since then, their growth and credibility have proved the fact that a victim represented by their attorney is 10 times more likely to get a protective order than a victim without an attorney. For 5 consecutive years, they were awarded the Great Non-Profits and a gold token by Guide Star exchange

Ryan Lilienthal, Anne Reeves, and Ann Yasuhara are the founding members of Latin American Legal Defence and Education Fund. After striking a partnership with the Trenton Board of Education, they have successfully been able to navigate 500 first-generation immigrant teenagers.

A gold transparency award applauded their efforts and uphill battles in 2022. The bilingual and multicultural legal team offers economic assistance with filing applications for citizenship, renewal of work permits, college applications, adult education, and much more. They act as a helping hand with the smallest of muddles.  

4. Americans for Immigrant Justice

Americans for Immigrant Justice is an award-winning law firm that provides a combination of direct representation, impact litigation, advocacy, and outreach to immigrants who fight for their rightful justice.

Since 1996, AI has succored more than 145,000 individuals from 160 countries. Their accurate groundbreaking facts, reports, and lawsuits have saved people from the core impact zone of trafficking, domestic violence, sexual assault, and detention policies.

The various programs listed on their website, along with comprehensive details, make contacting them a hassle-free task. Hundreds of success stories, with a few listed on their site, and a four-star rating by Charity Navigator, portray their flourishing growth. AI is grateful for its collaborative partners and their altruistic nature in providing a holistic and effective suite of services for their clients.  

5. Social Justice Collaborative

Social Justice Collaborative originated to ensure direct legal services and high-quality legal representation to low-income immigrants, unescorted children, hopeful dreamers, and displaced families at court with little to no cost fees.

They are aware of where their expertise lies and where it does not. Services unrelated to legal proceedings are taken up by different organizations in the community.

This collaborative effort and platinum rating from the Guide Star keep the current and new clients at ease. Their vision is a path towards helping all non-citizens have access to their citizenship for free.

A perspective of giving importance and believing in an all-inclusive society is what sets them apart. The numerous partnerships with well-renowned organizations and companies display their benchmark of excellence.

Apart from helping the immigrants, they understand the importance of providing a meaningful learning experience by providing study contracts in the form of internships, pro bono opportunities, and court accompaniment.  

6. American Civil Liberties Union

The American Civil Liberties Union was founded in 1920. It works in the court, legislatures, and communities to safeguard and preserve people’s individual rights.

Their ‘Know Your Rights’ section on the website describes the actions that can be taken by contacting any local ACLU affiliate. The monthly donations received enable this charity litigation and education to protect the rights of immigrants and refugees, resist assaults on voting rights, Fight for LGBTQ equality, and much more.

With more than 1.7 million members, 500 staff attorneys, and offices present nationwide, ACLU vigorously works to defend fundamental rights despite their popular detest. The multiple case studies and detailed descriptions of every team member make their foundation trustworthy and genuine. 

Bay Area Legal Aid provides a disaster relief hotline and a legal advice line to provide free advice for low-income residents in the Bay Area. BayLegal’s Mission is to provide meaningful resources to access civil justice.

Through their partnership with Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, they help pursue children and families’ legal remedies for any issues impacting their health negatively. With their help and venerated services, they take off the load from their clients to allow them to establish a stable livelihood. 

Farmer’s Legal Action Group (FLAG) is a non-profit law center committed to providing legal aid to support the communities and help keep family farmers on the land. FLAG was set up as a response to the farm credit crisis in the 1980s when thousands of families lost their farmland due to low commodity prices and overwhelming debt.

Having served more than 80,000 Farmers, they act as a beacon to educate the farmers about their legal rights before signing any contracts and make all information regarding sustainable farming available.

All attorneys present have an in-depth knowledge of USDA’s National Appeals Division and regulations to navigate the farmers accurately. Apart from man-made casualties, attorneys are authorized to provide comprehensive solutions to recover from natural disasters. Furthermore, their training and technical assistance help the farmers be prepared to face any unforeseen casualties with confidence and bounce back with competence. 

With a mission to dismantle racism and other forms of oppression to build a just society, Legal Aid at Work was set up in 1916. They have truly stated that those who hold power and privilege bear the greater responsibility of dismantling systems of oppression to their benefit.

Legal Aid at Work works personally to create a workplace equitable for all individuals to break this cycle permanently. Building and maintaining genuine partnerships has enabled them to serve beyond their work structure to honor every client’s needs and experiences.

For over 100 years, they strategically worked around their 4 main strategies: free clinics, free legal information, litigation, and policy advocacy. A dedicated staff team works from the Central Valley to advocate for low-wage workers to assert their rights through community outreach and education.

This helpline provides free legal consultation in any language requested by the client.

Final Thoughts 

Charities ensure that the same amount of opportunities stands outside the door for all individuals regardless of their citizenship or other economic disabilities. They play a great role in the fair and respectful treatment of individuals. Without their help, millions can lose their battles and spiral into a mess of legal activities due to inadequate knowledge of their operations.

These legal charities carry out numerous crucial activities with the support of the generous donations they receive to bless others in this world of uncertainty.

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