Best Charities for Nurses

9 Best Charities for Nurses: Supporting Our Saviors

In the echoing corridors of hospitals, amid the soft beeps of monitors and the steady rhythm of life-saving machines, nurses emerge as the unsung sentinels of care. They’re the warm hands that soothe away fears, the vigilant eyes catching the minutiae in treatment, and the compassionate hearts echoing with every patient’s hope and despair.

Yet, beyond their shifts, many nurses face challenges that remain hidden from public view — from financial hardships to personal well-being concerns. This is where charities dedicated to nurses step in, shining a light on the overlooked side of these healthcare heroes.

Dive into a world where the caregivers themselves are given care, and discover how these charities are making monumental differences in the lives of those who selflessly care for us. As you read on, you’ll not only understand the significance of these charities but also how intertwined our well-being is with the well-being of our nurses.

Here are the 9 Best Charities for Nurses:

1. The Daisy Foundation

After J. Patrick Barnes passed away in 1999 from symptoms related to an autoimmune condition, his family and friends in the United States founded the Daisy Foundation. The nurses’ kindness and care left a lasting impression on the family, so they established the foundation in their honor. 

Over 4,600 hospitals and clinics in all 50 states and 28 other countries currently give out the DAISY Award, which stands for “Diseases Attacking the Immune System.” Awarded to nurses that go above and above in their care for patients, the award is a mark of distinction.

The growth of nursing is another area where the Daisy Foundation has been instrumental via its support of research and evidence-based practice initiatives.

2. Nurses House

Registered nurses in need can turn to Nurses House, a nationwide nonprofit. It has been helping nurses who are in need due to illness, injuries, or other personal issues since its inception in 1922. The group’s goal is to provide support to individuals who have given their lives to help others. 

Grants from Nurses House may help with things like rent, mortgage, utilities, and medical expenditures so that nurses can focus on getting better without having to worry about money.

The mission of Nurses House is to embody the spirit of the nursing community by providing a haven where nurses may turn to one another in times of need.

3. Emergency Nurses Association Foundation (ENA Foundation)

Established in 1991, the Emergency Nurses Association Foundation (ENA Foundation) is a nonprofit with charitable status whose primary goal is to fund emergency nursing-related scholarship programs and scientific study. 

The foundation has given away approximately $1.4 million in grants during the previous 20 years.

The ENStrong Challenge is the greatest annual fundraising effort of the ENA Foundation, and it serves to finance scholarships and CNE opportunities for emergency nurses. They have a charity rating of a solid 100% on Charity Navigator.

4. Nursing Heart Organization

Nursing Heart is a charitable group working to improve the health of Guatemala’s most underprivileged populations. To prepare nurses for the issues of public health on a worldwide scale, they tailor their curricula through reputable alliances.

By providing crucial medical treatment and education, Nursing Heart works to create hope and health in local communities. 

They seek to improve the lives of the people they help in ways that go beyond meeting their urgent medical needs. Nursing Heart exemplifies the caring nature of nursing by working to improve the lives of those in need via long-term relationships and sustainable growth. The charity has a rating of 75% with 3 stars on Charity Navigator.

5. American Nurses Foundation

It is the charitable arm of the American Nurses Association (ANA), with the stated mission of improving public health via the profession of nursing. Health, wellness, and patient care have benefited from the foundation’s funding of research, education, and scholarships since its inception in 1955.

It provides several resources for nurses who want to advance their education, expertise, and careers. 

The American Nurses Foundation recognizes the demanding nature of the profession and hence places a strong emphasis on well-being, providing tools to assist nurses make it a top priority. As per Charity Navigator, the organization has a whopping rating of 88%.

6. IntraHealth International

The group’s mission is to improve global health by expanding access to quality medical care. They’ve been helping countries all around the world better their healthcare systems and increase the efficiency of their health personnel since 1979. 

Community health, maternity and child health, infectious illnesses, and more are all among their areas of expertise.

They also emphasize building up local resources, training health professionals, and using technology to improve health care. Every place IntraHealth goes, they leave behind a legacy of strengthened capabilities and partnerships. The organization has 4 stars on Charity Navigator with a score of 93%.

7. Project HOPE

For nearly 60 years, Project HOPE has been saving and improving the lives of people all around the world. They help those providing health care on the ground to save more people’s lives in more places. 

This includes educating nurses in Sierra Leone, equipping hospitals in Indonesia, and resupplying clinics destroyed by natural disasters.

They look to the future and implement changes that will save lives, improve health care, and put a stop to avoidable deaths. Project HOPE has had far-reaching and long-lasting effects, particularly in the areas of maternal and child health and infectious illnesses. They have received a rating of 93% on Charity Navigator. 

8. National League For Nursing (NLN)

Founded in 1893, the National League for Nursing (NLN) is a prestigious association for nurse educators and academic nursing academics. Based in the nation’s capital, NLN represents more than 40,000 individuals and 1,200 institutional members. It provides funding for nursing research, public policy initiatives, faculty development, and standardized assessment. 

The National League for Nursing’s goal is to create a robust and diverse nursing workforce by encouraging educational innovation. The organization has a long and storied history, and it was among its first to promote African-American nurses to positions of power.

NLN also has an independent body known as the National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission (NLNAC) which gives out significant prizes every year. They have received a rating of a perfect 100% on Charity Navigator

9. The Society of Pediatric Cardiovascular Nurses

They are a group of serious experts in their field. It caters specifically to the need of nurses providing care for children with cardiac conditions. The organization’s goal is to better prepare these nurses for their unique roles in healthcare. It promotes the study and use of cardiovascular nursing with children. 

The SPCN also encourages teamwork among medical practitioners. Its purpose is to improve medical services for youngsters suffering from cardiovascular conditions.

The organization aids nurses in this sector by encouraging their professional development. When it comes to pediatric cardiovascular nursing, the SPCN is at the forefront of progress.

Final Thoughts

In the vast landscape of philanthropy, there exists a unique niche, focused on those who dedicate their lives to nurturing ours. These charities for nurses serve as a mirror to society, reminding us that even the strongest among us sometimes need support. It’s easy to get wrapped up in our own worlds, often overlooking the very people who hold the threads of our health and well-being in their hands.

Yet, by uplifting the caregivers, by ensuring they too are cared for, we are indirectly investing in our own health. Let this be a testament to interconnectedness: in ensuring the well-being of our nurses, we’re not just supporting individuals but fortifying the backbone of healthcare.

So next time you encounter a nurse, know that behind that comforting smile and skilled hands, there’s a whole story — and it’s one that we, as a society, have the power to influence positively.

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