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10 Best Firefighter Charities to Donate to in 2023 | Full List with Details

Risking one’s own life requires monumental courage. First responders are commonly known for fire rescue jobs, but their work web is much more complex than what is displayed.

From rescuing animals to helping with traffic accidents and medical emergencies, they act as a security blanket for every individual. These charities below raise much-needed awareness for the number of sacrifices first responders make on a daily basis to save the lives of others.

To ensure overall well-being, they advocate and devise programs with a framework to ensure their family’s security. 

Here are the 10 Best Firefighter Charities to Donate to:

1. National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

NFF was established in 1992 to create programs for horning the fallen fire heroes and assist their families with resources and guidance. With multiple programs like family day, fire hero family network, assistance, training and more they look after the lodging, meals, newsletters, updates, scholarships, grants and legal counselling advice for the families.

The main aim of this charity is to reduce the number of deaths among firefighters by 25% in the next 5 years. In terms of expansion, they built a national memorial site in Maryland to honor all those who sacrificed their lives in their line of duty. This park includes a walk of honor as well.

To make the information for their services easily accessible, they have created a calendar on their website mentioning each activity, training session and scholarship opportunity in detail. NFF holds an appreciable 97% rating on Charity Navigator for its excellent community support and financial transparency. 

2. First Responders Children’s Foundation

For over 2 decades, they have been providing financial support to those children who have lost their parents in the line of duty. Their educational resources and facilities are known to promote their well-being. Under financial assistance they have an emergency hardship grant which is a one-time award of $2,500.

This grant is also accessible to those who have experienced the loss of a first responder regardless of his duty in firefighting. The second grant is a community engagement grant which allows up to $5,000 for youth education activities, mental health, and family support-related causes.

Around the time of holidays, this charity delivers more than 100,000 toys under their toy express program in across 200 cities. Multiple corporate agencies partner up with this foundation to appreciate their initiative for the children’s community. This nonprofit holds a perfect 4-star rating on Charity Navigator

3. National Volunteer Fire Council

NVFC is among the leading nonprofit charities that work to make resources, educational programs, and advocacy easily available to its people. They were established with a mission to raise a unified voice for volunteer fire/ EMS organizations.

One of their most known program is they heart-healthy firefighter program. This promotes the importance of an active mind, healthy body and nutrition needed in order to continue volunteering for fire safety. Fire Corps is national level initiative to spread awareness about fire safety and train the officers with effective tools and information.

This initiative hosted multiple campaigns to spread news about its values and regained support from the EMS departments from all across the country.  GuideStar rewarded them with a Platinum Seal of Transparency while Charity Navigator provided them with a flawless 100% rating. 

4. Project Joint Guardian

Eric Hille founded this nonprofit charity in 2022 after serving multiple tours in Iraq as a combat veteran. They are a group of full-time firefighters from around the world who volunteer to support the first responders. Their mission has been to provide humanitarian aid adapted to this new age.

By leveraging the knowledge of local first responders, they examine the conflicts closely and work to create innovative solutions. Furthermore, they deployed their 10-person light USAR task force to Ukraine numerous times since the war broke out and donated necessary rescue equipment. 

5. Gary Sinise Foundation

This team serves their nation by honoring the defenders, firefighters, veterans, and their respective families. By creating programs aligned with their mission, they in turn, create a space for education, entertainment, and bonding to bring the communities closer.

To date, they have completed more than 81 smart home projects for the severely wounded and served 967,011 meals to these defenders. Their recent achievement in 2022 was the snowball express event. This was a 5 days program for the families of fallen military heroes to experience healing and joy at Disneyland. 

6. Responder Rescue

This nonprofit organization provides emotional, tangible, and monetary assistance to firefighters and first responders who have been injured or have fallen sick. They ensure that these first responders and their families have the basic necessities like food, housing, transportation and medical care with them to reduce the impact of trauma.

