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9 Best Haiti Charities to Donate to | Full List with Details

In the heart of the Caribbean, Haiti stands as a testament to resilience amidst adversity. A nation that has weathered storms, both natural and societal, it finds hope and healing through the unwavering support of charitable organizations. Today, we embark on a transformative journey, exploring the significance of charities that help Haiti and immersing ourselves in stories of triumph, progress, and the indomitable human spirit.

Join us as we delve into the pages of this blog post, witnessing the power of compassion and collective effort. From education and healthcare to sustainable development and cultural preservation, these charities are the driving force behind Haiti’s path to a brighter future. Let us challenge preconceived notions and become agents of change, standing in solidarity with Haiti and its people. Together, we can weave a tapestry of hope and opportunity, creating lasting impact in the lives of those who deserve it most. Are you ready to join us on this extraordinary journey?

Here are the 9 Best Charities that Help Haiti:

1. The Lambi Fund of Haiti

Starting our search with the Lambi Fund, they work to promote economic and social justice in Haiti. The organization focuses on sustainable development, environmental conservation, and community empowerment, and works with grassroots organizations to achieve its goals. 

The Lambi Fund of Haiti provides grants, training, and technical assistance to help Haitian communities develop projects that improve their livelihoods, protect the environment, and promote human rights. Some of the organization’s projects include reforestation, community gardens, clean water initiatives, and support for small businesses. They have 2 stars on Charity Navigator with a rating of 74%. 

2. Friends of the Children of Haiti

The charity provides education, healthcare, and social support to vulnerable children and families in Haiti. The organization operates a school in Port-au-Prince that offers free education, daily meals, and medical care to over 400 students from underserved communities. 

Friends of the Children of Haiti also operates a medical clinic that provides healthcare services to the students and their families, as well as to the wider community. The organization aims to break the cycle of poverty by providing children with the tools they need to succeed in life, including education, healthcare, and a supportive community. They have a whopping score of a perfect 100% on Charity Navigator with 4 stars. 

3. The Haitian Education & Leadership Program (HELP)

HELP aims to  provide scholarships, mentorship, and leadership training to bright, low-income Haitian students who demonstrate strong academic potential and a commitment to social change. The organization’s goal is to empower the next generation of Haitian leaders by providing them with access to higher education and the skills they need to drive positive change in their communities. 

HELP’s programs include college scholarships, leadership and career development workshops, mentorship and networking opportunities, and community service initiatives. The organization’s focus is on nurturing a new generation of Haitian leaders who are committed to building a more just and sustainable future for their country.

4. Beyond Borders

Beyond Borders, an organization that works to end child slavery, gender-based violence, and other human rights abuses in Haiti. The organization partners with Haitian communities to promote child rights, provide education and support to survivors of violence, and advocate for policy change to end slavery and other forms of exploitation. 

Beyond Borders operates a range of programs, including community mobilization and awareness-raising, legal advocacy and support for survivors, and education and training for community leaders and service providers. The organization aims to empower communities to take action against exploitation and violence, and to create a more just and equitable Haiti for all. They have an excellent charity rating of 91% on Charity Navigator

5. Maison Fortune Orphanage Foundation

The foundation operates an orphanage and community center in Hinche, Haiti. The organization’s mission is to provide a safe and nurturing home for orphaned and abandoned children, as well as to empower the local community through education and healthcare initiatives. 

The Maison Fortune Orphanage Foundation aims to break the cycle of poverty in Haiti by providing children with the resources they need to succeed and by empowering families to build a better future for themselves and their communities. They are a 4-star charity with a rating of 90% on Charity Navigator

6. Hope for Haiti’s Children

The charity works to improve the lives of children and families in Haiti through education, healthcare, and community development programs. The organization operates two schools in the southern region of Haiti, providing education and meals to over 600 children. 

The organization partners with local churches and community groups to implement sustainable development projects, such as clean water and sanitation programs, and to provide support to families in need. Hope for Haiti’s Children aims to break the cycle of poverty and empower Haitian communities to build a better future for themselves and their children. The charity has a rating of a perfect 100% on Charity Navigator with 4 stars. 

7. Oxfam America

Oxfam has been working in Haiti for over 30 years, with a focus on promoting sustainable development, reducing poverty, and strengthening local communities. In the aftermath of the devastating 2010 earthquake, Oxfam America played a key role in the relief effort, providing food, water, and shelter to those affected by the disaster. 

The organization has continued to work in Haiti in the years since, supporting programs focused on sanitation, sustainable agriculture and food security; and advocacy for social and economic rights. Oxfam America partners with local organizations and community groups to empower Haitian communities and create lasting change for a better future in Haiti. As on Charity Navigator, the foundation has 3 stars with a rating of 86%. 

8. Build Change

They work to reduce disaster risk in vulnerable communities through safe and sustainable building practices. In Haiti, they focus on providing technical assistance and training to homeowners, builders, and engineers to construct safe and affordable homes that can withstand natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes

The organization works closely with local partners to design and implement building solutions that are appropriate for the local context and that reflect the needs and aspirations of the community. Build Change also works on policy advocacy and community mobilization to promote the adoption of safer building practices and to create a more resilient Haiti. They are a 3 star charity with a rating of 88% on Charity Navigator

9. Doctors Without Borders (Known as Médecins Sans Frontières or MSF)

At last but not the least, MSF  is an international medical humanitarian organization that provides emergency medical assistance to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters, and exclusion from healthcare. 

Since 1991, MSF has been focusing on responding to emergencies and providing care to the most vulnerable populations. MSF has responded to several natural disasters in Haiti, including the 2010 earthquake, Hurricane Matthew in 2016, and the 2021 earthquake. MSF also operates several long-term medical programs in Haiti, including maternal and child health programs and treatment for HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis. They have an excellent rating of 4 stars with a rating of 94% on Charity Navigator

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, as we reflect upon the remarkable work of charities that help Haiti, let us remember that Haiti is more than a land scarred by tragedy—it is a nation of extraordinary resilience and beauty. The efforts of these charities not only provide immediate relief but also foster long-term sustainable change, empowering Haitians to rebuild their communities and shape their own destiny.

Dear reader, let us challenge the notion of charity as a one-sided act of giving. Instead, let us recognize the reciprocity in our engagement with Haiti. By supporting these charities, we become part of a global community that embraces solidarity, empathy, and a shared responsibility for uplifting nations in need.

As we part ways, may the stories of hope and resilience we have encountered on this journey linger in your hearts. Let them inspire you to take action, to support charities that help Haiti, and to advocate for a world where every nation thrives. Together, we can break the cycle of dependency and build a future where Haiti’s rich culture, its people, and its contributions to the world are celebrated and cherished.

So, dear reader, let us carry this newfound understanding forward. Let us stand in solidarity with Haiti, celebrating its triumphs, supporting its aspirations, and working hand in hand to create a future where hope springs eternal. The time for action is now, and together, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of those who deserve it most.

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