Best Charities that Help Widows

9 Best Charities that Help Widows | Complete List & Details

With more than 11 million widows in the United States only, nearly 10% live in poverty. Amidst the modern-day plague of insults and rising inflations, the survival of widows becomes highly critical.

Death is not only a cycle of grief and trauma, but a cycle of never-ending expenses and discrimination forced upon the widows. 90% of people are unaware of the right terms to express their comfort; the idea of giving space and hoping the widows to return to their natural state of being is what causes depression.

Thankfully the charities understand and have acknowledged this issue. Their support groups and training sessions have helped bring widows from all over the world to share their experiences and motivate one another to embark again on their wholesome life journey.

Here are 9 Best Charities That Help Widows:

1. Modern widows club

Carolyn Moor founded this charity in 2011 to aid widows in turning their grief into something positive and purposeful. They offer in-person and virtual support groups, educational courses, and career opportunities to transform the physical and mental health which gets affected due to the unbearable loss.

Every day goes into accelerating their research to develop pioneer solutions and create an inclusive space for all widows to feel loved and heard. The Love for Widows Benevolent Fund is an invitation-only initiative to provide grants to widows in need.

To date, they have built over 50 homes for widows through their international outreach, along with 400 support meetings for 16,000 widows worldwide. They are open to not only receiving donations but volunteering and corporate gifting as well. Charity Navigator rates them a 100% score for their leadership and diverse empowerment, along with a platinum seal token from GuideStar

2. Wings for Widows

A faith-based mission to provide financial counseling has impacted more than 800 clients worldwide. They carry their goal of helping the widows embrace their financial future with assertiveness. After an initial assessment of one’s circumstances, a financial coach is assigned to navigate their financial journey.

This free-of-charge coaching can be taken up by virtual sessions. With smart guidance and expert investments, the charity guides future learners to recover and build a stronger community. They highly encourage the visitors to refer a widowed loved one to find their way out of the daily financial struggles.

GuideStar awarded them a Platinum Transparency seal in 2022, along with a 100% score from Charity Navigator for maintaining an strong all-inclusive culture. 

3. The Widows Empowerment Trust

This charity was founded in 2017 with a target to empower widows, promote social inclusion, and support grief to prevent isolation. Grief can impact in several different ways. Hence the objective of this trust was to increase the social interactions between widows globally and, in turn, pull each other out of their isolation.

Besides aiding funds for financial struggles, they also cover medical expenses for any health issues during mourning. Along with 150 volunteers, they have connected 84 calls internationally to celebrate festivals and events.

Working alongside BBC and other renowned partners they are set to strive in the area of promoting social inclusion for widows.

4. Heart for widows

Heart for Widows was established to help neglected widows worldwide alongside their children. Because of the heartfelt donations received, building homes became a paramount aim for this charity. With the help of governmental and private institutions, they launched their self-empowerment program for widows.

This created a group, a community for them to work together and sell their products at local markets. More importantly, this became a social umbrella of strength and hope for the widows.

Apart from this, they also support groups to aid with financial struggles and help them maintain stability by indulging them in their core interest activities. They have 8 offices worldwide to restore hope and self-reliance after the humanitarian crisis. Heart for Widows gained the Platinum Transparency Seal from GuideStar

5. Hope for widows

Created in 2011 by Michelle Eborn and Gwen Peterson, Hope for Widows is building safe communities for the widows to heal in peace. They uplift widows worldwide to empower them with their community care programs.

Their financial assistance and online support sessions have positively impacted many’s mental and physical health and turned their negative mindset to a much healthier lifestyle.

Emotional support meetings were set up for widows o share their journey and in turn, educated and spread love to others in their recovery journey. They have impacted 6,122 members and aided in millions. Charity Navigator gives them a 100% rating for their visionary culture and community-building strategies. 

6. Both hands

Their unique perspective of community building has helped more than 1300 widows start a new chapter of their life. They encouraged the widows to gather 10 family members who would assist the widow and a team from Both Hands in sorting out the issues.

This family project will encourage labor-based tasks such as painting, fixing the home, decluttering, landscaping, cleaning, and much more. Their projects revolve around widows regaining their strength and orphans find loving families.

Both Hands has a 100% score in terms of financial assistance from Charity Navigator. Since 2007 they have raised more than $15 million to fund more than 1,000 projects across 40 states. 

7. Christian Aid Ministries

With projects in 133 countries, CAM is based on spiritual healing for widows and vulnerable groups. Under their Widow Care Fund, they provide food and financial help while alleviating more complex shelter or home-building issues.

Their self-development resources rightly bring faith to the widowers and allow them to get back on their feet. Apart from the generic aid, they have invested $1 million for immediate aid for widows and have funded more than $550,000.

8. The Liz Logelin Foundation

They are dedicated to providing support in times of most profound need. A parent’s death can lead to a financial burden; the LLF aid in monetary grants to help grief-stricken families meet their emotional and financial needs.

These funds are utilized to cover house payments, utility bills, children’s activity fees, and much more, so the focus can be transferred to healing and recovery. Over the course of 5 years, LLF provided for 163 families, of which 80% did not bear any life insurance.

Their establishment is to assist widows amidst heart-breaking situations and give them the necessary push to move forward and start embracing life again.

9. The Loomba Foundation

Founded by Raj Loomba in 1997, their main objective was to improve the social and economic welfare of widows and disadvantaged children through the advocacy of the United Nations and the National Government.

LF has empowered over 12,000 widows by training them with multiple skills and establishing a livelihood. By providing free sewing machines, they recovered faith and earned the trust of many; for helping other institutions with a similar objective, they have published several books. 

Final Thoughts

Bouncing back from grief is said to be a process of merely a month by our society. This set of highly intelligent people is unaware of the extreme consequences of bottling up emotions and being unable to speak freely of their feelings.

Keeping these heavy, unattended feelings inside can not only permanently cause a drastic change in one’s behavior but also permanently impact how others in a similar situation will be treated. Charities have powerfully responded to this ideology by empowering widows and investing in their health. Donations have played a massive role in funding this new life and aiding the widows to escape their mental trap.

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