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The foremost and prime duty of the police is to prevent crime and disorder. Since they ensure the safety of civilians they are deemed to work justly with minimal exceptions. Their work responsibilities have developed drastically from what it was centuries ago.

As the social and formal institutions multiply in their numbers the uniformity would not have been maintained without an intricate system of policing. Some charities focus on the families who have lost their beloved in the line of duty while others focus on helping the injured officers and veterans overcome the new challenges in their lives. 

Here are the 10 Best Police Charities to Donate to in 2023:

1. First Responder Support Network

Established in 1999, FRSN ensures the mental well-being of first responders and their family members through various programs and retreats. Their WCPR and SOS 6-day program were made to provide a healing environment for the workers through peer support. These retreats take place in Washington, Indiana, Kansas, Northern California, and Oregon.

Each retreat has an immersive quality for sound experience and healing. Through intensive support and education, the first responders develop skills to deal with painful moments and new emotions. Their departure marks their capability for dealing with critical situations in the future. Charity Navigator rates them at 80%.

2. Gary Sinise Foundation

They serve the nation by honoring the defenders, veterans, first responders and their respective families. They navigate the wounded heroes through their R.I.S.E program. Under this each house is designed with unique features to make daily activities easier to complete.

These mortgage-free and specially adapted smart homes let the soldiers reclaim their lost independence. To date, 81 smart homes have been built all across the United States along with the provision of adapted automobiles and devices.

In 2017 they launched their Snowball Express program. This led to the partnership with GSF and American Airlines to help the families cope with the loss and have them feel remembered.

Similarly every program has a set of goals to help the soldiers financially and mentally. They have awarded more than 480 soldiers with a financial grant to appreciate their continued service. Charity Navigator gives them a 4-star rating while GuideStar gives them a Platinum seal of transparency. 

3. National Police Institute

Established in 1970, NPI is a dedicated nonprofit charity for advancing the field of police through innovative ideas and research. They work on multiple levels to improve the overall efficiency of police departments.

They examine interventions to improve office safety, develop fair practices for recruitment, retention, and training, support agencies working on assessment evaluations for evidence and promote cultural safety and overall wellness, develop strategies to reduce gun violence, manage situations with reduced lethal force and strengthen the police engagements with the communities.

Their Rural Violent Crime Reduction Initiate has helped rural agencies to develop and execute new strategies for solving crime.  NPI holds a Platinum seal of transparency on GuideStar.

4. Project K-9 Hero

This charity supports the nation’s retired Military dogs and police K-9 heroes with medical costs, treats adoption, and rehabilitation. Founded in 2016 by Jason Johnson, today they are working to increase awareness of the expenses associated with their care.

Moreover, they have installed a rehoming and rehabilitation unit. This project will provide a home for retired military dogs, act as a veteran clinic, and have multiple play areas by 2025.

Since their establishment, they have helped more than 200 dogs and raised a whopping $3.8 million for their programs and awareness campaigns. GuideStar gives them a Platinum seal of transparency. 

5. National Association of Police Athletic/Activities League

NAPAL and its associated chapters work internationally to promote the prevention of juvenile crime and other violent acts among kids. This organization is established to put the lost kids on the right path to prevent them from ruining their own lives ahead and rather become productive adults.

Since 1940 they are mentoring and providing athletic opportunities to children across the country. Every chapter has its own set of goals to accomplish, while some help children in school attain good grades, some coach them in basketball.

Every 6 months they host a conference to discuss future opportunities and figure out ways to inspire the youth. Today they have over 300 chapters in 46 states which have helped more than 3,000 children. They hold a 3-star rating from Charity Navigator

6. Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation

This charity was founded in 200 2by Frank Siller in honor of his late brother. The mission is to help the families of veterans and first responders including police officers. Their partners like Bassett, UPS, Api, JCPenny, Hunter Douglas and more ensure the construction of smart homes for an easier lifestyle of the wounded veterans.

The smart home built are encouraging more independence in this community. Apart from this their Fallen First Responders Program pays off the mortgage for the families who have lost their loved ones in military service. Similarly, three ensure the kids have a secure future by providing grants and financial aid through their Scholarships. They hold a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator.

7. First Responders Children’s Foundation

FRCF provides assistance to the families and children of first responders who have lost their lives or have been injured during their line of duty. They focus on the promotion of educational activities and programs to benefit the community on a larger scale.

Since the last 2 decades, they have awarded scholarships to these children up to $6,000. These awards are merit based and the applications are reviewed in the second week of June. Under their health counselling they provide mental health support for the children to ease their burden or get accustomed to the new lifestyle.

These sessions are free of charge given by professional experts. On an average they help more than 53,000 children annually and provide more than 400 grants and 290 scholarships to students attending college. Charity Navigator rates them a 4-star rating while GuideStar awards them with a Platinum seal of transparency. 

8. Police Unity Tour

The main goal for them is to raise awareness of Law Enforcement Officers who were killed in the line of duty. Moreover, they encourage donations for the memorial and museum maintained for their bravery. Patrick Montuore founded this charity in 1997 along with a few volunteers’ cyclists.

Their annual event is a participative event for cyclist and motorcycle riders to display their gratitude for the officers. In 2022 over 2,000 individuals participated to raise awareness and collected over $33 million. Charity Navigator gives them a 4-star rating while GuideStar rewarded them with a Platinum seal of transparency. 

9. COPS Direct

Since 2016 they have supplied law enforcement agencies with emergency kits to help minimize the injuries till medical aid arrives. 32 states receive 45,000 kits yearly. Some of these states are Texas, Wyoming, Tennessee, Florida, Kansas and Michigan.

The trauma support kits include equipment for limb trauma, modular bandages, and face shield, and chest seals for treating gunshot wounds. Apart from this the kit includes an educational booklet to educate on catastrophic injuries and critical body injuries.

Apart from these supplies, they raise awareness to educate the public about the severe risks involved and encourage donations to help these officers tend to injuries and save lives during time-sensitive cases. GuideStar gives them a Platinum seal of transparency.  

10. Concerns of Police Survivors

CPS was founded in 1984 to support families who have lost their loved ones during service. They allow them to rebuild their lives after the tragedy. The C.O.P.S kids counselling program provides financial assistance to those families who are looking for therapy for their kids.

Additionally their retreat programs were formulated to allow every individual of the family to grieve in peace on their own terms. These programs have made significant changes for every individual. Since colleges are expensive their scholarships provide grants for the children and spouses as well.

This charity has helped more than 50,000 family members and hosted 150 retreats. Charity Navigator rates it a 4 star while they hold a Platinum seal of transparency from GuideStar

Final Thoughts

The police are termed as the peace providers for a potent reason. While working they are not only enforcing the law to protect a community, they are risking their lives to shield their neighborhood from minute dangers.

From small-town sheriffs to high-profile investigators, they all work under the same law to bring justice to the table. As an individual, it is our duty to give back by raising awareness and educating the future generation about respecting their work and sacrifices. These changes would inspire them to work harder and create a safer world for all to thrive in. 

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