They devised a program called Helping Emergency Responders Overcome (H.E.R.O.) to provide therapists, doctors, and access to wellness centers. The mission is to allow the families to return to their normal life again. By filling out a basic information form one can request the help required by them in medical and mental health care. Responders rescue holds a 1-star rating on Charity Navigator.

7. Leary Firefighters

Leary Firefighters is the only nonprofit charity in the United States with funding for vehicles, education, training, and technology solely for firefighters. Denis Leary established this foundation in 2000, and since then, this team has donated over $2.7 million for the safety of firefighters.

They have created a training hub on their website to inspire and train firefighters across the nation. Here firefighters upload videos of their skills and other training videos that help them during a casualty.

This, in turn, strengthens every team working in this line to save people while retaining minimal injuries themselves efficiently. GuideStar awards them with a Gold Seal of Transparency while Charity Navigator gives them a perfect 4 star rating for their strong community values. 

8. Fire House Subs Foundation

Their mission is to increase their capability of lifesaving for local heroes. Chris and Robin Sorensen founded FHS in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina. They have categorized their funding into lifesaving equipment, prevention education, scholarships, disaster relief and supporting the members of the military.

By using advanced technology, they take utmost care in delivering safety equipment. To celebrate their accomplishments over the year and celebrate their 15th anniversary, they hosted a campaign highlighting the necessary equipment which goes in use during a fire rescue. Sharing of information as a behind the scenes footage caught the attention of multiple individuals who would then volunteer and donate funds to this organization.

A total of $73 million has been granted to hometown firefighters. Overall this impacted and benefited more than 5,800 organizations across 50 states and Canada. Charity Navigator rates them a perfect 4-star rating. 

9. All Clear Foundation

Founded in 2019, ACF is a national charity established by Global Medical Response. They are committed to providing easy and accessible tools of resources for first responders and their families. They launched a Responder Strong program to focus on the mental health aspect of these heroes.

Their curriculum includes empowerment and reducing occupational stress injury, suicidality, burnout, and resilience. They also initiate several one-day training programs to spread awareness about mental health issues and the power of a good work-life balance. ACF holds the Platinum Seal of Transparency on GuideStar.

10. Operation Gratitude

Carolyn Blashek founded OG in 2003 to express gratitude for first responders and military personnel who risk their lives to protect their nation. To deliver their thoughts of thankfulness, they curate care packages for those serving on the frontline. In 2020, they sent thousands of care packages impacting 16,000 first responders.

One can donate through their website or send homemade gifts and letters to this foundation. Charity Navigator rates them a perfect 4 star while GuideStar rewarded their founding mission with a Platinum Seal of Transparency. 

Tips to know while donating to firefighting charities:

  • Research the organization: Look for firefighting charities that have a proven track record of providing direct support to firefighters, such as providing equipment, training, and support services.
  • Look for transparency: A reputable firefighting charity will have clear information on its website about its mission, programs, and finances and how they address the firefighters’ specific needs.
  • Consider the charity’s impact: Research the specific programs and services that the charity provides and how they align with the needs of firefighters and the communities they serve.
  • Donate directly: Donate directly to the charity rather than through a third party to ensure your donation goes directly to support firefighters.
  • Give money: Money is often the most useful form of donation as it allows the charity to use the funds needed, such as purchasing new equipment or providing training programs.
  • Make a recurring donation: Regular, recurring donations can be a more sustainable way to support firefighting charities over time and help them plan their budget.
  • Spread the word: Share the charity’s mission and fundraising efforts with friends and family to help raise awareness and increase support for firefighters.
  • Volunteer: If possible, volunteer your time to help with fundraising or other efforts to support the charity’s mission and the firefighters.

Final Thoughts

A true spirit of heroism is masked under the term ‘First Responder’. Their exceptional bravery sets them apart from all individuals, and the charities bridge the gap between them and society. The donations received by charities are all used to maintain the safety of these firefighters and help the community express their love with handmade gifts and personalized notes 

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